The Kratom industry is becoming stronger than ever, as sellers are getting innovative and creative to give users a worthwhile experience filled with numerous benefits. Kratom Softgel is also such a resourceful product packed with all the essential alkaloids in the extract form that makes it all the more potent and fast-acting.

It is considered a relatively newer product, and not every seller offers it. However, this article will discuss these soft gels in-depth and where you can find them in the market.

What Are Kratom Softgels?

Kratom Softgel is a capsule made up of soft and dissolvable gelatin material sealed to contain liquid Mitragyna extract. The concentrated form of the botanical makes it super robust and, thus, all the more effective.

Softgels are extremely easy to consume as the soft covering makes them easy to swallow. The tastelessness is another reason that makes it favorable for easy usage, as pure Kratom extracts can be bitter. Moreover, the outer shell also contains antioxidants that help increase the shelf life of the Softgels but also safeguard the inside contents from any harmful radiation and decay.

What Are Kratom Softgels Composed Of?

The soft outer shell of the Kratom Softgels is made up of gelatin, glycerine, and water.

Usually, the inside composition of Mitragyna Softgels varies among the different vendors, as it can differ in the strain and amount of the Mitragynine used in each Softgel.

Most of the sellers use a specific percentage of Mitragyna Speciosa extract that makes it easy for the customers to use them as their regular Kratom dosage. For example, Kraken Kratom sells Indo Kratom Softgels that contain 50mg of 65% Kratom extract -making each gel contain almost 33mg of the alkaloids (Mitragynine).

Phoria Kratom sells Kratom Extract Softgels containing 30mg of Mitragynine per gel with MCT oil, Tapioca syrup, and mixed purified water.

Happy Hippo also offers Softgels filled with Mitragyna extract. Each gel contains 15mg of Mitragynine fractionated coconut oil and gelatin.

Other vendors also sell Softgels containing 15 to 30mg of Mitragynine per gel.

Is Kratom Softgels Different From The Kratom Capsules?

Yes.Kratom Softgels and Kratom capsules differ very much from each other in various ways. Mitragyna capsules are usually made of either gelatin, which consists of animal-derived products, or vegetarian, which is plant-based and preferred chiefly. These capsules are then filled with dry ingredients of Kratom powder.

While Mitragyna Softgels are made up of gelatin, glycerine, and water, making the shell extra soft and easy to swallow, they are filled with liquid ingredients of Kratom extract.

Kratom capsules take more time to get digested than Softgels -after swallowing them, the capsule covering has to be digested, and then the powder will get absorbed. However, Softgel covering quickly dissolves and releases the herbal extract that gets absorbed fast and reduces the onset time of the botanical. It makes the Softgels super rich and powerful.

Moreover, the capsule covering is harder than the Softgels and can be damaged by changing weather conditions. For example, the outer shell can melt at high temperatures, or it can easily crack during parched and cold weather.

Why Opt For Kratom Softgels?

Although Mitragyna Softgel is considered a recent addition to the vast Kratom products, incorporating this botanical in Softgels is not a new technology. It has been around for more or less two decades. There are many benefits of using these over the other forms.

You can easily use the Softgels as they are tasteless and odorless -making them easy to consume by swallowing. Kratom powder originally is bitter with an earthy aroma. It is why users find it challenging to use this form, as it can lead to nausea and choking down on the dry texture. Instead, the soft and pliable texture of the Softgels eliminates all these side effects.

These Softgels are highly effective as they are filled with herbal extract rather than powder like in the capsules. There are also more alkaloids present in the extract. This makes it super potent, leading to reduced dosing as you will need a smaller amount of Kratom Softgels than the other forms like powder or capsules.

Furthermore, these Softgels also offer faster onset time -meaning that you will feel the effects of the botanical much more quickly.

Where To Find The Best Kratom Softgel?

As Kratom Softgel is considered a relatively new herbal product, you won’t be able to find it easily. However, some sellers manufacture and supply good quality herbal softgels.

However, ensuring the vendor is accredited by the American Kratom Association is also essential. This way, you can be assured that the Kratom softgels you are getting are of the highest grade and manufactured in a safe and clean environment. AKA has some GMP protocols to ensure that these soft gels are superior quality, free of heavy metals or pesticides, and comply with all the safety guidelines.

Here are some of the vendors that offer the best Kratom Softgels at reasonable rates:

Purity Kratom

Based in Central Texas, this wholesale vendor promises top-notch quality Kratom softgels. As a member of AKA, they 100% lab test their products to ensure authenticity and complete safety. 

They have Kratom Releaf Softgels 30CT stocked in their online store. They are filled with a large quantity of both Mitragynine and 7-HydroxyMitragynine. Most users claim to feel the effects within 15 minutes to 2 hours, and these effects can last for as long as 6 hours. They are a must-try for users who often feel low in energy and need some boost to get through the day smoothly.

Happy Hippo

Happy is GMP certified by the American Kratom Association, which makes it a reliable and authentic botanical seller. They produce premium quality Kratom soft gels by taking care of all safety precautions while manufacturing them.

Their Kratom Extract Softgels contain 15mg of Mitragynine per capsule, equaling almost 1 gram of pure Kratom leaf powder. One bottle contains almost 15 gels that are small but highly robust. Their small size makes them tasteless, odorless, and effortless to swallow.

Hush Kratom

Hush Kratom is also a leading GMP-certified Kratom vendor that is popular for its extensive array of herbal products that are 100% authentic, pure, and naturally sourced.

They are a trustworthy manufacturer of Speciosa Softgels that contains almost no taste -thus, great for easy consumption. Each gel contains 15 mg of Mitragynine. Also, the recommended serving size of 3-4 capsules per day by the manufacturer.

Hush Kratom products are also supplied by another vendor named Viable Kratom -which is also GMP certified by AKA. You can also opt for them to get your hands on these fantastic Softgels.

Kraken Kratom

Kraken Kratom is a well-known brand offering all kinds of quality Mitragyna products. They have various botanical products, ranging from powder strains to eatables like Kratom gummies. They also have some kinds of Mitragyna Softgels available on their online store. 

They offer three types of Kratom Softgels: Ultra Enhanced Indo (UEI) Kratom Softgels, Kraken Gold Elite Tea Softgels, and Kraken Platinum Tea Softgels. Out of these three, UEI Kratom Softgels are the most popular and widely liked product. They specially extract alkaloids in suitable concentrations to make their products extra potent and efficacious. 


Phytoextractum is the first vendor AKA accredited for its Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Like Kraken Kratom, they also sell three different types of Mitragyna Softgels: Ultra Enhanced Indo Kratom Softgels, Gold Elite Kratom Tea Softgels, and Phyto Platinum Kratom Softgels. 

Each UEI Softgel contains 50mg of 65% Kratom -making it approx 33 mg of Mitragynine in each capsule. Gold Elite Tea Softgels contain 100mg Mitragynine and 126mcg 7-HydroxyMitragynine per each Softgel—further, Phyto Platinum Kratom Softgels consist of 50mg Mitragynine of 80% Speciosa. 


Kratom Softgels is another revolutionizing herbal product that is quickly gaining fame as a potent botanical form that is fast-acting, robust, and provides optimal dosing. It is an alkaloid-rich substance concentrated to yield the best quality and quick effects. 

These gels are easy to use as they are made of soft gelatin material and completely tasteless. Moreover, they are conspicuous enough that you can easily consume them publicly, and no one will know them better.



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