Laughing Lion Herbs is an American herbal brand operating in the market since 2014. One of the major reasons behind the popularity is its cGMP facility that helps the seller ensure that you always get the authentic strains.

In addition, Laughing Lion Herbs does not involve any middleman when importing Kratom; rather it has made a direct business relationship with the Indonesian growers to import all-natural, fresh, and potent Speciosa stock.

Being an AKA-certified Mitragyna vendor, this brand maintains the highest possible standards to provide you with safe products.

Is Laughing Lion Herbs A Worthy Store To Purchase From?

Well, once you visit this online store, you will find it pretty different from all other sellers operating in today’s market. One of the major reasons behind its uniqueness is its diverse inventory equipped with a wide range of Kratom, merchandise section and other herbal products.

As far as Speciosa is concerned, you can purchase everything from powder to capsules, extracts to blends, and fresh Kratom leaves. Some of the popular Korth strains being sold in this store are Maeng Da, Thai, Bali, Bentuangie, and Hulu. Apart from that, you can benefit from all vein colors, including red, green, gold, and white. You can also buy a digital measuring scale to calculate a perfect dose.

CBD flower with no THC contents is another best-selling product offered by Laughing Lion Herbs. Moreover, this store carries a section namely “WOW Series”. This section consists of both capsules and multiple liquid shots to benefit from.

Unlike other Speciosa sellers, this brand has huge clothing and LLH gear stock. You can find clothing material for men (will be launched soon), women (hoodies, t-shirts, and racerback tank), and unisex (tie-dye hoodies, t-shirts, sleeve tee, fleece pullover, and packable jacket). Baseball caps, beanies, and hats are readily available for you. Furthermore, coffee mugs and premium face masks are also the top-selling items.

If you are fond of vaping natural herbs, including Kratom, you will be glad to know that this seller has two amazing vaporizers for you – Dry Herb IQ2 and Dry Herb Miqro. Get them and start enjoying your journey.

Kratom Tolerance Kit

Kratom Tolerance Kit is another amazing product leading the whole inventory from the front. As per the official website of Laughing Lion Herbs, this kit promises to reset your kratom tolerance within just 2 to 3 days without asking you to stop your daily Kratom usage. It helps you reset your body and start enjoying your kratom journey again.

The top ingredients present in Kratom Tolerance Kit include Vitamin D, 100% pure Speciosa powder, Blackseed Extract, Ashwagandha Extract, Agmatine Sulfate, and Siberian Ginseng Extract. This brand recommends you buy this kit with the measuring scale to maintain accuracy. Laughing Lion Herbs claims guaranteed results within five days of taking this kit.

Is This Seller Cost-Effective?

Buying cost-effective items is a good approach, but you should never purchase cheap products because nobody sells premium items at very low prices. If you find any vendor selling cheap strains, they would be outdated, impure, or contaminated.

As far as the inventory of Laughing Lion Herbs is concerned, it has all-natural and pure Kratom strains and other products at affordable prices. This feature has made the seller stand out among other potential competitors. Let’s take a look at the complete price list.

Kratom$15 to $150
CBD Flower$25 to $150
WOW Liquid Shot Series$12 to $16
Clothing$18 to $72
KAVA Root and Extracts$8 to $125
LLH Gear$11 to $150

Can I Safely Consume Its Products?

Never take product safety for granted whenever you plan to purchase herbal supplements like Kratom. It is a must for you to check lab test reports before you invest even a single penny. It will help you get the correct item, thereby ensuring good health.

Thanks to Laughing Lion Herbs for closely and continuously monitoring the quality of its stocks under the supervision of independent 3rd party laboratories. Every item you see in this store is tested for all hazardous substances. So, you don’t need to worry about the product’s authenticity.

What Makes Laughing Lion Herbs Credible?

Many factors associated with this brand play a vital role in gaining customers’ trust. Some of them are:

  • Premium quality and 100% pure strains
  • AKA GMP certified seller
  • Multiple payment methods (Google Pay, Apple Pay, MasterCard, Visa, Cryptocurrency)
  • Fast and free shipping over $100
  • Same-day shipping
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Amazing customer support services
  • Opportunity to earn 25-50% sales commission through the affiliate program.

Can I Order Samples?

When people plan to start their Kratom journey, they get confused when it comes to the selection of suitable strain.

As you know, Kratom comes in hundreds of varieties, and it would be difficult for a newbie to find the right strain. This is where Kratom samples can help you. You can purchase small samples of multiple strains and try them one by one to get an idea of what suits you the most.

Laughing Lion Herbs offers multiple samples, including gold, white, green, and red veins. It is a decent approach to test samples if you are new to this industry.

How Does This Seller Ship Orders?

USPS and FedEx are the primary shipping methods to deliver your orders. If you need something urgent, you can benefit from same-day shipping. Want to get this opportunity? If yes, you need to place your order and clear the complete amount before 04:00 pm EST, Monday to Friday.

You should keep in mind that this seller does not usually ship your orders on Saturdays but, if you have any specific queries or urgency, you can get in touch with the customer support department at on weekdays.

Can I Get My Money Back?

Buyers are usually concerned about the returns in case of any unusual incident. The good news is; Laughing Lion Herbs prefers fulfilling every single need of yours. If you have received your product and you feel that it is not up to the mark, you can claim a 100% refund within one month of placing your order.

Where Does This Brand Operate? – Retail Locations

Along with the online presence, this seller has two different retail locations. One retail store is located in Colorado, and another newly launched store is in Castle Rock, United States. You can find the visuals of these locations on the official website.

Final Words

Are you looking to get all-natural and fresh Kratom strains at a reasonable price? Have difficulty locating a reliable vendor? You can trust Laughing Lion Herbs not only for Kratom-related products but also for other items, including but not limited to clothing, LLH gear, CBD flower, and KAVA extracts.



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