Over time, people have realized the true harmful effects of the many medicines available over the counter today. More and more people are seeking refuge in alternative herbs to cure common everyday diseases.

Are you among those who are looking for alternative medicine like herbs?

Well, we understand your curiousness, and that is why today we will be spilling beans regarding two of the most popular herbs, Mitragyna (kratom) and Kombucha, which have cured and benefitted a vast number of people.

Kratum is now so popular that you can find it at your nearby smoke and headshops, or you can get it delivered at your doorstep by ordering premium quality online. Many fans of Ketum got creative and started mixing their favorite herbs to make an ultimate combo.

One such fantastic combo is Kratom Kombucha. With Kombucha’s fantastic effects and the numerous benefits of Ketum, we are sure that you will fall in love with the Kratom Kombucha combo just by reading this article.

But before we discuss the combo, let us ask you what do you know about Kombucha.

What is Kombucha?

If you are a health fanatic, chances are you are well aware of Kombucha. Widely believed to be originating from China or Japan, it is a sugared tea that is fermented using yeast and bacteria.

The drink is sometimes referred to as mushroom tea; it does not get confused as it is not a mushroom. It is a colony of bacteria and yeast. You will generally find black tea, sugar, alcohol, and caffeine in a regular cup of Kombucha tea. A lot of people use Kombucha as medicine to cure various illnesses.

How will this combo be a perfect option for you?

Now that you are familiar with Kombucha let us tell you how Kratom Kombucha combo can be a perfect choice for you.

What are Some of the Benefits of Mitragyna?

Mitragyna has proven its magical healing powers to the world, which is why its popularity has soared over time. In fact, its use as a medicine dates back to hundreds of years, where people used to chew mitragyna leaves to treat common illnesses like joint pains, diarrhea, headaches, etc.

Relieves pain and fatigue

In terms of relieving pain and fatigue, Kratum is as efficient and effective as any other pharmaceutical-grade opiate with far less harmful effects.  

Stress reliever and energy booster

Ketum is also used recreationally by people from different walks of life. Students, laborers, employees, and people in business rely on mitragyna to relieve their stress, boost their productivity, and sharpen their focus.

Fights insomnia, depression and anxiety

With the incredible ability to soothe your nerves, Kratum can make you sleep like a baby. Many people who failed to fight anxiety and depression with pharmaceutical medicines became the fans and promotors of mitragyna after experiencing its magical ability to fight anxiety, headaches, and depression.

What are Some of the Benefits of Kombucha?

Kombucha is Rich in Antioxidants

Kombucha tea is rich in valuable antioxidants. In case you do not know, let us tell you how antioxidants are beneficial for your body. They are compounds that can kill free radicals that harm your body. In fact, a study shows that Kombucha helped in reducing liver toxicity by 70%.

Kombucha as a source of Probiotics

The lactic acid bacteria found in Kombucha have microbes called probiotic function. This can boost your immune system, help in digestion, and help tackle inflammations.

Helps in Diabetes Management

Kombucha can also help in managing type 2 diabetes. It has been observed that Kombucha slows down the metabolism of carbohydrates and thus effectively reduce blood sugar levels.

Kombucha can Prevent cancer

Mutations in the cells that lead to unregulated overgrowth cause cancer; Kombucha tea is found to effectively stop the uncontrolled growth of mutated cells, which can cause cancer. The components found in tea are observed to stop the growth, but they also help kill the cancerous cells. Research on this is currently underway, and thus no concrete evidence exists.

Dangers of Kratom Kombucha

With all the amazing benefits, there comes a downside too. But we guarantee that the downsides will not even show their glimpse if you keep vigilant about few things.


First and foremost is never to abuse the herbs. Overdosing Ketum can lead to weight loss, sweating, depression, nausea, and insomnia. Thus, it is crucial to stay within your standard dose. 


As for Kombucha, be careful when buying it. Kombucha can go bad during the process of fermentation. The same holds true when you are preparing it home. Taking contaminated Kombucha can give rise to various health problems.

Excessive Sugar

We are sure that you are a health-conscious person, and that is why let us tell you that Kombucha contains a lot of sugar. Thus, taking Kombucha excessively means that you are also taking in a large amount of sugar, which can cause weight gain and increase blood sugar levels.

Can you prepare the combo at home?

Kratum Kombucha is not a very popular combination, so it is unlikely that you will find the mixture anywhere. A better and cheaper solution is to make it at home. Yes, you can make your Kratom Kombucha at home!

How to prepare the Kratum Kombucha at home?

First things first, keep all the main ingredients at your arm’s length. They are as follows:

  • clean water
  • sugar
  • Kombucha
  • black or green tea (as per your choice).


  • Start by boiling the water
  • Add your preferred amount of sugar to the boiling water
  • Turn off the heat and allow the sweetened water to cool down. Once it cools down, add your Kombucha
  • Cover the mixture tightly and store it in a dark place for 2 – 4 weeks. The SCOBY that is left behind after 2-4 weeks is usable for a couple of months. However, the tea should not be taken and must be tossed out right away.
  • Repeat the above process again. This time also add the SCOBY with all the other ingredients. Keep the final mixture in the dark place for a couple of days.


To ensure that you can have the perfect Kratum kombucha, ferment the tea twice.

  • To Ferment the tea twice, you will have to strain the Kombucha first from the mixture prepared above.
  • Add flavors and sweeteners of your choice like honey, orange juice, cinnamon, etc.
  • Keep the mixture in a tight jar or tight container for 5 – 10 days in a cool dark place.
  • Finally, add mitragyna to get your ultimate kratom kombucha tea. To do this, take your predetermined dosage before having the kombucha tea. Alternatively, you can also add some amount of Kratum during the first fermentation.

Kombucha can be used to mask the taste of Kratom

Let us get honest. With a million of various benefits of Ketum, its bitter taste annoys some people, especially the new mitragyna users, a lot.

So, are you wondering what Kratum tastes like?

Well, its taste is primarily bitter, along with a leafy, grassy and herbal taste.

But the bitter taste does not bother a bit to the regular Ketum fans who use it for its amazing healing effects. However, many young mitragyna fans find it hard to ignore the bitter taste. What they do is that they mix Kratom with other herbs or sweeteners to mask the taste of Kratom. Mixing Kratom with Kombucha is one such solution. The sweet taste and tea flavor of Kombucha will mask the bitter taste of Kratum.

Get creative, and enjoy your Kratom Kombucha!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does Kombucha taste like?

Three words: tangy, tart and sweet,
Depending upon the added flavor, Kombucha can taste fruity, spicy, herbal, and citric.

Q. Is the Kombucha Kratom combo safe?

Kombucha kratom combo is safe as the combo is tried and tested by several mitragyna users who got creative and mixed Kratum with several other herbs. However, it is essential to buy good quality kratom and Kombucha to make sure you do not end up taking the contaminated product. Also, avoid overdoing it as it will have a lot of adverse side effects on your body.

Q. Where can you find Kratum and Kombucha?

Kombucha has become popular recently, especially in the US. You can find it easily in health food stores. As for Kratum, it is widely available at headshops, smoke shops, and gas stations. You can also get it delivered a better premium quality kratom at your doorstep by ordering it online.

Q. Is the Kratom Kombucha combo good for you?

Kratom Kombucha combination can treat a wide range of health problems. This combo will help you tackle heart diseases, manage diabetes, fight depression, relieve pain, and boost your immunity. It is an all in one all-rounder which you can take to prevent and treat a number of diseases.

You can also take it recreationally to calm your mind, soothe your nerves, and relax your body. The effects and benefits vary from person to person. Some users reported using Ketum right before having Kombucha tea. Other mixed both the herbs to brew the tea. Trial and error are the only solutions to figure out the best combination for you. Whatever you do, do not forget to get creative as you can use other items like citrus r ginger to flavor your tea.



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