As humans, we are constantly on the lookout for new herbs to incorporate into our arsenal of medicinal plants.

With time, medicines and cures for diseases and ailments have only increased in efficiency, as well as in quantity.

However, many different infections are being found every day, and people are becoming resistant to the drugs currently being used to cure these ailments on a daily basis.

Therefore, searching for new medicinal herbs is an absolute necessity for the modern world.

Kratom, a medicinal herb is naturally found in Southeast Asia. It is one such entity that has recently been discovered and already being used by many across the world.

With its enhanced and myriad of medicinal qualities, Kratom has earned a permanent place in the world of medicine.

This herb originates from places like the fertile lands of Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand.

It has an extensive range of uses that encompasses pain relief, drug withdrawal relief, energy and immune system stimulation, relief for insomniacs, etc.

With an assortment of healing effects, this drug helps alleviate discomfort in many disease conditions.

Considering the enormous medicinal potential this drug offers, it is no surprise that it also comes in many varieties.

From differences in the veins on the leaves of the plant to the various strains, even the diverse types of extracts, each variety has its specifications, which will be more efficient in helping relieve your symptoms.

Here’s a brief guide to the different varieties of kratom, based on the veins of the plant, the strains available, and the types of extracts.

Veins of Kratom

Another aspect of Kratom that differentiates it from other medicinal herbs is the color of the veins on the leaves of this plant.

The colors of the veins are not only diverse but also impact the effects and uses of the herb.

  • Red Vein Kratom: The most commonly used type of Kratom, and the most widely purchased as well, is the Red Vein Kratom.

With it’s sedating characteristic, Red Vein Kratom is a tranquilizer that helps clear your head, relieves anxiety and also acts as a muscle and nerve relaxant.

Moreover, different strains of Red Vein Kratom are analgesics, that is pain relievers and assist with drug withdrawal as well. Furthermore, it helps those who suffer from insomnia or difficulty sleeping, and it effects last around 5 hours.

  • Green Vein Kratom: This variety of Kratom, lies between the vastly polar Red and White Vein Kratom, offering the outcomes of both in a more restrained manner.

While the Red Vein Kratom is a sedative, and the White Vein Kratom a stimulant, Green Vein Kratom is a bit of both.

It simultaneously stimulates and enhances your mental function, while calming you down as well.

If you wish to improve the sharpness of your mind without going overboard, Green Vein Kratom should be your choice.

The Green Vein Kratom has the longest duration of action, around 8 hours.

  • White Vein Kratom: If you are suffering from a chronically depressed state of mind, White Vein Kratom will help allay your symptoms. With its stimulant properties, it is not only an excellent anti-depressant but also imbibes alertness and much more vigilant senses.

White Vein Kratom is of an intensely energizing variety, which is why it is a common substituent for caffeine.

With a shorter duration of action than its other two counterparts, the White Vein Kratom’s effects last between 3 to 5 hours.

Strains of Kratom

With the vast amount of effects that Kratom caters to, it has a similarly large variety of strains as well, that typically classified into 3 types, the sedating, the moderate and the stimulating.

  • Sedating: Nervous system tranquilizers help in ebbing away your anxiety and act as relaxants and analgesics. Some of the more prominent sedating strains are:
  1. Bali Kratom: Strongly aids in pain relief and mood elation. Also, cost-effective.
  2. Borneo Kratom: an Exceptionally strong tranquilizer and sedative, a potent analgesic, relieves tension.
  3. Indo Kratom: Quite similar in effects to Borneo Kratom, particularly potent analgesic.
  • Moderate: Such strains do not have extreme effects that deviate to either too sedating or too stimulating. In fact, they are perfect for daily use, as they do not have disruptive, adverse side effects.
  1. Malaysian Kratom: Also referred to as Green Malaysian, this strain defines the middle ground between sedation and stimulation. Helps in mood elation, pain relief and boosts energy.
  • Stimulating: For those with chronic depression, or who need an energizer even on a daily basis, the stimulating strains are an ideal solution.
  1. Maeng Da Kratom: The most potent analgesic, mood, and energy booster, helps in opiate withdrawal, causes euphoria.
  2. Thai Kratom: Energy and mood enhancer, a potent analgesic (in the case of red Thai Kratom), also used in opiate withdrawal.

Kratom Extracts

While many use the plain leaf for its healing effects, the new and improved version of Kratom is in the form of Kratom Extracts, which often have more targeted results.

The Kratom extracts differ from each other regarding the methods employed to attain those extracts and the certain parts of the base leaf in the extract.

  • Ultra Enhanced Indo: An actively potent extract that sets the bar very high for most extracts in the industry, the Ultra Enhanced Indo has very few side effects as compared to its high potency, which is why it’s become a favorite with many Kratom users. However, it causes tolerance in frequent and regular users, which can result in withdrawal symptoms if intake stopped suddenly. Also, it is expensive to purchase.
  • Liquid Kratom/ Kratom Tincture: Due to their complex and precise method of extraction, these are not usually cost-effective regarding potency. Nevertheless, they are easy to store, use and rapid in action.
  • Kratom Resin: Normally made of alcohol and water mixture, this is one extract that is extremely dependable about preserving the alkaloid properties of the original plant. Therefore, it is an extract that holds on to its potency, while also being easy to use and store.
  • Kratom Extract Powder: An alkaloid concentrated version of the plain leaf, that can only be used to accentuate the potency of a plain leaf. A non-specific extract that you must be careful while purchasing due to vendor trickery.

Depending upon your symptoms and according to your need, you can choose which variety of Kratom will be most suitable for you.



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