Kratom veterans would know that there are numerous Kratom businesses and vendors popping up every month. One gets to see new faces and new names on a regular basis due to which there is a slight confusion amongst buyers.

We have undertaken it upon us to review and sift out the trash from the treasure and help our readers avoid getting scammed.

In this article, we will be talking about a relatively new vendor. Keep on reading to find out which company is going to be laid to the test!


The subject of our today’s discussion; Left Coast Kratom appears to be quite new with their induction having been taken place in 2018.

They are based in Oregon, and a quick Google Search for their address navigates the address of Soul Speciosa, which was a fairly famous Kratom vendor of Wilshire Boulevard.

This might point towards the fact that Soul speciosa must be the parent company of Left Coast Kratom or some sort of affiliation exists between them such as a wholesale deal.

What Products Are There In Their Inventory?

Before asking our readers to browse their store themselves, we would like to offer our services by providing a brief description of the Kratom in stock. They offer a variety of 15 different Kratom strains.

Apart from the standard basic strains such as the; White Vein Kratom, Red Borneo Kratom, and Maeng Da Kratom, they have a wide variety of some special strains as well, including powders such as; White Sumatra Kratom, and Red Kali Kratom.

You can easily find some ultra enhanced Kratom strains as well, which has become a need for every user who has been religiously using Kratom for more than a few years and has built up a tolerance.

These powerful enhanced strains include the Ultra Enhanced Indo (UEI), the famous Gold Elephant Kratom, Full spectrum Kratom extract (FST), the Left Coast Gold, and the Private Reserve Liquid Kratom extract.

How Heavy Are The Products Going Be For My Pocket?

In all honesty, you absolutely won’t at all find yourself fretting over the price difference these products would make on your pocket.

The powders range from a reasonable price of $9.55 to $9.99 per 28 grams. The Kratom extracts and tinctures start from $12.95, even though tinctures and resins are an expensive product.

Expecting a lower price than the above-quoted ones would mean that the Kratom is not pure and has some manufacturing fault in it which is not the case with this vendor.

Is That All or Should I Expect More?

Certainly not, Left Coast Kratom has surprised potential customers by going out of the way and stocking some accessories for the Kratom lover. The accessories deserve special mention which will be enlisted and described below:

1) The Capsule Machine

This handy device priced at $17.95 works as an efficient way at encapsulating powdered Kratom. It comes in three different sizes which a user can choose from.

2) Empty Capsules

The Kratom capsules come in different sizes and types including the gelatin capsules and the vegetable ones for those who avoid capsules made from animal sources. They are priced at a range of $7.95 to $19.95 and help the user easily carry around their dose of Kratom for everyday use.

3) American Weigh Scales 2k bowl

Honestly, this is a one-time investment that every user should think about. Priced at $24.95, you will find it easier and more accurate to weight out and measure each of your doses.

4) DIA20 Digital Carat Scale

This device offers you the same benefit as the last covered device, except the additional benefit of having your readings displayed on a digital scale instead of squinting at the analog scale. It is slightly more expensive at $29.95.

Do We Get Any Coupons/ Deals/ Discounts?

It is common knowledge that customers are never really happy without getting coupons which would help them get a discount or a good deal for their purchase.

Left Coast Kratom regularly offers its customers some coupons which can be acquired through Quite surprisingly, they have an affiliate program as well through which old customers can earn commission by referring it to other people and bringing in new customers.

They also have some money back guarantee rules which seem fair enough, as customers are allowed to exchange bulk orders if the order has been found to be faulty and not used more than a certain limit.

What Is Their General Reputation?

Every Kratom vendor out there has a reputation which has been achieved due to its performance over the years and customer opinions. The newer vendors have yet to make their mark and build a loyal customer base.

Left Coast Kratom is a fairly newborn venture due to which it still does not enjoy such a popular reputation and a strong social media presence as some of the other vendors. They have yet to be reviewed on some of the popular websites and forums such as Quora and Reddit.

Left Coast Kratom should encourage its users to use their products and then review it on twitter and other websites, so that simple Google searches would enable users to read all testimonials.


While we believe that we have given a descriptive enough picture of this vendor which would help new customers make an informed decision while ordering, it is still recommended that every customer perform their research before testing this new vendor.

Testing them out becomes a slightly inconvenient job as they do not provide any sample packs in which case it might be better to hunt down users and consult them which strain would be good for a first time user.

They have a live chat pod, handled by a customer service agent who might help you select a product and place an order. We hope reading these humble and honest reviews and taking these safety measures would help you select and order products risk-free with your safety intact!



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