Getting information about anything is not as difficult as it used to be! No more library visits and no more reading books. You can write in a question on an interactive public forum on the Internet, and there will be hundreds of responses in a short time. These forums prove beneficial for things that are not common or may not be researched. This includes Kratom information as well since it is a lesser-known substance that has a large number of users.

Reddit is considered the front page of the Internet. Millions of users log on to the website every day and contribute positively to discussions and answer queries. In 2017, there were more than 450 million monthly visitors. This number made Reddit the fourth most-visited website in the United States and the ninth most visited website in the world.

Kratom discussions are always plenty as there is considerably little information available elsewhere. Reddit is an excellent resource station for Kratom users as it is the most visited website, and there are millions of experiences to read!

Why Do People Rely On Social Media For Information?

Kratom is one of the organic substances that the FDA does not recognize. Since there is no FDA intervention and regulation, the research on this natural substance is also limited. People who want to use Kratom don’t find enough information from reliable sources.

Scientists and pharmaceuticals often work for profits, and there are few biased reports, but that is not enough. In contrast, the first-hand experiences of users make it very useful to assess Kratom and its effects. These experiences and information shared are precious as it helps new and old users know more about the goodness of this botanical substance.

Finding Kratom Discussions On Reddit

As a user, you might find it hard to find the specific query or debate that you want to follow. The vast world of this website makes it difficult to match the tricky algorithms, which will get you to your desired subreddit.

Finding the required information on Kratom can be a challenge, but once you learn your ways around, it gets better. There are some subreddits for Kratom that have thousands of discussions and shared experiences. Here are a few that can get you going in the right direction!


This is a discussion room for Kratom where you can find almost all that you need to know about the organic substance. From experiences with different strains to the type of dosage you should take, all are present here! You will find users discuss certain strains and how they impacted them. New and old users come together to clear confusions and help people decide which Kratom type to try first.

You can also find a lot of online shops recommendations and authenticity checking tips from people who have been through this stage of selection and ambiguity. This community has more than 78,000 members, which gives all users good insight on the subject since the contributions come from people of different backgrounds and locations. Here are some of the topics of discussions that you will find easily in this group:

The Information Available On r/Kratom

  • Addiction From Kratom

Millions of users share their daily experiences about feeling stimulated and energetic. The discussion helps eradicate the misconception that Kratom is addictive and causes sedation. The forum will help you understand how other users took Kratom strains and what the impact was.

Many articles on the Internet suggest that Kratom can be addictive and that users have to remain cautious while taking certain strains. On Reddit, not scientists and researchers but real users who have concluded various characteristics of the substance after trying it several times.

  • Articles, Press Releases, and More

The side panel of this subreddit shows a folder of articles, news, and press releases. This material can help you decide whether you want to venture this natural botanical or you will wait to read further! These articles and press releases are harmful as well; therefore, you can observe a neutral point of view and decide for yourself.

Reddit discussions also include users’ recommendations of various Kratom strains for multiple health issues. For instance, a poster discussed how he took Kratom for stress and wanted to shift to another Kratom strain for pain relief. Hundreds of users have sent suggestions to help him decide which strain will be right for him.

  • Kratom Ways Of Consumption

This discussion alone boasts several recipes and creative ways to consume the daily dose. People try to help others with innovations and better ways to take Kratom so that their daily dosage becomes more manageable and much more fun. You will find a lot of new suggestions for additions and concoctions to enjoy while consuming the daily Kratom feed. You can mix Kratom in smoothies, coffee, and edibles to make it a pleasant experience.

The Information Is Available On r/Recreationalkratom

You will find hundreds of discussions on medical assistance with Kratom on other subreddits, but recreational Kratom usage is discussed in full detail here. From optimum dosage to finding the right vendor, you will get help on all kinds of topics.

Users discuss how they maximized the euphoric impact of Kratom using different ways. The group has 1400 members who understand the parameters of safe and enjoyable usage of this organic substance. You will find discussions about the following:

  • Mixing Kratom With Weed

Users have shared experiences about enhancing the impact of Kratom by mixing it with other substances such as weed. Such discussions can assist new users and help them decide how much Kratom and marijuana can give the desired results. Which strain goes best with pot? Which online shop will provide good quality? And how will weed mix with Kratom?

All these confusions are easily removed on Reddit. You can save yourself the trouble of experimenting if you follow the suggestions of old users on the website. We learned that Kratom and weed could mix well and give users a kick that helps them reach euphoria and very slight sedation.

  • High Dose vs. Low Dose

Many Reddit visitors ask about the correct dosage for various purposes. How many grams of red, green, or white strain and what the impact may be; is all discussed in this recreational Kratom subreddit? The best part about this website is that if a single person starts a thread, there are many contributors! If you share your experience, many others add their point of view. Eventually, there is ample material for all potential Kratom users to take notes!

It is commonly believed that if Kratom is consumed in high qualities, it creates adverse effects. However, users have told their own stories of taking a high dosage for pain or anxiety, and they did not experience any unwanted effects. The discussion concluded that some strains should not be taken in higher doses while some strains are acceptable in doses as high as 10mg.


This subreddit includes conversations about the various plantations and how to care for your Kratom feed. People share their gardening adventures and offer tips to other gardening enthusiasts as well. If you also want to grow your Kratom plant, log on to the website! You will find a treasure of information about gardening and the most favorable conditions to build your organic garden.

Some Common Queries On Reddit

People from all walks of life, gather on this website to find out more about Kratom. There are several queries that you will easily follow or find here. Here are some common questions that people ask on Reddit:

  • Which Strain Is Best For Pain, Anxiety?

The primary use of Kratom is to kill pain and energize the senses. A user will feel liberated if they suffer from chronic pain due to a health issue. For example, older people with arthritis or joint pain, or young athletes with muscular injuries can benefit significantly from this botanical substance.

The common questions on Reddit feature this query as well. If you are also looking for a good pain killer, you will find many users share their pain-relieving Kratom fix. Maeng Da or Red Bali Kratom is especially very popular among users. They all come out with the events that occurred when they consumed Kratom for the same purpose. This sharing of events is very beneficial and useful for all new consumers, along with the old users who have not tried the kind of Kratom that relieves pain for longer.

  • Which Kratom Strain Causes Euphoria?

The recreational use of Kratom is considerably lesser than the usage of the substance for medical reasons. All the people who seek Kratom for recreational purposes often find it hard to search about the best strain for the euphoric and sedative feeling they desire.

Reddit provides the right platform as you can anonymously find out your best euphoric supplement to escape from the daily issues and stresses. Some of the Kratom types under discussion for best euphoria are Bali Ganesh, Green Malay, and Bali Gold.

  • How To Make Kratom Tea?

Kratom tea sounds like a natural beverage to prepare, but the complicated part is about the amount of Kratom powder and the type of Kratom that would make the tea worthwhile. There are several posts on Reddit about the various recipes and tea brews, which can help all kratom consumers experiment with their daily dosage styles.

  • Best Way To Consume Kratom?

When people hear about Kratom, one of the first question to follow is how it is consumed? Reddit offers a lot of information through first-hand experiences and the effect of the various kinds of Kratom leaves. The results of the substance vary with individuals, but due to the high number of comments, you can deduce what the majority of users feel after using a specific strain.

Similarly, the most suitable kratom type for different health problems will be revealed as you scroll down the comments and reach a conclusion for yourself!

  • The Best Online Shop For Quality Kratom

People who are new at using Kratom always ask for reliable vendors and online shops. Reddit offers an excellent resource for all such consumers. Reviews of users are a unique way to understand the authenticity of Kratom from the various online shops and smoke shops. Whether you are on the West Coast or in New York, there is ample information about the online shops all over the country!

Why Reddit?

1) Reddit Is Easy To Access

You don’t need to login, sign up, or become a member of a website to read what others have to say about Kratom. It is a simple access website that opens the world of discussions at a single click.

On Reddit, you will see the top tabs, which include hot, new, rising, controversial, gilded, Top, and Wiki. These tabs can help you specify your search and enhance the experience.

There are so many people from the United States who take part in the discussions and can help you form an opinion about the organic supplement. The suggestions for various strains can save you a lot of experimentation time and worry.

2) Visitors Are Kratom Users

For any information on Kratom, we all can find several websites that make claims about the botanical substance. You will learn the same things about the plant from all these sources. It is a Southeast Asian tree, grows in the different countries in that region, and each variation has mixed effects- We know all this now!

Real users share what they went through and how Kratom helped them. This information can clear ambiguities in the minds of potential users, and they can decide which strain to buy!

3) Non-Technical and Easy Interface

Reddit might look challenging to explore at first, but as you search a little, you will find the information you were seeking. Discussions and subreddits are easy to follow, and you don’t need to create accounts for all this! Yes, if you want to contribute a comment, you will have to sign up but to gather information from first-hand experiences, Reddit is a great resource!



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