What Is Kratom Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is not something new to this world; it’s been there for decades and used by many of us for various purposes. It is an online encyclopedia that has become the most trafficked site globally.

Therefore, when someone new to the world of Kratom wants to know something about it, there are high chances that the first thing that would pop up on their screen would be a site of Wikipedia. But is Kratom Wikipedia really that trustworthy? Is all the information regarding Kratom up to the mark? So if you want to know this more in detail, then stick with us till the end. 

Significance Of Kratom Wikipedia

In today’s world, when we are always in a hurry, Kratom Wikipedia is just one click away. To those who are confused about the correct dose of Kratom, worried about the side effects or in which form they should consume it, Kratom Wikipedia has all the answers to the queries. This means that Kratom beginners or enthusiasts can easily avoid finding different sites for different Kratom queries and get details on one single page.

Secondly, It’s simple, yet the detailed reasoning related to Kratom can benefit both the lay public and the researchers. Along with this, Kratom Wikipedia is one of the very few Kratom-related articles available in many languages to be read and understood by everyone in every part of the world.

Lastly, the Kratom article in Wikipedia is well cited, which provides the readers with a better understanding of the Kratom. However, with the advancement in technology and the number of consumers, various online forums related to Kratom have been made, lessening Kratom Wikipedia’s significance in consumers’ lives. 

Wikipedia’s Definition Of Kratom

According to Wikipedia, Kratom or Mitragyna Hirsuta is a tropical evergreen tree that belongs to the coffee family. It is native to the people of Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand where it has been used as a medicinal herb for many ages. Wikipedia also mentioned the substance and stimulant properties of Kratom.

What Information Can You Get From Wikipedia Related to Kratom? 

As stated above, all Kratom queries are answered in Wikipedia for its readers. We will share bits and pieces of the questions answered by Kratom Wikipedia here: 

Traditional use of Kratom: In this heading, the Wikipedia article explains in detail how Kratom has significantly changed consumers’ lives in earlier times. Because of its multipurpose uses, it has also been passed to the younger generation. It describes how Kratom is used for deworming purposes in Thailand.

Substance withdrawal: This part explains that those using substances for chronic pain and who have developed a dependency on them are now shifted to this herb. Kratom has helped them to quit the substances.

This is due to the reason that Kratom itself has less potential for withdrawal effects than the substances. However, Kratom Wikipedia concludes that there have been conflicts of interest regarding this statement among many consumers and health professionals. 

Adverse effects: Here, the Kratom Wikipedia provides the list of symptoms and signs that consumers have developed and proved its statement with well-cited published studies. It also tells us the average dose common among the consumers of Kratom in the U.S.

Regulation: In Kratom Wikipedia, this part has given a lot of importance. The law of Kratom in each country is explained in detail. Along with this, the point of view of the FDA and DEA are also mentioned

Kratom Wikipedia also covers topics like the Chemistry of Kratom, Recreational uses, and pharmacology of Kratom in detail.

What Does Wikipedia Have to Say About the Kratom’s Popular Strains?

Kratom’s Wikipedia hasn’t put much light on this topic and hasn’t mentioned much about it. It stated that there are three strains of Kratom, red which is native to Bali, and green and white which are native to Malaysia.

According to Wikipedia, all these strains differ in the number of alkaloids they contain. Hence, each variety produces different effects on the body. There were no details on the different effects caused by these strains. However, the aforementioned things are supported by the published studies.

Is It a Reliable Source? 

Almost a decade ago, Wikipedia was considered the single leading source of medical information. However, now people have mixed opinions on it. Since it can be easily edited by anyone and the data can be changed, it is currently not the leading source of information for most of us.

Similarly, the people interested in Kratom Wikipedia cannot say if what they read regarding Kratom is accurate and trusted. But if the editors and writers are experienced, there are chances that the information is reliable. So it is challenging to come up with the correct answer. 

What Do People Have To Say About The Kratom Wikipedia?

Despite being the most visited site by most Kratom beginners, its reliability is something not everyone agrees with. Many Kratom enthusiasts were actually offended when they read what Wikipedia has to say about Kratom. They think that the information regarding this herb is very biased. It seems like the DEA has edited it to discourage people from consuming Kratom.

According to the consumers, the worst part about the Kratom Wikipedia is that they can no longer edit it into the unbiased version as it has been blocked for any editing. They have tried to email the article owner to make the edits but were not welcomed with a positive response.

The person in control said that they have obtained the information from the government and are reliable enough. The page has become a heated argument among consumers, eventually leading to increased views on the Kratom Wikipedia. 

On the other hand, a few consumers on the Reddit discussion forum considered that Wikipedia did an excellent job covering all the aspects of Kratom. And said that if the consumers consider any negative information about this plant false, they are biased here.

Few of them said that if someone blindly believes everything that a single article says about Kratom, then it’s on them. They should verify the Kratom information from various sites and then go for it. 

Kratom Discussion Forums Or Kratom Wikipedia? 

Kratom being the multipurpose herb, has become the limelight for many people. Therefore, many discussion forums are available online where consumers or beginners discuss questions related to Kratom and share their personal experiences. In this way, people get to know every aspect of Kratom and judge themselves whether they want to go for it or not.

However, there are no experts in these discussion forums, and no scientific-based talk is being done. Kratom Wikipedia does not have any personal experiences and is solely based on published studies. However, unlike these discussion forums, one can get all the information in one place, which usually talks about one aspect of Kratom in a single thread. Hence, both have their own benefits and drawbacks.


Despite being one click away, Kratom Wikipedia is now no longer a trusted source for many Kratom lovers. The reason behind this is the biased non-accurate information. Hence, most of them now prefer any blogs or discussion forums to get facts regarding Kratom. However, it is advised not to trust one source and always check multiple pages from different authors before using it.



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