Kratom Worx is known for its 100% pure Kratom extracts and blends, unavailable elsewhere in the market. Their lab testing is unmatched, and they pride themselves on rigorous and transparent product testing. They source their Kratom through eco-friendly harvesting processes carried out at the perfect time by skilled farmers. Their shipping process is one of the fastest, allowing same-day shipping even on smaller customer orders.

Why Are They Different From Other Kratom Vendors?

Kratom Worx has established its name in a short amount of time within the Kratom market. This has been made possible through their exceptional customer service, quick shipping details, interactive online presence, and, primarily, due to their all-natural, organic, and 100% pure Kratom powders and products, which are rigorously tested in laboratories. They also provide numerous payment options for their customers, an unmatched trait within Kratom brands.

Which Kratom Products Are Available In Their Shop?

Premium quality Red, White, and Green Kratom strains are available in capsule and powder forms within their shop. The Kratom product variety is satisfying and very clear for a first-time buyer. Their Borneo strains are the most high-quality Kratom products available in their shop.

Which Kratom blends and extracts are unique to Kratom Works?

Unique Kratom blends curated from specific strains can be bought from their shop, which is unavailable elsewhere.  

  1. Kratom Crystal Extract 50:1 Strength:

Kratom crystal extract powder is nearly 100% pure with high potency. It is available in a 10-gram package. The adult Mitragyna Speciosa plants are dried, crushed, and turned into fine powder. This powder is boiled till all alkaloids leave the powder, and only a highly potent, raw Kratom is left. It can be bought in various Red, White, Green, and Gold Kratom strains.

  1. Kratom Gold Borneo Concentrate:

It is a Natural Organic Oil combining Red Borneo’s sedating effects and Green Borneo’s energy-boosting effects. This liquid extract is sterilized and chemically processed to eliminate bacteria, tannin, flavonoid, and phenolic impurities. This process ensures the ”cleanest” and ”smoothest” kratom experience.

What Are Kratom Worx’s Product Prices?

Their prices and bundles are quite market competitive; however, they offer a more significant quantity with premium pricing. This is a unique pricing strategy by Kratom Worx to sell more products at a higher price.

  1. Kratom Capsules

The premium quality Borneo capsules sell at $47.48 per bottle, including 120 capsules.

  1. Kratom Powders

The priciest products in this category are the White and Green Borneo Kratom powders which sell at $24.48 for 180 grams, $120.98 for 1 kg, and $301.98 for 2.5 kg packs. Other Kratom powder products usually sell under $20 for 180 grams and over $200 for a 2.5 kg bundle. Their Gold Kratom powder strains are available in 2 bundles of 250 grams for $72.98 and 1 kg bundle for $248.48.

  1. Kratom Extracts

Their specialty Mitragyna Speciosa extracts sell at $68.48 for 20ml/ 70mg per ml /1400mg. For $67.98, the Kratom crystal extract powder can be bought in a 10 grams packet in any of the Kratom flavors.

Who Can Buy Kratom From Kratom Worx?

Their website mentions that only 21 and over can buy Kratom from their shop.

How Do They Source Their Kratom?

Kratom Worx selects Kratom plants only from those farms in deep jungles of Indonesia where farmers use ecologically sound farming processes. They do not use any preservatives or fillers while sourcing this tree leaf powder. 

While preparing various Kratom blends, the utmost principles of cleanliness are used throughout the laboratories. Once manufactured, the final product is quarantined in the cleanest rooms to avoid impurities. Hence, Kratom Worx ensures 100% premium quality Kratom products for its customers.

How Is Their Packaging Quality?

Kratom Worx ensures that customers receive fresh Kratom products in high-quality, stay-fresh packaging. These bags are airtight and come with a resealable zipper to maintain product freshness. The Kratom capsule bottles are capped in pressure-sensitive seal liners to provide extra freshness and protection.

Are Their Products Lab Tested?

Kratom Worx uses a third-party laboratory for its Kratom lab testing. They try to ensure the tree leaf powder is free of additives, metals, and pathogens and provide their customers with a 100% Kratom product.

The alkaloid levels of Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine are checked to ensure high potency levels. Third-party lab tests confirm that the harvesters picked leaves from the plant, not the ground. Also, they contain any moldy formations created due to improper storage. Before Kratom is powdered, tests like high-pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC), gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GCMS), and thin-layer chromatography (TLC) are used to ensure that the Kratom samples meet industry standards.

Kratom Worx provides complete transparency to its customers and allows them to ask for a comprehensive Kratom test report to ensure just that. No other Kratom vendor on the market offers such openness in their business.

Are They Aka Gmp Qualified?

Kratom Worx follows Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) set out by the American Kratom Association (AKA) to ensure premium quality and potency to their loyal customers. They understand the importance of providing clean and safe Kratom to its users. Hence, strict quality control measures for each Kratom batch are implemented to ensure zero contaminants.

Are They Fda Approved?

Kratom Worx makes no medical claims on its websites or product descriptions. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not evaluated its products. FDA Approval can go a long way in creating customer satisfaction and confidence in Kratom products.

What Payment Options Do They Offer To Their Customers?

Kratom Worx provides ease of payment to all its customers through the availability of Credit card payment systems. A unique feature of Kratom Worx for its customers is that options like PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, and Cryptocurrency also exist as payment methods. The accessibility of Kratom to its users in the USA is unavailable in the Kratom market.

What Is Their Shipping Policy?

Kratom Worx provides same-day shipping to customers if the purchase is made before 2 pm EST. USPS Express and Priority shipping options are also available to customers who want a quick delivery. Kratom Worx boasts of starting international shipping soon!

Do They Offer Any Discounts Or Rewards To Their Customers?

Yes, the customers who make payments through the crypto method receive a 15% discount on their total amount. They also have a Reward Points system for their customers. How does it work? These points can be earned on customers’ birthdays and through interaction on their social media and can be redeemed as coupon codes for customer purchases. This is a healthy method of marketing the brand to its customers and involving its buyers within the Kratom Worx family.

How Are They Educating The Masses About Kratom?

Kratom Worx has a regularly updated blog called Kratom University. This blog shares preliminary information about Kratom and detailed facts regarding how to grow a Kratom tree yourself. 

The blog has delicious Kratom recipes for breakfast, lunch, and tea. Their website has something for all their customers and visitors who can benefit a lot from this educational Kratom blog.

What Are Their Customers Saying About Them?

Kratom Worx’s customer service is efficient, and satisfaction is guaranteed. Their website’s FAQ section consists of several scenarios that customers can face and how to resolve such issues. These include but are not limited to order tracking, payment, and problems with Kratom intake.

Customer reviews show they all trust their name and love their “100% Kratom leaf.” On various online platforms, including Facebook, one can find positive and strong reviews about Kratom Worx’s products and their efficacy.

“Compared to other Kratoms I have used in the past, and I’veI’ve used multiple brands, this is up there as a top shelf.”

“I don’t have anxiety, and I naturally have an upbeat mood, so this lifted my mood even more. It was a very energetic euphoria, but not like a caffeinated one.”

Is Kratom Worx Active On Facebook And Instagram?

Yes, the Kratom Worx team has a presence on Facebook and Instagram. However, the customer reviews are just a handful, and they do not post regularly on social media, which may disconcert new customers. Kratom customers trust a brand with a name and presence over social media.


Kratom Worx provides the highest quality Kratom strains worldwide, Red, Green, and White. They sell Kratom in powder, capsules as well as in extract forms. The latter is nearly 100% original Kratom powder sourced from the best Kratom trees, eco-friendly harvesting practices, and processed in the cleanest and safest spaces. 

Their customers agree that Kratom Worx provides the most pristine and natural Kratom blends. Kratom Worx is aware of its social responsibility and takes care of it through Kratom education, premium customer service, and transparent third-party lab testing. It is one of the Kratom market leaders out there!



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