To get started with the review of Lacuna Kava Bar, I want you to know that this is not a regular bar where you can drink alcohol. This bar is a lot different than the ones you might have experienced, but one thing I assure you is that you will not regret visiting it.

Lacuna Kava Bar is one of the famous bars for Kava, Kratom, and CBD Oil in Phoenix, Arizona.

One of the best things about Lacuna is that they do not serve any alcohol, but still, they have so many fans all over the place.

Many people come along with their friends and families to sit and enjoy their incredible drinks and feel energetic and refreshed!

Apart from their menu, you will find this bar a lot different than others, because it is not just a bar, but a whole new experience.

No matter if you want to discuss an idea with your friends or want to play a brainstorming game, you will get a space for all your activities at Lacuna Kava Bar.

The owners of Lacuna Kava call out all the brainstormers, students, and business professionals to come to enjoy drinks at the bar and let their creativity flow throughout.

Let’s not wait and explore how Lacuna Kava Bar is the best option for energy drinks and get your creative mind flow with new ideas & more!

About Lacuna Kava Bar & The Owner

If you have visited Phoenix and been to Lacuna Bar, then you must have witnessed a new kind of aura in this place.

The owner of the Lacuna Kava Bar, Chase Brendle, is of the view that new types of drinks that are not only good in taste but also have health benefits need to be served in restaurants.

As a part of this wish, Chase is working hard to make Kava, Kratom, and CBD oils social beverages.

Chase Brendle started this bar in the place of an art gallery, which is why you will see mural hanging on the bar’s wall giving it an artsy look.

Chase has mentioned that Kava and Kratom have helped him in a million ways and that they have been his better companion than alcohol.

So, this bar speaks for the owner’s belief in the exceptional energizing powers of these herbs, which led him to build it in the first place.

What Will You Get From Lacuna Kava Bar?

When you hear the word “bar”, the first thing that comes to mind is alcohol, but it is not the case with Lacuna Kava Bar.

You will get a lot of refreshing drinks explicitly made with chosen herbs that aim to make you feel energetic. Below mentioned are the herbs and beverages that you can get at Lacuna Kava Bar.

1) Kava

Kava Kava

If you are wondering what Kava is, then it is a plant-based herb used as a “psychoactive national drink” in Fiji and Pacific Island. The Kava is extremely famous for its meditative and relaxing effects on the person’s body.

Lacuna Kava Bar is among some of the famous bars that offer drinks made with this herb so that people can come and relax.

They make Kava by mixing it with amazing and refreshing ingredients that will satisfy your taste buds to the core.

This is not it; you can enjoy the fantastic Kava tea in a coconut shell to let you get the beachy vibes.

No matter if you order their famous “Traditional Shell” Kava tea, Bula Bomb, White Out, Kava Colada, Brown Dog, Chocolate PB Cup, Thai Sunset, Bloody Kava Sunday, or Instant Vanuatu Kava Add-on; there is nothing that you will regret having for once!

You can order your Kava drinks in different sizes with their servings ranging from 2oz to 16oz. Do not miss the chance and must try their Kava tea, I am sure you will end up coming again and again to the bar.

2) Kratom


Lacuna Kava Bar also serves perfectly blended Kratom teas that have incredible taste. It is one of the oldest herbs belonging to the coffee family and redundantly found in Southeast Asia.

Kratom has several therapeutic benefits, but at Lacuna Bar, it is only served as a recreational and social lubricant beverage.


Well, if you are new to Kratom, then you can start from their “Traditional Steep Tea” that is made with Green Maeng Da strain. You can order this tea in either 4oz or 8oz depending on your liking.

Apart from it, they also offer traditional drip tea, Citrus Funk, State 48, Cross Country Limeaid, Dirty South, or Bloody Kratom Sunday. You can also get a 4gm Maeng Da powder add-on to your drink to make it more refreshing!

3) CBD Oil


Among so many brews, you can also try their CBD oil tea that is one in a million. CBD oil has gained quite a reputation in the U.S. due to its benefits.

CBD oil helps with inflammation and pain, which is why many people take it as a form of medicine, as well.

Lacuna Bar makes the best kind of CBD tea that will leave you coming back to the bar again and again. It is a body-friendly tea that will only energize you to the core!

Best Things About Lacuna Kava Bar

To summarize it for you, here is a list of all the good stuff about Lacuna Kava Bar that you might consider before giving it a visit.

  • Amazing Kratom Drinks

As you have read earlier, not one but many different types of teas and refreshing drinks are available at Lacuna Kava Bar. The best thing to note here is that all their drinks are vegetarian, vegan, organic, and gluten-free. What else do you need?

  • Refreshing Kava For All

The drinks at this bar are not like regular drinks or teas that you see in every other restaurant. They serve tea in coconut shells that are picture-worthy and aesthetically beautiful!

  • Great Atmosphere

At Lacuna Kava Bar, there is a space for everyone!

You can find a board room, event, studio, art gallery, bar, and office space at Lacuna Kava Bar to work, play, and stay. There are hardly any restaurants that offer so much.

  • Excellent Pricing

The drinks at the Lacuna Kava Bar lies between the ranges of $6-$14 so that everyone can afford them. Every one including businessman or students can come and enjoy a refreshing tea at the Lacuna bar at this amazing price!

  • Outstanding Service

Chase Brendle has an amiable personality, which is something you can find in their customer reviews, as well. So, come and enjoy while Lacuna serves you with the best!

Every Day Is Fun At Lacuna Kava Bar

Have you been to a bar where you get to enjoy a happy hour? Lacuna is the place where you will get to enjoy a happy hour from 2-4 PM; however, this is not it. Check out all the events that take place at the bar daily.

  1. Monday Industry Night: On this day, all the hospitality staff can get 10% off on the drinks. Woohoo!
  2. Tuesday Game Night: The game night starts at 8 PM, and the winner gets a $20 bar tab. Amazing, right?
  3. Wednesday Lacuna Live Open Mic: Laugh it out at the comedy shows every Wednesday at the bar starting from 8 PM and then an open mic round!
  4. Thursday Ladies Night: All the ladies, enjoy the 2-4-1 from 8-12 at the bar!
  5. Friday Live Music: All the local artists perform at the bar from 7-11. It’s a whole new experience!

Bad Things About Lacuna Kava Bar

No matter how right a place or service is, there are always some negative points to it. Here is what you might call the bad aspects of the Lacuna bar.

1) No Proof Of Herb’s Authenticity

There is no proof is Lacuna Kava Bar is serving authentic and genuine herbs. You cannot find any lab test reports of their product that proves their genuineness.

Apart from it, they have not mentioned the name of vendors from where they get the product.

With so much criticism around herbs usage, especially around Kratom, many people might feel reluctant even to enter the bar, let alone try their products.

2) Limited Branches

You can only find Lacuna Kava Bar in Arizona, which is another bad thing about it. Due to limited branches, very few people have access to their bar. Let’s hope if they open new offices in other parts of the U.S. as well!

3) Not So User-Friendly Website

It’s incredibly annoying, to be precise. It is a complicated website, which can give you a headache as well. So, beware!

Social Media Presence Of Lacuna Kava Bar

Lacuna Kava Bar has quite a social media presence. You can find Lacuna Bar at Yelp, Facebook, Instagram, and TripAdvisor.

Bottom Line

Lacuna Kava Bar is the best place for evening drinks or to discuss a plan with your friends. Just like any other bar, it also comes with some negative sides, but the bar vibes will make you forget all of it.

Connect with people, create amazing stuff, and let new ideas through at the Lacuna Kava Bar. It’s a whole unique experience and a must-try for all Kava-lovers!



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