If you have been scouring the web for high-quality Kratom brands and particular Kratom strains that fulfill your needs, you have arrived at the correct destination! Life Force Kratom, a.k.a. Life Force K, boasts many Kratom strains. It is almost 30 strains strong.

Is Life Force’s Kratom lab tested? How do their customers review this particular herbal substance? What are their top-rated Kratom strains? Many other questions and tidbits will be uncovered in the article below.

What is Life Force Kratom?

Life Force Kratom is a family-owned business based in North Dartmouth, Massachusetts. Their motto is to provide high-quality and fresh Kratom products to their customers at an affordable rate. They are a relatively new Kratom brand in the market. However, their diverse Kratom strains have still created market space for themselves.

They opened their doors in 2015, and now they have more than 1000 followers and likes on Facebook, which is not very impressive. However, they have 90 positive reviews, showing a small yet keen following.

Their website states that their products are not for human consumption, nor do they make any medical claims for it. Instead, they sell it for incense, crafts, and candle making. Their products are only available to 18 years or older individuals living in the USA “except for VT, AL, IN, WI, RI, San Diego CA, Sarasota County FL, and Jerseyville IL.”

Life Force Kratom Product Line

Life Force K stands out in the market with its wide assortment of Kratom strains, ensuring customers can choose from high-quality Kratom blends. They have divided their Kratom strains among various groups depending upon the leaf’s color from which that strain is extracted. Their impressive lineup of products is as follows:

Green Vein Strains

Life Force houses 16 different kinds of Green vein strains and blends. The Green Vein Kratom strains augment the effects of all other Kratom strains. It also strengthens cognitive function and immunity. Green Borneo is their fastest-selling Kratom strain. Green Maeng Da and Green Kapuas are also some of the top sellers in this category.

White Vein Strains

There are 11 different White Vein Kratom strains and blends on their website. These strains induce clarity and focus in their users while alleviating depression at the same time. White Elephant, White Sumatra, and White Vietnam are the top-selling Kratom strains in this category.

Red Vein Strains

This section houses nine different Red Vein Kratom strains. These strains boast of pain suppression in their users without any side effects. Red Borneo and Red Bali are their best sellers in this category.

Yellow Vein Strains

These Kratom strains offer users an energy boost and a refreshing kick. There is only one Yellow Vein Kratom strain in their stock: Yellow Jongkong.

On the Go Capsule Pack

For those times when you are in a hurry, Life Force K offers a capsule pack for the customers’ convenience. The package includes ten capsules containing 5 grams of Super Premium Jongkong Kratom strain for 4 dollars and 99 cents.

Alternative Herbs

Life Force K offers alternative herbs and blends for mood-uplifting and other purposes. Five of these alternative blends are available in their online shop.

1. Honey Stix

These are chewable sticks filled with natural honey and available in various colors. Their pricing package is 1 dollar for four sticks.

2. Zingiber

Their shop also stocks 1-ounce packs of natural ginger Zingiber, sold for 6 dollars.

More Blends

1. Super K

This herbal blend is one of the customer’s favorites and has been ordered multiple times. It has mood-lifting and euphoric properties. It is a top seller in alternative blends.

2. Uplift

Uplift is another of their top sellers comparable to Super K blend, as stated by one of their customers. This herbal substance is a mood elevator.

Product Packaging

Customers on their website speak highly of their product packaging and presentation. The packaging of products like Uplift and Super K can also be seen on the website, which seems sturdy and purposeful.

What Is It Going To Cost Me?

Life Force K offers a medium range of product pricing compared to its competitors. Customers can buy according to three options provided on their website:

  1. Fifty grams for $11.50.
  2. One hundred twenty-five grams for $26.20.
  3. Two hundred fifty grams $45.10.

Rewards & Coupons

They have no coupons or discounts for first-time customers. However, they reward loyalty. So maybe make a small order now and use their voucher for larger future orders later! Additionally, Life Force K offers two Honeystix with each paid Kratom order, which is a plus for the buyer.

Payment Options

Life Force K does not accept payments through Visa or other credit cards. However, they have several payment options available for their fresh and returning customers.

  • Echeck for Verified Customers

Returning customers in good standing with Life Force K and whose checking accounts have already been verified through GreenMoney can use this payment method only.

  • For Fresh Customers

New customers can also make payments through e-check, but their accounts must be verified first, which could take a business day or two. They can also send payment through a money order by emailing a transaction picture. Lastly, they have added a new option of P2P Payment apps, where you can use platforms like Paypal or Venmo for sending your payment.

  • Cryptocurrency BTC, LTC, ETH

Customers can also use crypto transactions for making payments. Once the customer shares the crypto they will use for payment, Life Force K emails a wallet address to finish the purchase. Customers have to share the confirmation number of transactions for verification purposes.

Shipping Details

Life Force K ships orders within 2-3 days through priority mail only within the US through USPS services. For returning customers who place their order before 2 pm (EST) on weekdays and 10 am (EST) on Saturdays, they process and ship these orders on the same date. Otherwise, they are processed on the next business day. The customer can track their order through stamps.com using a Tracking ID.

Life Force K has a strict policy for fresh customers and large orders. They only mail such orders once the payment is processed. Even if the check has been submitted, orders are only mailed out if payment is received in full.

Refund and Return Policy

Life Force K has an “All Sales Final” refund policy. Wherever applicable, they allow refunds with a money-back guarantee if the refund is approved. The product should be unused and in its original packaging for refunds to be approved. A receipt or proof of purchase is also required.

If damage has been incurred during or before shipping, it can be exchanged for the same item. The customer is responsible for shipping costs in case of returned items.

Is Life Force K lab Tested?

The quality of any Kratom strain is defined through lab testing and approval from higher authorities. In the case of Life Force Kratom, there is no indication on their website or elsewhere that they have tested their products within a lab.

Quality Assurance

Their website mentions several times that they are not FDA-approved, meaning they have not received approval from the Food and Drug Administration in the USA. There is no quality check done on their various Kratom strains.

Is it AKA GMP Qualified?

Life Force Kratom have not been audited to show compliance with procedures according to AKA GMP standards. GMP Certified products are made through safe methods and within a minimal-risk environment.

What Are Their Customers Saying?

Life Force K’s website and social media have positive customer reviews regarding their “fast service and great quality.” Their customer reviews are filled with such statements:

  • “Great pricing but most of all, the product and customer service are extremely amazing.”
  • “This kind of customer service and consistency is hard to find these days!!”
  • “Great product, great prices, great customer service, awesome packaging, fast shipping. Love the handwritten notes.”

Customer Service

Although not very active on their social media, the owners of Life Force Kratom seem to give top-notch customer service. Their customer reviews are proof of that.

Many of their customers say they provide one-on-one support regarding choosing the best Kratom strains and blends for one’s particular needs. Their customer service is very hands-on. Many of their customers love shopping with them due to the personable nature of their shopping experience. The owners also send handwritten notes to their customers to uplift their moods and for remarkable customer service.

Final Verdict

Life Force Kratom is an above-average vendor in the world of Kratom providing services. They need more testing and the quality assurance customers require from their sellers. However, the customer reviews are in their favor and show a loyal following. If you want to purchase from a vendor with a wide assortment of Kratom strains and is also light on your pocket, then Life Force Kratom is an excellent choice.



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