We all know that a healthy lifestyle and a well-regulated fitness regime do help with gradual weight loss. But do you know you can supercharge your weight loss journey by incorporating ethnobotanicals like Kratom and Marijuana? Yes, folks! You hear that right. Although kratom and Marijuana are two entirely different herbs, their contribution to weight loss is worth exploring.

In this piece, you will get to know everything about Kratom Vs. Marijuana tea, and which one would be your best bet for weight loss.

So let’s get straight into it without further ado!

Kratom Tea Vs. Marijuana Tea: Knowing the key differences

Before we hop on the weight loss associated with kratom tea and marijuana tea, it is essential to know both herbs’ exclusive nature. So how kratom and marijuana depict different nature but does help with weight loss?

Kratom is indigenous to Southeast Asia. It comes in three common vein colors white, green, and red. Each vein color is further available in almost 30+ strains. The most interesting feature of kratom is its varying vein colors, the white strains are stimulating and energizing, while the red ones are at a more relaxing and sedative side, and the green strains provide a blend of both white and red strains. They tend to provide an energizing experience with relaxation. The effects of kratom are triggered by the potent alkaloids Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxy-Mitragynine. These alkaloids bind with the brain’s mu-opioid receptors and produce numerous health-boosting effects.

On the other hand, marijuana has a long history of recreational use that dates back to 500BC. The herb is also commonly known as cannabis and comes in three common strains – Cannabis Indica, Cannabis Sativa, and Cannabis Ruderalis. The marijuana herb comprises 120 essential components, and CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) are the most potent. These cannabinoids interact with our cannabinoid system to promote euphoria, alertness, energy and help reduce pain, anxiety, stress, and fatigue.

How Kratom and Marijuana tea help with weight loss?

Here comes the most awaited part! How kratom and marijuana tea help with weight loss?
So let’s begin with kratom first.

According to research, kratom tends to suppress appetite, and the individual consumes less food throughout the day. When the individual practices calorie deficit, the weight loss becomes more prominent as your body starts using the stored fat for energy.

Moreover, kratom boosts energy, which helps with performing robust workouts and helps maintain muscle mass. The white and green-vein kratom strains are ideal for weight loss as they suppress appetite and make you feel more energetic, motivated, and focused.

On the other hand, cannabis is considered to be one of the healthiest herbs to lose weight. Many folks may be wondering that marijuana tends to make an individual eat more; how can it help with weight loss? Although most of the cannabis strains give munchies, there are exceptions around as well. Sativa strains are dominant in CBD content and tend to suppress appetite. They help you stay energetic, active, and focused.

On the other hand, Indica strains are a poor fit for weight loss as they are known for giving munchies, and the laziness would not let you leave your couch, making you more obese. Royal Medic and Durban Poison are two famous Sativa strains that can help with suppressing appetite.

The research suggests that weekly or even biweekly usage of marijuana is sufficient to promote weight loss. Another study claims that the BMI of marijuana smokers is lower than non-smokers, suggesting that marijuana is useful for weight loss.

How to make kratom and marijuana tea for weight loss?

Now you must be wondering how you can make kratom tea and marijuana tea for weight loss. I have got you covered! Here’s a quick step-by-step recipe for both of these exclusive ethnobotanicals.

How to make kratom tea for weight loss?


You would need your usual dose of kratom, 2 cups of water, one teaspoon of honey, and juice of one lemon for kratom tea.


Bring the water to boil, lower down the flame, and add your usual kratom dose. Let it steep for 5-7 minutes and strain when only one cup is left. Add one teaspoon of honey and lemon juice, mix and enjoy!

How to make marijuana tea for weight loss?


You will need any of the Sativa strains of marijuana (1-2 grams), 3 cups of water, two tablespoons of butter.


Boil 3 cups of water, add two tablespoons of butter and mix well. Now add marijuana and let it simmer until one cup is left. Now strain and enjoy your marijuana tea!

How much kratom and marijuana should you take for weight loss?

You may know that kratom is not a regulated herb as per FDA. Therefore you may not get your hands on the dosage instructions as no vendor can do so. However, for weight loss, it would be best to start with 2grams and find your sweet spot by adding a little more of kratom each time. 

On the other hand, marijuana is also a tricky herb. The weight loss effects would vary across strains, dosage, body chemistry, and metabolism. However, 2 grams of marijuana is an ideal dosage for beginners looking forward to losing a few pounds. You can order your Medical Marijuana Card here: https://dr-weedy.com/california/renewal/

Kratom Tea Vs. Marijuana Tea: Which one should you choose for weight loss?

Kratom and marijuana tea are extensively used for weight loss. Many folks are confused about whether they should go with Kratom tea or marijuana tea and weigh the pros and cons of using each.

Kratom tea is an entirely safer option when it comes to weight loss but remember:

  1. Do not mix kratom tea with any other substance
  2. Keep rotating different white and green strains and must take tolerance breaks.
  3. Do not exceed your dosage from 7grams.
  4. Drink plenty of water as kratom tea tends to make one thirsty

Marijuana tea may become your best bet for weight loss, but you need to know a few things beforehand:

  1. You must use Sativa strains of marijuana for weight loss.
  2. Do not use higher doses of marijuana.
  3. The effects of marijuana tend to plateau with time, so make sure you take a tolerance break.
  4. Must have a look at user reviews before getting started.

The final choice is all yours!

Final Thoughts

Kratom and marijuana are known to produce promising results when it comes to weight loss. However, it is essential to consult your health care practitioner before using them for weight loss. Moreover, exercise and a healthy diet are equally important, so do not forget to incorporate them into your health regime along with these two magical teas.



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