Kratom Krush is an evolving kratom brand responsible for dealing with a wide range of premium quality kratom products across the globe. They believe in touching the lives of many people to help them live a meaningful and better life by ensuring the highest quality of their products.

What Products Do They Offer?

Their products can be divided into four different categories, as listed below.


Kratom Capsules are further divided into four different categories, as given below:

  • Gold
  • Red
  • White, and
  • Green

Price Ranges

  • 36 grams (60 capsules): $11.95
  • 108 grams (180 capsules): $24.95
  • 216 grams (360 capsules): $39.95


They offer two different kinds of kratom extracts, as I have provided below.

  • 15ML Tincture 150 MGS: $39.99
  • 25G Kratom Extract 50X Powder: $39.99

Tablets and Shots

Kratom Krush offers two types of tablets and shots, as listed below.

  • Kratom Shot (Gold Extract): $14.99
  • 30CT Extract Tablets: $44.99


Just like capsules, Kratom Krush offers four different types of kratom powder.

  • Gold: $6.97-$74.95
  • Red: $8.95-$74.95
  • White: $6.97-$74.95
  • Green: $6.97-$74.95

What Is So Special About This Evolving Brand?

Kratom Krush is one of the most popular kratom vendors throughout the world. As I have given below, there are a couple of factors associated with its popularity.

Highly Trained & Dedicated Professionals

This brand has taken a couple of senior professionals and dedicated individuals on board for the last two years. They believe in going the extra mile to monitor various parameters required to produce and maintain the kratom products’ premium quality. They have made it easy for their customers to choose the strain which suits them well.

High-Quality Kratom Products

Kratom Krush is seriously concerned about serving its customers with organic, pure, fresh, and high-quality kratom products that strictly follow the relevant government officials’ rules and standards. You do not need any prescription to buy kratom from their store because they offer 100% legalized kratom products.

Quick Delivery

They always ensure that all the products you have ordered from their platform have been delivered to you quickly, thereby maintaining high safety and security standards worldwide. They offer free shipping on all the products within their operational region.

Money-Back Guarantee

Not convinced by the product you just received from Ktaom Krush? Don’t worry; they provide you with the golden opportunity to have a 100% guarantee on all the items to refund all the amount within 45 days of purchase if you didn’t like its quality or not getting the desired results.

The reason behind offering this type of guarantee is they are very confident about the quality of the products they offer, and they are damn sure that you are definitely going to love their items.

Coupon Code

To attract their customers, they keep on offering special discounted offers. You can claim a flat 10% discount by dropping them a text message typing “Krush” at 833-398-0818.

Kratom Krush Wholesale Program

This brand always cares about its customers and provides them with an excellent opportunity to boost their businesses by joining Kratom Krush wholesale program. This platform enables you to start selling a huge variety of kratom. 

One of the most attractive advantages associated with this offer is wholesale buyers can get large discounts for all the products. You simply need to fill out a mini form to create your wholesale account. It requires a few details, including your full name and email address.

A practical approach for any startup or a company will be to buy kratom wholesale to maintain its stock at lower prices. This way, you can get a wide range of products and start selling them to keep the initial prices low. This will surely help you find out the most demanding product among your customers, and then you can focus on investing in that particular item for the future.

Do Kratom Krush Sell Lab Tested Products?

As you know, the market has become much saturated these days because of the large number of kratom vendors working around but, to stand out among the crowd, purity and safety is the first and foremost goal of Kratom Krush’s team.

One of the major reasons people trust their products is they offer independent kratom lab-testing. They don’t dedicate their team to get their products tested; instead, a third party (laboratory) has taken this responsibility. Their products are free from pesticides, metals, and molds.

Shipping Policy

Your orders are processed 5 days a week, and if you have placed an order by 03:00 pm MT, it’ll be delivered on the same day. As soon as your order gets shipped, you will get an email having a tracking number. Your payment will be refunded after 21 days in case of any delay. The payment method and shipping rates are:

  • UPS Overnight (1 working day): $29.92
  • UPS (2 working days): $12.95
  • UPS Ground Shipping (5 to 7 working days): $0.00

What Do Buyers Say About Kratom Crush?

They have an excellent customer retention rate because of two significant reasons, i.e., the quality of their products and amazing customer services. When you take a look at their record, it speaks for itself.

You can check out the amazing reviews given by their potential customers to know more about this brand’s credibility.

Final Thoughts

Kratom Krush is the leading kratom industry working efficiently and effectively worldwide. It has been succeeded to make a large family of happy customers who come for purchase time and time again, and hence their business is evolving every day.



  1. I tried a new company called Kratom krush because they sold several yellow strains which I am fond of. I had the package shipped UPS 3 day select. It arrived over a week later. When I finally got my order, I opened the package and was surprised to find my order of capsules in bottles completely covered in powder. I then dug to the bottom and found the last bottle had its lid completely taken off and about 3/4 of the bottle was empty. The capsules were dumped in the bottom of the package with several capsules broken up. I saw this as a sanitary issue. I took photographs of everything. I sent my complaint via text and left a total of 6 voicemails. Not A SINGLE return call. Nothing. Completely ignored like I never existed. I am quite surprised at the shoddiness of this business. I’ve sent several e mails with absolutely no response. I will probably never order from this company again and suggest others to do the same.

  2. Took my money, never shipped Kratom.
    Won’t answer email, text, chat…
    Do not order from these crooks.

  3. I have been buying kratom from them for over a year. I have never had any issues with anything anything. Their customer service is great. They are quick to respond and very helpful. They have sent me free products over the course of the year, from time for absolutely free. The products are great and so are the prices. I highly recommend them.


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