The rising demand of Kratom in the United States and other countries has raised a question in the minds of suppliers and vendors. Can the forests of Southeast Asia suffice the growing demand? Due to the limited amount of Kratom and the perils of online ordering and finding quality Kratom, several users and suppliers want to grow their kratom feed. The one perfect solution to grow kratom by using indoor full spectrum LED grow light.

Experiments of growing Kratom indoors have proved successful, but how do we provide sunlight for kratom plants at home? This concept has become relatively simple with the advent of LED grow lights for indoor plant growth. These lights do not hamper growth while providing the right temperature and light, in which the plant grows well.

Greenhouses plantation is an excellent way to grow plants by providing the right humidity and sunlight conditions that plants need, but every kratom user does not have a greenhouse in their homes!

The indoor LED lights are an excellent option for kratom plant growing inside your house since it provides the right intensity of heat, light, and aids plant growth.

How to set up your indoor plantation?

When you decide to grow kratom plants on your own, the first step is to choose the right spot. Every plant needs air, water, and light to germinate, so where will you keep your plant to get the right amount of sunlight?

You must keep in mind that the temperature, humidity and sunlight intensity all play together to create a perfect environment but if you place the kratom plant near the window, the fresh air will not be suitable.

Similarly, if you put it away from the sun, it might turn yellow! So then how will you provide light, without exposing the plant to the cold air? You can look through the many options of indoor grow lights, which give light and heat so that the plant can grow indoors just as it would grow in its natural area!

Once the spot is chosen, prepare pots of moist and potent soil that will support the kratom plant.

Why are unique lights needed?

The lighting in our houses may be insufficient for plants to carry out photosynthesis and grow as they would in an open field. Grow lights for indoor plants, placed strategically near plants can expose them to light for an adequate amount of time and can also create the right temperature needed for the plant to make food!

What to look for in grow lights for Kratom plants indoors?

When you buy your kratom plant, make sure you keep it in a well-aerated area, so that the plant can make use of the carbon dioxide appropriately. The second step would be to provide light for your botanical supplement to grow well. For this purpose, LED lights are available, and you can easily find the right one. Here are a few things to consider before you buy the perfect light.

Warm or cool light?

When you go shopping for grow lights, you will see bulbs with labels like 2500K or 3000K or even 4000K. This number label is a measure of the bulb’s relative warmth or coolness on the color spectrum. The higher the number, the cooler the light.

Kratom is a green leafy plant and does not require scorching sun. You will need to go for a higher number such as 6500K so that the plant thrives in optimum temperature and does not turn yellow under searing lights.

Nowadays, you can find full spectrum bulbs also, which can simplify the selection. However, when we know what kind of a plant we are growing and that it requires cooler light, why not be specific and polish our horticulture skills?

Types of indoor plant lights

You can find a wide array of products related to gardening and indoor plantation on Amazon and other hypermarket locations. To see the best indoor light for Kratom, keep in mind that it is a green, leafy plant that requires cooler light, and so high-intensity hot bulbs are useless for you.

Fluorescent lights are a good option as they consume less electricity and can last longer. However, with these lights, you cannot keep a low temperature so that humidity and temperature are maintained. People who wish to grow fruits or are growing vegetables indoors may require a high-intensity fluorescent light, but for kratom users, there’s something better!

HID grow lights are also a good option, but since the introduction of LED grow lights, they have become less popular. These lights are expensive and too powerful for kratom plants.

For larger indoor plants, they may be the right choice, but for Kratom, the heat factor is a little too high!

Warmth and humidity conditions for Kratom

If you are in the United States or Europe, you must keep in mind that the humid and warm environment that Kratom requires for healthy growth is not available near you! So the lights you use must be able to mimic the climatic conditions that are most favorable for this plant.

LED lights are not as warm as other lighting options and may help in evaporation of the water that you give to your kratom plant. The right amount of water vapors and heat create a perfect environment for your kratom leaves to grow darker and the plant to grow taller!

Why LED is best

LED lights are a good option as they don’t heat up or create a higher temperature around the plant. When the temperature is higher, the humidity in the air will drop, and we don’t need that for good kratom plants!

What’s even better is that you can find indoor full spectrum LED grow light to use near the kratom plant. This position will ensure the right temperature and the right amount of light. One thing that is necessary to mention here is that LED grow bulbs are not the same LED lights available at your local hardware store. Look for the horticultural suppliers nearby or find these on Amazon.

The unique LED grow bulbs run last long and can support plant growth of several plants! You can build your little kratom garden with this great light that will provide the perfect environment for Kratom!

Choices within the LED grow lights range

When you establish the understanding that LED lights are best for kratom plants indoors; the next step will be to look for the right size of the light and also see which one suits your budget, home and the growth of the plant! Here are a few pointers to keep in mind when you go shopping for grow lights:

  • Spacing: You need to look for options that can be installed at the right distance. Do you have an overhead lamp in that area? Will the chosen grow light fit into that electric point? Consider all these things before you pick an option.
  • Budget: One of the biggest concerns of buyers and kratom growers in whether the light will be too expensive. There are options for everyone; you have to find the one that suits your pocket.
  • Heat intensity or Spectrum: The kratom plant does not need hot light. You need to choose the LED to grow lights that are full-spectrum because, at different stages, the plant requires different wavelengths of light. Full-spectrum or broad-spectrum options will suffice for the plant growth at every step!

How to install lights properly

You must have seen the small incandescent bulbs hanging over plants that are grown indoors. Those bulbs were small and consumed less power but did not provide light to all parts of the plants. When you go looking for LED grow lights, you will see a square or rectangular panels with small LED bulbs. These panels can be installed above the plant to provide uniform and consistent light for the kratom plant.

Install the LED grow lights are lower in heat, so remember to place them about a foot length above the plant. Observe the plant growth for a week and keep adjusting the height of the light from the growing greens so that adequate heat and light are maintained at all stages.

Since these lights mimic sunlight, remind yourself how the sun also has its brightest and dimmest times of the day! This reminder is for you to understand that the plant will not require sunlight 24 hours a day!

How long the LED grow lights should be used?

Kratom is the native plant of Southeast Asia. It grows in humid, warm conditions, and this is what we want to replicate. Of course, you will not need to leave the LED grow lights on all the time, but how many hours is best for the plant?

The plant needs warmth from the light to make food, and the same heat will help evaporate some of the water that you give to your kratom pot. This whole process of maintaining a warm temperature around the kratom plant will require at least 8 to 10 hours. You can expose the kratom plant to light for this amount of time and then give your LED lights and the plant some rest. They need rest as much as we do!

Getting the best out of your kratom plant

We all know that none of the factors such as sunlight or air or water can help plant growth; it is teamwork. So once you see your plant thriving indoors under the LED grow light, you must be able to understand how to maintain the optimum environment for the plant.

If given the right surroundings, your kratom plant will be as potent and active as the kratom supplements made from the botanical substance that grows in the Southeast Asian countries.



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