Did you just come to know about the natural herb Kratom and wondering where you can find the best deals? Well, this is something that I was also concerned about, a few months back.

After a few reviews from users, I was sure that buying it will be a very effective choice, but the biggest matter was – ‘which vendor offers the lab tested and Salmonella-free Kratom?’

Just like other online buyers, I also went through detailed research about available products and vendors who are selling online. Some would offer at discounted prices while others charged with MRP. This led to other questions in my mind, ‘why they some selling at such a low price?’ and ‘are their products effective and organic?’

But, finally, I settled with an established supplier named “Kratom Therapy.”
The reason I finished my research here was their promise to quality and affordable pricing. And guess what, I was also getting free shipping!

So, here I am offering a detailed review of Kratom Therapy to make it easier for you.

A Quick Overview

Kratom Therapy is an online vendor, offering Kratom products at discounted prices to resellers. The first thing that really impressed me was their website – it’s user-friendly, simple and everything you’d want.

The website lets you have a glance at the Kratom products right from the home page. Additionally, you can also check the list of all available products on their ‘Shop’ section.

This company website provides visitors with a relaxed style and puts importance on kratom’s holistic health characteristics. They are professional vendors of Kratom, which reflects the moments when you open their site.

Kratom Therapy deals in only organic products that are prepared using extracts of Mitragynaspeciosa tree leaves in the Rubiaceae family. It was used to deal with pain and to increase energy. Additionally, it also used as an anesthetic and to deal with various physical problems like coughs and gastrointestinal issues.

Each of their products is lab tested so you can be sure of what you’ll get when buying from here. This company has partnered with trusted Kratom plantation harvesters who gather the best ingredients from the most mature trees and then utilize uniquely to ensure consistent quality and sustainability!

Why Is This Brand So Popular?

In my belief, there’s only one reason behind the growing popularity of Kratom Therapy – few, but quality products.

This is what they believe and have followed throughout the year. So, when you land at the website, don’t get fooled by the few products they have listed. Each of the products is one of its kind and has been prepared using 100% all natural premium Kratom with the ability to deliver exceptional results.

Indeed, they have only four strains available, each handpicked to ensure that customers are getting only the best for their needs. They don’t believe in bombarding buyers with an endless list of products but make it simple and effective with only a handful of the highest quality Kratom powders, extracts, liquid extract, and capsules.

Overview Of Their Products

It is always recommended to do your research before investing in any product from any company. We have compiled a list of few products that have been showcased on their website. We will describe each product to aid you in making a judgment:

  • Therapy Capsules – The most convenient and smartest way of taking kratom, these capsules have a very long shelf life and can be carried anywhere.
  • Kratom 30X and 50X Full Spectrum Extract– Full spectrum is extracted to remove impurities which might compromise the effects of the particular strain of Kratom. This concentrates the potency and makes it more effective and viable. Each bag contains three capsules, with $12 for the 30X concentration and $24.99 for the 50X concentration pack.
  • KratomTherapy Powder – The premium Bali powder has a dual effect depending on different doses. It acts a stimulant at low doses and as a euphoric inducing sleep at high doses. Another fact that is should be recognized is its ability to work as an analgesic in certain chronic conditions. They are available in weights of 28 gram to 1 kg. The price of the product depends on the weight, ranging from $16.99 to$199.99. Other favorite strains that have been micronized into a fine powder and are being sold by Kratom Therapy are the Superior Green Malaysian Powder, Super Red Dragon Kratom Powder, WhiteVein Thai Kratom Powder, and the Superior Maeng da Powder. These strains have a high alkaloid content which is why they are highly potent and much in demand for their sedative, energetic and analgesic properties.
  • Therapy Kratom Liquid – This is another popular and convenient way of taking Kratom. Just pour a few drops of liquid extract into your green tea, green tea or juice for great positive results.
  • Kratom + CBD – This 15 ml bottle contains an extract of Kratom and 10 mg of CBD oil concocted together to make a formula. It is in high demand as it includes two of the most popular products which are enjoyed and used habitually by both Kratom and CBD users.

Their products come from organically grown trees, which mean they’re away from any side effect. They have tied-up with certified growers who use no pesticides or insecticides in or around the area of trees.

Additionally, their packaging practices are also very hygienic. In the end, Kratom Therapy also conducts regular lab tests. So, there is never any issue with quality.

I am sure you won’t believe your eyes when you visit their website to explore the selection of unique Kratom strains they are offering. They’re also offering great discounts to buyers. If you refer a friend and your reference completes the registration process, you get free products.

Additionally, you also get 1000 free points on completion of your registration process on this platform.

Kratom Therapy Lab Results

Many vendors conduct lab tests to maintain the quality of products so you can be sure that you are getting only the best. We hardly find any lab tests of this company either on their site or social media pages.

Confirm that by sending an email to the brand and if they are unable to provide the lab results, then simply leave the site and choose other vendors as we have listed here.

Kratom Therapy vs. Other Big Wholesalers

Of course, there are other big wholesalers available on the market like Coastline Kratom, PurKratom, Krabot.com, Salvia Extract, and Kratora.
But I would suggest being sure whether you are getting quality Kratom or not when buying from others.

I have seen businesses that start to reduce the quality or increase product prices for revenue growth. But Kratom Therapy has been sticking to its promise for sure.

They have tied up with some local and certified growers who follow only best practices to ensures that the quality of the products is excellent, as always. Their Kratom Strains are prepared using the natural and organic extract from mature trees of the family Rubiaceae.

Because KT is selling at the global level, they’ve maintained the quality very well. Each of their products is prepared from fresh sources to ensure that customers get only finest and premium Kratom products.

What Else?

1) Shipping Policy

The best part of buying from Kratom Therapy is you don’t need to pay additional shipping charges when buying from the United States.

Each product is shipped via United States Postal Service (USPS), which means you get timely and safe delivery. However, if you are not from the United States, you may be charged with additional shipping cost, which is calculated according to your shipping location.

The platform isn’t supporting shipping to a few selected states like Arkansas, Indiana, Tennessee, Vermont, and Wisconsin. Apart from these locations, Kratom Therapy doesn’t ship to many other countries like Thailand, Bhutan, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Poland, Lithuania, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Sweden, Malaysia and Myanmar (Burma), Germany, and Norway.

For international orders, buyer must send the order details via email along with all essential information and contact number. Shipment time to international locations ranges from 4 days to 2 weeks depending on what type of shipping service is used. But that’s not a problem as I have seen reviews from a few buyers who got their products delivered safely even in other countries.

2) Coupons or Discounts

Well, I never wondered why there are no discount coupons available to buy from Kratom Therapy. The seller offers such huge discounts on products and additional 1000 free points when you register. Also, if you refer a friend, you get free products with no hidden cost. What’s better than this?

The more you refer to friends, the more you earn. Their marketing team is terrific as they offer much better offers than the other leading online Kratom vendors on the market.

3) Payment Methods

Payment options may be limited with Kratom Therapy, but it’s to ensure the safety of your financial details as buying online is getting too tricky and sensitive these days. When purchasing from Kratom Therapy, you get the following payment options:

  • Pay by Direct Bank Wire Transfer
  • Pay by Zelle
  • Pay with Cashier Check or Money Order

So, if you are fond of quick online payment methods, you may be a bit disappointed here.

What Is Negative About Kratom Therapy?

Kratom Therapy is a renowned online platform, dealing with Kratom strains at discounted prices, but just like anything else in this world, this company also has some negative points.

One of them I would like to bring to your notice is its inability to ship across the world. There are over 15 countries of the world where you can’t get their products and shipping charges to countries outside the United States are too high that the total product cost will be double to its actual price.

And when we are talking about Kratom, there are no hard facts about the results offered. This means, there is no scientific information about the effects of kratom because there are not many types of research done.

However, it’s proven that Kratom serves as magic for various health problems and offers an instant energy boost.

Areas Need Improvement

As with any vendor, any user who has been using Kratom for a long time might be able to spot any imperfections and areas that need improvement.

We have rounded up a few areas that need to be worked upon for Kratom Therapy to improve as a brand and tower in front of the market competition.

  • Less Inventory: It should be said outright without any sugar coating that Kratom therapy has been hiding behind the motto of ‘Quality over Quantity’ for too long. Many brands have been able to provide a vast inventory of Kratom strains and products without compromising on the quality. Then Kratom therapy should also follow suit and try to work on this area by expanding their inventory.
  • High Prices: Kratom therapy has put a price tag on each product which significantly exceeds the market rate. If Kratom therapy keeps up these rates, they will find it hard to attract a loyal fan base, as you can easily find many vendors in the Kratom market who provide high-quality products at lower prices.
  • Placing an Order: A tiny feature which will irk some users is that you would need to register on the website and log in before you would be able to place an order. Many users would not find it to be convenient and the chances are that they could leave the process midway.

In Conclusion

While Kratom therapy has worked quite hard to bring good quality products to the table, they are responsible for losing some points due to their inconvenient strategies. Kratom Therapy needs to study the approach of other vendors and make changes where ever required.




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