Cures to many problems are given by mother nature in terms of plants. Lots of tests on a variety of plants have proved this fact. Kratom is one such plant which has a lot of advantages and is known to cure many problems related to the human body.

While there are issues about its legality in certain countries, people are showing interest in buying it where it’s legal. In this article, we will be reviewing one of the famous kratom vendors, Leaf of Life Botanicals.

They not only deal in kratom but also provide other natural herbs like Corydalis, Kava, Kanna, etc. to the users.

About Leaf Of Life Botanicals

People are willing to pay for a quality product. If a company compromises on quality, they will lose customers sooner or later.

What if people get quality and discounts at the same time for a product? They will like it for sure, and the same happened with Leaf of life botanicals.

This vendor delivers premium quality kratom strains to their customers within the promised delivery time. Leaf of Life Botanicals gives more importance to kratom quality to satisfy their customers.

They provide all herbal kratom products so that the user can get the utmost benefit from it.

Their packaging is not only appealing, but it’s super sealed to keep the content intact. Let’s see what the kratom strains they deal in are.

Available Kratom Strains And Herbals

Leaf of life botanicals provide types of kratom strains, blends, and herbal extracts. A brief about the items available are as follows.

Mainly, there are four kratom strains available which are White, Red, Green and Yellow kratom strains.

White Kratom Strains

A total of 9 kratom types are available under white kratom strains and are as follows.

Red Kratom Strains

A total of 8 kratom types are available under red kratom strains and are as follows.

Please visit the official website to know more about the types of strains offered by them.

Green Kratom Strains

They provide the following green kratom strains.

Yellow Kratom Strains

These are the yellow kratom strains they deal in.

  • Super yellow kratom
  • Yellow Aceh kratom

Kratom Blends

Blends offered by the company are as follows.

  • Aceh Zen kratom blend
  • Pink bunny blend
  • Pink Maeng Da kratom blend


Herbal powders like Fiji Loa waka kava, Kanna and other extracts like Rhodiola Rosea extract 10:1, Corydalis Extract 20:1 are also available on the site.

Sometimes due to excess orders, few products may go out of stock but within no time, they will be available, and users can confirm by rechecking website after few minutes.

Splits And Samplers

For beginners or even for the ones who want to try a different kratom strain, the site offers splits and samplers.

Kratom starter sampler is a pack of 4 different kratom strains of one ounce each which one can get at the price of 3. In short, the user has to pay for 3 and will get 4 strains to try and then can decide which one he/she wants to buy more.

In case you like two of them or even three, you can go for the split packs, wherein the quantity you want to buy, say half kg, will be divided into the choice of two of your favorite strains.

By providing samplers and splits, Leaf of Life Botanicals is trying to give users more options and to keep kratom at a rotation schedule.

By using different strains, based on their vein color, origin place, process specialty, etc. one can get different chemical compositions in their body. It helps them in developing a tolerance or immunity for anyone specific alkaloid profile.

In short, it will help you in consuming the same dosage and get the best results without increasing the dosage, if you change the strain type from time to time.

Kratom Quality

As said above, Leaf of Life Botanicals never compromised on quality. Even if we see customer reviews or order yourselves one strain to test, people will find the richness and unique taste of that specific kratom strain.

This is achieved with testing the kratom received from farmers for contaminants and their usage.

If they are not fresh or contaminated, the company will not accept them for further phases, i.e., using them in making strains. It is made sure to not go down on any factor which would ultimately affect the customer belief on the company.

A third-party lab conducts tests to check the quality of kratom in collaboration with the company.

They provide 100% natural, high-quality kratom powder. It makes the strains effective and the firm quite popular in the market.

What Rewards One Get?

As I said above, people always expect the right quality product when they are putting money. Adding to this, if people are offered rewards, it is just awesome. To order and buy a kratom strain, people need to log in on the website.

The points system is present on the website. Users do several activities which would earn them points. Those points can be redeemed by buying kratom strains with coins for free of cost.

These are some of the ways to earn points.

  • Points will be added for every purchase a user has done on the website automatically.
  • Sharing on facebook will give some points.
  • Referring to your friends will also add up points to your account.

Friends and other people should create an account with the referral link you provided. This is how the website knows you have referred, and points get credited.

Payments Modes

Leaf of Life Botanicals does not accept credit or debit cards. The accepted modes of payment are as follows.

  • Venmo
  • Cash app
  • G pay
  • Coin payments
  • Green E-check

If users are finding any difficulties with payment, a descriptive “how to pay” page is available on the website which guides about the payment with a video tutorial.

Shipping Areas

Kratom strains can only be shipped to countries and states where it is legal. It cannot be shipped to states where kratom is illegal to use. No extra charges as the shipping entirely free.

USPS shipping method is used by the company mostly. After the order is placed, tracking id of shipment and carrier details mail to the user. The id can be used to know where exactly your order is at any point in time.

If users want other shipping methods, it is also possible, but they may take more time and cost money.

If customers are not satisfied with the product for some reason, there is a money back guarantee wherein the remains of the product are handed over and payment gets credited to the customer’s account.


Leaf of life botanicals is the best choice to prefer while buying kratom strains and other products related to kratom.

High-quality kratom, excellent customer support, faster delivery and reward system makes it a complete package where everyone loves to shop products.



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