When you look at something but cannot focus on it without twitching your eyes, this state is called eye wobbles! If this effect is observed after taking kratom, we call it kratom wobbles.

The term kratom wobble coined to describe the unwanted side effect in which a person’s eyes twitch, and unable to see clearly. The temporary inability to focus at a particular point may lead to irritation and annoyance. This side effect of kratom is most commonly due to over-dosage.

Kratom is a botanical substance that can alleviate pain and shift moods to make users feel good. A healthy lifestyle and the ability to make better decisions is something that this botanical can help you with. However, the critical factor of good results is the optimum dosage!

If you are looking for desirable effects, be particular about starting kratom intake with a small amount and gradually increase it to a balanced dosage that suits you the most. An overdose of kratom is not dangerous like opiates, but it does result in some unfavorable side effects such as wobbles.

Oscillopsia or eye wobble is an uncomfortable feeling that leads to numerous other conditions such as headaches and nausea. But what causes eye wobbles, or oscillopsia?

What Causes Kratom Eye Wobbles?

Several reasons may cause kratom wobbles. It can be due to overdosage but can also be the result of the interference of medication. Now, this sounds possible as the intervention of medicines in people who don’t take kratom causes eye wobbles. This fact suggests that if any medicine reacts with kratom, it can result in wobbling eyes.

If you are a new user or take a shallow dose of kratom regularly, there is a chance that an accidental high dosage may result in this condition. Though temporary, Mitragyna Speciosa wobbles can be an uncomfortable side effect!

This state may bring along a few other side effects, such as dizziness, motion sickness, and brain fog. It feels to the user as if the world is spinning, and this feeling may take away a lot of precious time in trying to feel better.

Eye wobbling may be the result of many things. Primarily, vision is disturbed when there is an eye alignment problem or any issue in the brain and inner ears, which controls body balance. Jumping or blurred vision is caused by disorders of the nervous system that damage or obstruct the functions of the inner ear or brain.

Eye wobble is the symptom of several nervous systems, ear or brain disorders. It should be identified and corrected so that the individual can lead a normal and healthy life. Some of the health conditions which cause eye wobbles are:

  • Meningitis
  • Brain injury
  • Brain inflammation
  • Use of certain medicines
  • Interference of medicines that may disturb the nervous system

Few Kratom Strains That Might Cause Eye Wobbles

There are several kratom types, which have a mild effect. Hence, a moderate dose will always be suitable for users. However, some kratom types have a higher alkaloid content, and the chemical composition is such that the user might feel undesirable side effects if the dosage is increased. The few strains that might cause kratom wobbles are:

The alkaloid content in these strains makes dosage a sensitive part of consumption. Users must ensure that they do not exceed the optimum dosage of 5 grams for these strains.

What Are the Symptoms of Wobbles?

Whatever the cause of kratom eye wobbles may be, the discomfort is enough to obstruct daily routines and work, such as driving, walking, and even standing for a long time.

A few of the prominent effects of eye wobbles are nausea, double-vision, inability to focus, and execute daily chores such as driving, reading, and even operating machinery.

How To Prevent Eye Wobbles From Kratom Intake?

The typical remedy to get rid of eye wobbles is any mild off-the-counter pain killer. However, the wobble effect from over-dosage may be avoided if users keep a check on their kratom consumption.

Apart from the irritation that is experienced by wobbles, handling heavy machinery or driving vehicles can become a problem. This temporary hindrance in regular routines can be easily avoided by effective prevention.

As stated above, the eye wobbles are a result of overdosage, therefore, to avoid this effect, one must determine the threshold. Different types of kratom have different alkaloid content.

Therefore, a standard dosage does not work for each strain. You must start every kratom type with only a gram per day so that you can assess the results and then adjust your required dosage accordingly.

However, if you try a new strain even though you have been a regular kratom user, a small dose to start is the right way to go.

Key Remedies to Treat Kratom Eye Wobbles

The usual solutions to this problem can be some natural remedies like taking lemon in water, or it can include a more medicinal route like taking a muscle relaxant. Any muscle relaxant can help with eye wobbles since the twitching will subside, and subsequent nausea and headache also get cleared!

Activated charcoal is effective in absorbing some alkaloids in the bloodstream, thus reducing the wobble effect.

Eating food can also help in diluting the effect of alkaloids as they speed up the metabolism and alkaloids get out of the system!

Carbonated drinks are also the right way of reducing nausea and headache caused by kratom wobbles.

Doctors can specify medicines for a long time and may also suggest diet, and routine changes overcome the symptoms of health issues.

Eye wobbles may also subside after treatments, but in case there are multiple medications, there is a chance of one medicine interfering with the function of another. This interference may result in a disruption in the nervous system, resulting in eye wobbles and blurred vision.

In this scenario, users must educate themselves to understand the solution. They can get their medication changed or may discontinue usage according to the doctor’s advice.

Methods of Consumption To Avoid Eye Wobbles

Drinking kratom tea means allowing the terpenes to react with our nervous system, and this results in a more tranquil and soothing effect. The alkaloids in the kratom supplement will enter the digestive system and slowly enter the bloodstream.

This gradual introduction of kratom alkaloids makes the body comfortable, and the impact is relaxing, yet refreshing.

However, if a person uses kratom extract for vaping, it might bring kratom on-set sooner and the number of alkaloids that enter the bloodstream instantly. This entrance of alkaloids can interact with the brain receptors aggressively, causing eye wobbles

Any form of kratom supplement that is ingested will have a lower chance of causing eye wobbles. Whereas, vaping, smoking, or using kratom in high amounts implies an aggressive and rapid reaction, which may be unfavorable in terms of side effects.

Users Opinions on Kratom Wobbles

On various social media pages, you can find reviews of users who have experienced kratom wobbles. You can infer from their experiences that kratom wobbles are short and temporary.

The undesirable kratom side effects may make users reluctant to use this botanical substance, but in reality, there is no danger if the dosage is kept under check!

Various users on forums such as Reddit make it clear that kratom wobbles are not a long-term side effect but get eliminated within hours.

Numerous Reddit users have discussed the impact of wobbles on headaches, nausea, and dizziness. However, the remedies for wobbles are also simple and easy to follow.

If you are a new user, you can benefit from the information on kratom wobbles on websites so that you understand the dosage, side effects, and remedies to get rid of the discomfort, if any.

Millions of kratom users have had experimental and accidental over-dosage. Due to this increase in dose, they have experienced shaky vision, palpable headache, and all of this is associated with kratom wobbles!

Before you start to take kratom, understand each strain, and also try to determine the optimum dosage once you begin use. This precaution will help you remain within your ideal dosage requirement, and the chances of kratom wobbles will dwindle.



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