Kratom has been in the spotlight since 1930. Few suggest kratom to use for pain relief, to increase energy and for many other health purposes.

People all over the world are confused regarding the usage of kratom. Why is it banned to use is like a million-dollar question? How can a product like Kratom be prohibited if it has countless benefits to the human body?

After digging into history, one thing to make sure is that kratom was banned for other purposes. Some claim that people died with consumption of kratom, but reports say that they took other products along with kratom which might have affected them severely.

Every allegation made on kratom has an answer, and slowly governments realize the potential and few countries lifted the ban.

Some of the countries are in progress and bills are yet to be passed in the legislation. Good news is that research is being made on kratom to know the exact benefits of this herb. After sufficient proofs, the ban will be officially lifted by all the countries.

What Is Kratom?

what is kratomKratom is found in Southeast Asia. MitragynaSpeciosa is the scientific name given to it. During the time of 1940, people used to chew the leaves of kratom directly, to avail the benefits.

It reportedly minimizes the physical pain and cures many other health problems. It is mostly found in the areas of Thailand, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia.

Kratom eliminates problems such as depression, pain, and anxiety. Diabetes can be treated with this herbal product. There is an improvement in the immune system with the usage of kratom. It improves sex life of people by strengthening the sexual energy. Typically, it helps in healing many diseases.

The reason why FDA or DEA is trying to ban kratom in countries is that advantages mentioned above are not proved yet. People say they observed better results after consuming kratom.

But proven results are not present, and that is what government officials want to un-ban. Work is going on, and because of the efforts of few great people, some countries lifted the ban and made kratom usage legal.

Legality of Kratom In Florida In 2023

Legality of Kratom In Florida In 2018Kratom is now all legal in Florida. This means that people can buy and sell kratom without any legal obligations. But in Sarasota Country (one of the countries in Florida), it is banned.

People have to deal with consequences if they are found using kratom either for selling or consumption purposes in Sarasota country.

According to the law, those people will be punished with 60 days jail and 500 dollars fine. One fact is that people are punishable if they are found using kratom in Sarasota city only. No criminal charges will be applied if he/she is found with kratom in adjacent towns of Sarasota city like Desoto, Charlotte, and Manatee.

History of Kratom Legality

Few bad decisions taken by people of government at that time are the reasons of consequences we go through now. Thailand is where kratom grows. It is sad to see that it was first banned in hometown Thailand itself.

Let’s go back to early 1930’s. The illegal trading of opium was there since then. There was so much demand that people are ready to spend money to get opium-like cocaine, heroin into their hands.

Government imparted taxes on everyone brutally. From the grower, manufacturer to consumer, everyone should pay a tax of high amounts. It is clear that poor people couldn’t afford the high rates.

Opium is famous because it gives high and a feeling of pleasure to the brain and whole body. Even though you have tensions and physical pains, you will forget everything and feel pleasure while and after consuming opium.

But it is bad for health. Consuming excess quantities will get the individuals addicted. Kratom is one such herbal which gives you the pleasure and high feeling like that of opium but is not bad for health. It is not addictive.

Slowly, farmers and other poor people started consuming kratom leaves. The hard work and pain they go through during the day will just be gone. They also felt the increase in energy levels to do more work as well as can endure more physical pain.

During a war, almost Thailand government had lost all income that was collected from people and other sources. So they wanted more money and planned to increase the taxes even higher.

But people were not buying opium as kratom was being available free or for lesser costs. As kratom was of less cost and giving the same effect as opium, people started shifting towards this product.

Government officials observed this and after few discussions internally, applied a ban on kratom. From there on, it was a criminal offense to use it. People used kratom as usual but officially ban started due to these reasons.

As it was affecting their income on the opium trade, government cruelly applied ban, and other countries also imparted the prohibition on kratom without knowing the real reasons.

Even though people argued that kratom works positively on body curing many problems, there was no medical proof to show at that time.

Slowly, researchers and doctors have come forward to do tests and show the society about the reality. As a result of these efforts, few countries have lifted the ban, and some states are in the process of taking out the ban.

Where To Buy Kratom In Florida?

Puff Puff pass smokeKratom is available to buy from local smoke shops located in Florida. It is advised to go for reputed shops so that you can get high-quality kratom without any mixes. Do not buy low-quality as it might lead to side effects for the body.

Kratom in Florida is also available online; one can easily place an order online and get it delivered to their doorstep. Coming to the pricing, it varies between ordering online and buying from shops. Quality is not judged with guessing. Online prices are less compared to the price tag on kratom in shops.

Puff Puff pass smoke, kratom & Cbd smoke shop, and cirrus smoke are some of the famous shops to get kratom offline. This is available online to order and in smoke shops to buy. But giant corporations like GNC and Walmart still do not sell kratom as one of their products. Even though it is entirely legal, but DEA is still concerned about its effects.

It is available in the form of extracts and powders. Kratom in the form of capsules is also manufactured, but it is rarely found in the area. People believe that kratom in powder or extract form is the purest and of good quality.

Capsules may expire at some point in time. So as most people love to buy in powder and extract form, shops provide in the same way.

Benefits of Using Kratom

There is a significant difference between painkiller and pain reliever. Here kratom is a pain reliever. You get pain when the body feels the pain and pain receptors take and pass it to the brain.

When you consume kratom, it makes the body to release dopamine and serotonin. We feel happy because of these hormones. The alkaloids present in kratom will minimize the effect of pain receptors, and hence the feel of pain goes away in few minutes.

The functionality of metabolism varies with people. Metabolism rate is directly proportional to the amount of work done by an individual.

Generally, people who do more work has higher metabolism rate. Kratom directly affects the metabolism rate and increases it. People experienced more energy to do tasks after the consumption of this product.

The concept of addiction is relatively simple. Let’s take advantage of a goal. If you love to do a piece of work, then every time you accomplish something in that work, dopamine gets released. A feeling of pleasure and happiness is felt, and we as human beings want more of it.

Dogs get crazy and shake the tails whenever they see owners or spend time with them because dopamine gets released. In the same way, consuming opium products will make the brain to produce dopamine.

As dopamine gets released, people will start consuming more and more. Excess dosage results in addiction. But kratom will give the same pleasure and happiness without making people addicted to it.

Therefore, by using it, people can slowly reduce the dependence on cocaine, heroin and other hazardous products.

People with anxiety disorders can’t take effective decisions as thoughts flood the brain. Stress, mood swings, anxiety and depression, come under this umbrella of problems. Kratom can control all these problems by regulating the hormones.

Every activity and thoughts we experience is because of hormones. Hormonal imbalance leads to many disorders and problems. Kratom takes care of the irregularities and eliminates the depression and anxiety.

We may have observed that some people will not get affected by diseases easily while few get affected easily. This depends on our immune system. If your immune system is excellent and working correctly, it can fight the viruses and germs that enter the body.

Alkaloids present in kratom will have a positive effect on improving the immune system of your body.


Kratom is legal in Florida except for Sarasota country. It is not harmful to health. It has been used by people for centuries to prevent diseases naturally. It is a pain reliever and gives pleasure like opium. But it is not that much addictive like opium. It is unfortunate that many countries have placed a ban on this wonder medicine.

But thanks to the challenging work and struggles of people, governments are reconsidering the applications and benefits of kratom. Few have lifted ban knowing the uses and positive impacts that are imparted to people by using it.

Research is going on, and soon all will see the truth and hopefully the ban will be taken back by governments.



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