Among many vendors in the Kratom market, KWIK BOTANICALS is the favorite for many users. Initially founded in 2014 as KWIK Kratom, they adopted the name KWIK BOTANICALS in 2016 and ever since then, they have provided their customers with quality product.

Talking about quality product, getting a quality product in today’s Kratom market is very hard. Many vendors claim to sell quality products, whereas they sell either fake or sub-standard products.

Most have converted other products in the form of Kratom for their users; others have also added some foreign materials into their product to increase its quantity.

In this review will be providing essential information about KWIK BOTANICALS, their products, their pricing, the bonuses made available for their customers, and the appropriate laboratory test available for their products.

This will enable you, and every other user of Kratom to identify the original product and make use of KWIK BOTANICALS services.

What Products Does KWIK BOTANICALS Sell?

KWIK BOTANICALS have produced arguably the best rough cut of product in the market as of present. They serve individuals, retail customers, and business who are interested in getting large quantities. This review is about products of KWIK BOTANICALS.

Hence we will be discussing in detail products that you can get from them. Here are some of their favorite products:

1) The KWIK BOTANICALS White Maeng Da

This product is extremely fast, but its effect does not last for a very long time. It is appropriate when undergoing exercise or for the workout. It helps infuse the needed energy into you whenever you take it.

Most consider it as the perfect piece to get your day started, as the energy it gives is sufficient.

2) The KWIK BOTANICALS Maeng Da Red Kratom

It is one of the best Kratom that you will find around, and it produces a fantastic result, beyond the expected. It helps to strengthen the body after a hectic day, and it is a perfect pain reliever around.

KWIK BOTANICALS Maeng Da Red Kratom help provides the power needed to carry out your required activity for the day.

3) The KWIK BOTANICALS Bali Red Vein Kratom

This is the best strain for relieving pain; it is essential to use it in little dosage to avoid strong or provide minimal side effect. You may need to be very patient after using this product to get effective and the required result.

4) The KWIK BOTANICALS Maeng Da Green

It is also a very active strain of Kratom that starts working less than 5 minutes of using it. Although its effect does not last for a very long time, in most cases less than 2-hours, it is still another good option for you. It provided the extra motivation needed by your body to power you through the day’s activity.

Here are some of the vital information about their most popular strain; they have other fractions that can be accessed on their website.

What is The Cost of KWIK BOTANICALS Products?

The price of their product varies, based on the quantity you are buying and the quality of the product. Here are some of the costs of their products (Note they sell in bulk):

  • The dragon Green, the price ranges from $7.99 to $24.99 depending on the quantity you need.
  • The commercial grade Green tea price ranges from $7.99 to $87.99 also depending on the quantity needed.
  • The Indo Tree – Sumatra black. The bulk price ranges from $7.99 to $24.99 based on the quantity you need.
  • The Lotus Stamen, the dried bulk price ranges from $7.99 to $24.99 based on the quantity needed.
  • The roughly cut Matcha leaf price ranges from $7.99 to $24.99 depending on the quantity you need.

Other products from KWIK BOTANICALS include the Oolong rough cut tea, Yerba Mate rough cut, the Matcha Houjica organic loose leaf tea with process ranges from $7.99 to $24.99.

Do KWIK BOTANICALS Sell Lab Tested Products

Lab tested product are selected products on which laboratory test are carried out on to ensure that they are up to standard. Quality is of utmost importance to major Kratom vendor; hence they carry out laboratory test on their products. A laboratory test is carried out in reputable international laboratories.

There is presently no information about KWIK BOTANICALS selling laboratory tested products or not. You may consult online sources to learn about reviews from previous users as this will help you know what to use and what run from.

Caution needs to be applied to ensure you don’t use products that affect your health. It is expected that more information about lab tested products for KWIK BOTANICALS will be revealed in the nearest future.

Does KWIK BOTANICALS have Coupon Codes for Its Product

The coupon code is used in the online shopping world; they are also referred to a promo code. Coupon or promo codes are computer generated code which may consist of symbols, alphabets, and numbers.

They are used to get added discounts on your orders, after checking out and before making payment, these codes are submitted.

Some vendors, on the other hand, provide a direct discount on their product. Hence you won’t need to enter any code to get a bonus on their product.

Presently there is not enough information about the discount offered by KWIK BOTANICALS on their official website. Hence it is reasonable to conclude that for now, there are no bonuses available on their product.

Considering the fact that their product comes at a reduced price even though you are buying in bulk, it is sufficient enough to withstand discounts offered by other vendors.

Comparing their price with other reputable buyers shows that their price is one of the best you can find around. Since the market keeps improving, we can expect them to chip in some bonus for their loyal customers in the nearest future.

International markets are significant in the sales of KWIK BOTANICALS products. When you order for their product as an international customer, the company offers you a rich bonus, and this will help in reducing the price of theory purchase.

How to Buy KWIK BOTANICALS Products?

To benefit from KWIK BOTANICALS products, you will need to buy from their website on From there you can see their products and other services rendered by them. By clicking on the product you are interested in buying, you can easily purchase KWIK BOTANICALS products and benefit maximally from using it.

You can also make use of their online store contact form as this will help you to interact with other agents directly. You can make an inquiry, give suggestions and complain about our products and also offer advice. You will be responded to as quick as possible.


As it has been noticed in our environment, getting a reputable Kratom vendor has become very hard. But with this review, we hope you would be contemplating patronizing KWIK BOTANICALS to benefit from their wide range of products that has been benefitting many for years.

Based on the available information on KWIK BOTANICALS website, we have been able to get to know their products and services better. We have also seen the prices for their product and the likely reasons for lack of discounts on their products.

We do hope that you will gain maximum benefit from using their product and have improved health. Before placing an order for their product, it is important to note that Kratom product is not generally accepted.

Hence, you will need to consult the laws regarding the use of this product in your area to avoid embarrassment in the process of using.

Since the product comes with some underlying side effects, you will need to monitor the way you make use of it and get it out of the reach of children. With the presence of a certain reduction in price, we hope everyone will enjoy our services.