As we are now, the world is still getting used to Kratom. There is not as much research and material on it as there is on other drugs and substances which is why it is difficult to separate the good from the bad.

To prevent you from getting scammed and assuring that you only get your hands on the best quality Kratom there is, we have compiled a list of the best Kratom vendors in Los Angeles.

These vendors are all tried and tested and you are sure to get only the best quality out of them. We will also be discussing their best features and price range so that there is something for everyone.

1) Los Feliz Smoke Shop smoke-shop-los-angeles

When you say Los Feliz Smoke Shop, most people’s minds go to cigarettes, cigars, hookahs, and the likes. Rightfully so because Los Feliz Smoke Shop’s initial pride were these products.

However, their deals in Kratom are absolutely fantastic. They give complete guidance on the substance, it’s uses, it’s benefits, and answer any other queries you might have. Other than that, they also have multiple strains of Kratom and are well versed in the used of each strain. This shop is truly one of a kind.

Location: Hillhurst Ave, Lost Angeles
What to Expect: Excellent customer service, complete guidance on all the available products
Highlights: They mainly take pride in their cigars but their Kratom is not far behind
Price Range: $$$

2) CBDKratomShops CBDKratomShops

The CBD Kratom shop is another excellent place to get your dose. The great thing about this shop is that it specializes in CBD and Hemp products and Kratom only.

They have over 45 different strains of Kratom and they are continually expanding their range and adding new products much to the delight of all their customers.

They also offer other Kratom products like cream and tinctures so that they can cater to all sorts of needs. Another amazing quality of this shop is the fact that they have wonderful prices on all their items.

Location: Hillhurst Ave, Los Angeles
What to Expect: Vast variety of CBD and Kratom strains with complete knowledge on them all
Highlights: Large variety of Kratom strains
Price Range: $$$

3) Happy Bros Happy Bros

Happy Bros has been a staple for many people who vape, smoke or use any other such substance. They have also introduced Kratom recently and we were pleasantly surprised by their expertise on the subject.

They will discuss all the strains with you in length and even offer samples so you can try out and decide which strain you want before making an investment in it.

To top it all off the staff and work environment is super friendly and customers get top priority and complete guidance regarding all the products and their strains.

Location: Pico Boulevard Los Angeles
What to Expect: Excellent customer service and complete guidance for all products.
Highlights: Friendly staff and a wide range of products
Price Range: $$

4) Wicked Spot Smoke Shop Wicked Spot Smoke Shop

Wicked Spot Smoke shop also has an excellent variety of Kratom products and a staff that knows what it is selling. You will be given complete information on all the products you are interested in and their recommendations are spot-on as well.

Their prices are highly reasonable as well and most people who try this shop out end up becoming permanent customers. It is easily one of the best places in LA for your Kratom hit.

Location: Sunset Boulevard Los Angeles
What to Expect: Excellent selection of Kratom products and a wonderfully helpful staff
Highlights: They deliver the product as well
Price Range: $$

5) Blue Dream LA Blue Dream LA

This shop is also a wonderful place for people to get their Kratom from. Not only is the staff knowledgeable, but they also only provide the product according to the customer’s needs.

They will not try to sell you anything you don’t want and will help you through the whole process and even give information about the strain you are buying and its uses.

Location: Ventura Boulevard, Studio City
What to Expect: Good variety of Kratom products with CBD, Hemp, vape accessories, pipes, and other items to complement as well.
Highlights: This place takes the utmost pride in their Kratom products.
Price Range: $$

Online Vendors Of Kratom In Los Angeles

There are many online vendors of Kratom in Los Angeles for people who do not want to make the effort of going to a shop for whatever reason. Here are some of the most reliable ones:

1) Super Natural Botanicals – SNB-store

This website has one of the best Kratom products anywhere and the selection that they have is very difficult to find anywhere else. The store Kratom in powder and capsule form.

Supernatural Botanicals also has many different strains of Kratom in stock and their reliable customer representatives can help you out with finding exactly what you want. Their delivery service is very prompt, discreet, and trustworthy as well.

Other than Kratom, they store different products like essential oils, organic seeds, and other medicinal herbs as well.

2) Authentic Kratom – authentic Kratom review

Authentic Kratom also sells a wide variety of Kratom strains and other useful products. Their delivery service and customer service is also up to mark.

Another amazing feature of this website is the fact that they regularly offer promotions and discounts for various occasions. Their regular prices are also very reasonable so the added discount always feels great.

Buying Kratom Online vs. Buying Kratom From A Shop

Whether you buy Kratom from a shop or you get it online, the decision is entirely yours. It is not as controversial a substance as CBD or marijuana so you don’t have to worry about being discreet as much as you do with those other products.

Even so, it helps to keep your privacy and staying private while visiting a shop is easier than having a delivery service come over to your place. Even so, the delivery service usually tries to keep the parcel concealed as well.

When you are buying Kratom online, you are exposed to a much larger range of products than you are in a shop. This is because you probably have access to one or two shops at a time while you can visit many different websites at once and scourge through all the products they have.

When you go to a shop, you can find help and ask questions easily instead of chatting with a representative or waiting for the right time to make a call.

Lastly, you can shop from a website at any time of the day. At a shop, you have to find out open hours and only visit during those same hours. However, when shopping online, you will have to wait for quite a long time for the parcel to arrive. At a shop though, you can just walk away with a product and begin using it immediately.

So the ultimate decision lies on you alone. You can try both options and see which one suits you better as well.

Is Kratom Legal In Los Angeles?

Kratom is legal in Los Angeles. In fact, it is only illegal in San Diego in all of California. The reason it is legal in LA is that it is recognized as an herb instead of a psychoactive drug. It is true that Kratom has psychoactive effects but they are much less potent than THC and even less than CBD. So taking Kratom in minor doses is not harmful at all.

Can Kratom Make You High?

As we have already mentioned, Kratom is a psychoactive substance but its effects are not very potent. This means that Kratom cannot make you high in a normal quantity. If you want to get high off Kratom you will need to take a very large dose which might come with other side effects.

However, even if you don’t get high off Kratom, it can give you a feeling of euphoria and happiness even in a small dose.

Can Kratom Be Added To Food And Drink?

Kratom can definitely be added to a large variety of foods and drinks. In fact, you are supposed to take in Kratom by adding it to foods and drinks. You can bake it into delicious desserts. You can brew tea out of it, you can even add it to your savory dishes if you don’t like the taste.

You can also find pre-made goods of Kratom in certain shops around LA as well. In many ways, Kratom is used just like CBD and Hemp, mainly because it cannot make you high easily. But Kratom is emerging even now and is not as common as other such substances and is therefore not as easy to find.

What Are Some Of The Alleged Benefits Of Kratom?

There are a large number of benefits attributed to the use of Kratom. These are mostly speculations and don’t have a lot of research backing them up, but many medical professionals and Kratom users believe that these benefits are real:



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