When you have a chit chat with Kratom users or explore different online forums, you will find a question being asked frequently about how long does Kratom lasts? This is the area where many users do not have enough knowledge. Do you take Mitragyna daily? Don’t know how long Kratom lasts in your system? Looking to gather some solid information in this regard? Let’s try exploring every aspect of it.

Kratom – a natural botanical – is extracted from the tropical regions of Southeast Asian countries. This herb has been serving the natives for thousands of years but didn’t get enough popularity. Most of the people were involved in using this plant for different medicinal purposes, but they were unaware of the influence of this tree leaf.

With some great efforts made by Speciosa advocates, Pure Leaf Kratom started becoming popular worldwide, and the industry is expanding its network every other day. It is a clear indication that people appreciate this plant’s consumption.

How Long Does Kratom take to Exhibit its Influence?

Once you take Mitragyna, the time it will need to exhibit its influence will depend on several factors listed below.

Let’s explore these three factors separately.

What Method do you use to take Kratom?

The time taken by Speciosa to exhibit its influence is greatly dependent on how you take this herb. Some consumption approaches are more powerful and quick compared to others. For instance, if you have chosen to smoke Kratom, you will be able to feel the instant influence, whereas taking powder or capsules will take a bit longer for you to get what you exactly want.

Using the toss and wash method to swallow Kratom, adding this herb to beverages or food, and enjoying tinctures or extracts are other ways to take Mitragyna. But, all these methods are pretty slow when it comes to exhibiting the influence. They roughly take around 30 minutes to 1 hour to make you feel the desired influence.

What Amount are you Planning to Consume?

The amount of your dose and how frequently you take it are essential to determine how long Kratom will take to respond. Usually, when you consume higher doses, the chances of getting instant and intense influence become pretty high. Whereas taking smaller doses of Speciosa will take a bit longer to exhibit the actual properties.

If you are the one who is planning to start the Mitragyna journey, you should take low doses in the beginning and then increase it gradually once you become familiar with how it is behaving with your body.

Important Note: You should be very careful about the amount you take in. If, after taking a specific dose, it takes a bit longer to respond, don’t go for another dose. The good idea is to wait and give some time to this herb because it behaves differently with different consumers.

What Type of Mitragyna do you take?

As you know, different strains carry different properties, and hence they may respond differently. Some strains are known for their fast-acting properties, whereas others take a bit of time to show the influence you want.

How Long Kratom Remains in your Body?

The research to determine how long Kratom lasts in your body is still on its way. Therefore, even if the Kratom has stopped exhibiting its influence, you can not predict how long it will remain in your bloodstream. The time taken by Speciosa to become half (in your body) of its total consumption is commonly known as its half-life.

According to a research study, Mitragynine is one of the prominent alkaloids of Kratom that comes with a half-life of around one day. This research was performed only on ten males involved in taking Mitragyna. Two more studies conducted on rats claim that the half-life of mitragynine is 4 hours and 9 hours, respectively. The results obtained from different studies were different.

Factors Affecting How Long Kratom Lasts in your Body?

Certain factors that contribute to how long Mitragyna can last in your system are listed below.

  • Water and food intake
  • Age group
  • Body fat
  • Metabolism
  • Kidney and liver health

Kratom Influence: How Long Does Kratom Last?

When you take Kratom and start feeling its influence once it goes to your bloodstream, the time for which this influence lasts depends on different factors, including but not limited to consumption methods and individual health.

If you are taking Mitragyna powder or extracts, they will take more time to exhibit their properties, but the influence will remain for a long time. Similarly, as mentioned earlier, smoking Speciosa gives instant influence, but it fades quickly. Furthermore, taking larger Kratom doses gives you a strong influence that lasts longer.

How Long Should I Wait Between Consecutive Doses to get a Great Influence?

Once your concept about how long Kratom lasts in your system is cleared, it is natural to start thinking about how frequently you can take doses in a single day. Keeping in mind the whole discussion presented above, once you take one dose, it is better to wait for about 4 to 6 hours before taking the second Mitragyna dose.

If you are the one who loves to consume frequent doses, you can reduce the amount of Speciosa you take every time. If you are a new user, try starting with small doses and being as careful as you can about your dosage frequency.

Final Words

Everyone has a unique personality in terms of health conditions, age, and other similar parameters; therefore, the time for which Kratom lasts varies from one person to another. Newbies should take smaller doses and maintain enough gaps between two consecutive doses.



  1. I like it for my arthritic knee s. 45 minutes after taking 3-4 grams my aches subside and I mean noticeably !!!! I like red vein for this purpose……


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