Vendors who sell quality and efficacy along with the assurance of safe ingredients, ensure kratom lab testing from independent facilities. This assure not only effectiveness but the quality of all elements and alkaloid content. All kratom products that are sold by reliable manufacturing units are subjected to testing by laboratories that are accredited by the authorities.

When you decide to purchase any health products, it is assumed that they are tested for safety and effectiveness. Before any product makes it to the market and made available for purchase, it has to be verified as a quality product that is fit for use. Apart from consumer satisfaction, there are government regulations that any seller must follow. Labels of ingredients and the description of every component of health supplements are necessary. This labeling and disclosure of information make consumer choice easier.

Due to the popularity of kratom in the United States, there has been an exponential growth in the number of vendors in the United States. The lab testing policies of various online shops determine their authenticity and make it easier for consumers to select a reliable source for all their kratom needs.

Any right online kratom vendor will have testing policies such as full-screening lab tests and GMP compliance to ensure efficacy and freshness of kratom strains. The audit reports of online vendors also show their qualifications as GMP compliant manufacturers.

What is Kratom Third Party Lab Testing?

The analysis of kratom products to understand the efficacy of alkaloids, their quantity, and other components is done through lab tests. An unbiased and uninfluenced source is required to ensure that the manufacturer does not hamper information or conceal facts. For this reason, a neutral and third-party source of testing is necessary. However, it is also essential for the laboratory to be accredited by the food authority and should fit the parameters set by the FDA.

The FDA does not recognize kratom as a medicine or health supplement fit for consumption. Due to this reason, reliable kratom manufacturers ensure they follow the GMP rules as well as the FDA fundamentals for quality assurance so consumers feel safe and can use kratom without any doubt.

The need for kratom lab tests and verification also increases due to the lack of FDA regulation of Mitragyna products. Laboratories that are deemed qualified or accredited by the state are considered authentic for reliable testing. These laboratories use appropriate methods to check the products and completely profile the components along with their proportions so that every consumer knows what they are using.

What Do Kratom Third-Party Labs Test For?

As mentioned earlier, lab tests determine whether the kratom product is safe or not. Additionally, these tests also determine what is in the product. Here are a few other factors that become clear with lab tests:

1. Efficacy

Mitragyna Speciosa works when the alkaloids in it interact with the opioid receptors in the brain. The effectiveness of any kratom product depends on the number of alkaloids. Lab tests can quickly help us understand how effective a product is and whether it is useful for you or not.

2. Potency

The number of alkaloids and the amount of each alkaloid makes the kratom product potent. If a particular type of kratom has fewer alkaloids, it will be less potent than a kratom variety that has more alkaloids. For instance, Mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine are the two prominent alkaloids in kratom; but several other alkaloids are found in this plant. If your kratom product has many different alkaloids, it will be more potent.

3. Contamination

Mitragyna Speciosa grows in hot moist areas of Southeast Asia, and this moisture or water content in the plant may lead to mold or other contaminants during the drying or processing of the plant. Lab tests can check whether the kratom product under consideration has any contaminant or not. Mold, fungus, water, soil, or any other impurity that may be present in the health supplement can be screened out with the help of a lab test.

4. Chemicals

During farming and cultivation, if the farmers have carelessly used harmful fertilizers or pesticides, traces of unwanted chemicals may be found in kratom products. Lab tests play an integral part in tracing these chemicals and warning the manufacturer as well as user!

Why Kratom Products Should Be Tested?

Kratom is a controversial substance, and it is essential to clear the misunderstandings and misconceptions linked with the use of this herbal supplement. Rumors and wrong information are widespread, and laboratory testing provides factual dispersion of this information.

Every consumer needs to understand which kratom type suits them most. Due to different composition and proportion of alkaloids in kratom varieties create a disparate impact on every individual. The laboratory tests can help verify the quantities of alkaloids, and therefore consumers can understand whether a specific type of kratom is suitable or not.

Types of Third-Party Kratom Tests

Various tests are done to clear kratom as a safe substance. These include:

High-Pressure Liquid Chromatography

This test verifies that the kratom product contains all the things mentioned on the label. The product’s ingredients are checked after comparing them with the reference standard.

Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry

This test is an alternative option to deduce the same as the previous test.

Thin Layer Chromatography

As with other lab tests, this test also involves comparison to reference standards. The botanical composition of the substance is the aim of this test. While conducting this test, it is possible to understand the number of alkaloids and the exact quantity in each strain.

Organoleptic Tests

These tests include the visual appearance, scent, and color of the kratom product and ingredients. These tests are significant as major contamination and impurities may be detected. Apart from this, the product compared in all three aspects to the standards of best and fittest kratom.

Microbiology Tests

Total Aerobic Plate Count/ Yeast and Mold Count: These tests identify if there is any existing microorganism in the kratom product. The higher the count, the more dangerous the product is for consumption.

Testing for Coliform/Salmonella

This test holds a lot of significance since kratom has been subjected to strict bans and retrieval of stock due to contamination. The manufacturers ensure that this test is conducted to clear all doubts of users. This test identifies the number of bacteria in the substance.

Chemicals Analysis

Pesticides: This test ensures kratom products are free from chemical and pesticides, which may be dangerous to consume. The cleared kratom products get a 100% organic certification. If your kratom vendor does not put this small label on the product packing, it is time to reconsider the best online shop to buy kratom.

Heavy Metals: Any metallic impurities in the kratom product make it unfit for use. Certain trace metals are tested, which can be found in kratom, but they must not exceed a certain amount. The test clears kratom strains as fit for consumption.

Analysis of Physical Properties

Particle size: The trial of physical properties is important as within the kratom species, there are numerous variations, and it is necessary to determine the species so the users may understand its impact. Again, this test is done based on comparing it with accepted standards.

Product Density: This test determines the density of various products containing kratom. This test also contributes to verifying the type of kratom in the health supplement.

How To Confirm if Kratom Lab Tests are Carried Out?

For boosting sales, vendors can go to any extent and satisfy consumers. Kratom lab testing is to remove all doubts, but how can a customer know if the test is carried out?

Firstly, you will have to ensure that the tests were completed from the online vendor website. The results are published, and this testifies that the product was cleared. Secondly, the American Kratom Association (AKA) can verify official sites and vendors who complete lab testing and sell clean kratom products, which are useful and potent.

In case there are no lab tests available on the vendor website, you can ask for the Certificates of Analysis. This step is essential in recognizing the best online shop to buy quality kratom. This certificate can identify the kratom products that are safe for consumption and may clear any misconceptions related to kratom and its effectiveness as a health supplement.

Few Famous Laboratories for Kratom Testing

In the United States, medical technology is most profound. There is a large number of pathology labs where kratom and other organic substances are tested. The kratom vendors have to get lab testing done from the authorized and recognized laboratories in their state of origin. There are numerous labs in every state, but a few names shine out due to their dedication towards natural supplements. Some of the names that are known for substance testing include:

Alliance Analytical Labs

The ISO 17025 accredited laboratory is well-known for its meticulous testing parameters that confirm the kratom products’ efficacy and usability to the fullest.

Wonderland Labs

The laboratory is known for carrying out organic substance testing and can verify the best online kratom shops for your purchase. If you want to buy any kratom product, you can even trace its testing source, and most of the time, reliable kratom vendors show association with the mentioned labs.

Etha Natural Botanicals

This laboratory is also famous for working on natural substances and kratom. There are various misconceptions related to organic supplements, and their tests are fully comprehensive. Any person can understand the lab results, which are reported to ensure consumer satisfaction.

Only Buy Kratom from Third-Party-Tested Brands

Kratom is a controversial substance, as several people consider it harmful. Laboratory testing is essential to clear out these misconceptions while they also ensure safety and suitability for consumers. Lab testing is vital to mark out any undesirable components while educating consumers about what is in their kratom products.



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