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Kreed Botanicals Review

Address: 4425C Treat Blvd, STE 179,
Concord CA, 94521

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At Kreed Botanicals the aim is to provide quality Kratom at the most reasonable prices. Kreed Botanicals are passionate to provide the best Kratom products to them.

They want to increase the accessibility of Kratom based products. Kreed Botanicals has the knowledge when it comes to Kratom, and can guide you to find helpful products. At the same time, their customer service is always available for your help.

Kreed Botanicals is both an online store and a physical vendor. As far as their online delivery is concerned, their networks are vast as they cover San Francisco East Bay.

The counties that they deliver to are Contra Costa and Alameda County including the cities of Berkeley, Oakland and many more. They also serve to more selective cities like Solano County.

Where Is Their Kratom Sourced From?

The source of a Kratom affects its quality and effectiveness. It affects all the attributes of the Kratom product it is used in at the end. Kreed Botanicals keeps this in mind when they source their Kratom from the wild jungles of Indonesia.

At the same time, it’s not about the location, Kreed Botanicals use only the most mature and potent leaves for the production of their powder. This boosts the quality of all their products.

Which Products Are Available At Kreed Botanicals?

Kratom at Kreed Botanicals is available in two forms, powder, and capsules. As far as the capsules are concerned they are available in 50 count bottles and 100 count bottles. But, you can get Kratom powder in 4 sizes.

You can get the 250g or ¼ kilo batch, 500g or ½ kilo batch or a 1000g or 1-kilo batch. A more unorthodox option you have at Kreed Botanicals is to get a 1-kilo package split. This means that you can get two different strains for a price lesser than 2 ½ kilo packs.

Variety how much Kratom you can get is not all that Kreed Botanicals offers. They offer a large variety of strains to match it. Their products are available in 12 different Kratom strains.

From Maeng Da Kratom to Red Bali to Red Malay they have it all. So no matter what your preference or need is you will find the perfect product at Kreed Botanicals.

To make the choice easier for you Kreed Botanicals also offers free samples that you can get and assess the quality of their products yourself.

How Reasonable Are The Products At Kreed Botanicals?

The prices at Kreed Botanicals are reasonable. You can get a 50 count capsule bottle for 15$ and a 100 count capsule bottle for 25$. At the same time a 250g powder package costs around 32$ – 40$ while a 500g package costs 56$ – 70$.

A 1000g package will cost you around 96$ – 120$ but if you get a split kilo package it will cost you 125$. These prices, when compared to other stores in the market, are very reasonable.

One good thing about Kreed Botanicals is that the more purchases you make, the cheaper the products get for you. This is because of their online and local reward system. The online reward system is point-based.

You get 1 point for every dollar you spend and earn 5% back in points on completed orders. You can also earn points by liking and sharing their products on social media. These points can then be redeemed for rewards at checkout.

Their local reward system, yet, is a little different. On your first purchase, you get a loyalty card, after every purchase over 75$ you get a stamp on that card. After you have 10 stamps you can redeem a ¼ kilo Kratom powder package of your choice.

These reward systems are complimented by other promotions like discounts on new strains that are available and free shipping for purchases over a 100$.

This is one of the most impressive characteristics of Kreed Botanicals. Not a lot of vendors offer these many promotions. Due to these discounts, all their products are made accessible to you.

What Is Their Return Policy?

The return policy at Kreed Botanicals is what it usually is for Kratom and CBD retailers. Due to the nature of the products they don’t accept any opened packages for refund or exchange. If one wants to cancel an order they should contact them before the order has been shipped.

If they fail to do so they then have to return the unopened package as soon as possible. You can contact Kreed Botanicals at for more information about their return policy.

Are There Products Safe?

As far as their production process is concerned their products seem to go through strict quality control checks. Kratom leaves are harvested when they are old enough and then they are dried in a sterile area to prevent contamination.

After that, they are ground to an ultra-fine or fine powder and there are strict checks and balances during this entire process.

The problem arises when there is ambiguity when it comes to lab tests. It is implied but not mentioned that their products are tested by an unbiased third-party lab.

At the same time even if they are tested, none of the results are made available to the public which means you have to rely on their word when buying from them.

Another factor to consider when it comes to the safety of their products is with regards to the lack of FDA or Food and Drug Administration approval.

It is mentioned on their website that their products are not meant to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease and that they are not approved by the FDA. This further adds ambiguity to the safety of their products.



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