The use of a substance to enhance one’s abilities has been seen throughout history across all cultures. Traditionally, the leaves of kratom trees were chewed by laborers to reduce fatigue and increase productivity. Many suggest Kratom naturally helps maintain a good physique and health.

Today, several fitness experts advise their clients to use Kratom for workouts. Its enhancing abilities can be beneficial in several ways, for runners and even for you. To learn about them, continue reading.

What Problems Do Runners Face?

Running is a complete exercise requiring tremendous physical strength and mental fitness.

Daily running can lead to muscle fatigue which can build up over time. Stress as a result of fatigue or incomplete goals can be detrimental.

Continuous muscle fatigue can lead to several complications, such as low stamina, weakness, and exhausted energy levels.

Suppose you are a runner; like most, you’ll practice daily. So this means you need to have not only good physical fitness but also a strong and calm mind.

Why Do Athletes Recommend Kratom?

Like physical laborers in the past, athletes’ routines are strenuous. It can be very demanding for the mind and body. It’s said that Malaysian workers used to use Kratom for relief and to ease pain.

Some athletes like this belief that Kratom might help them increase their performance by providing an energy boost and decreasing physical pain.

Athletes in Malaysia report that Kratom helps boost stamina before a game or fitness venture and might aid recovery afterward, reported to Dr. Darshan Singh, a worldwide leading expert in Kratom.

Research also shows that Kratom does not lower your testosterone levels. Unlike other prescribed medications, it does not affect an athlete’s drive and performance.

Benefits Of Kratom Before Running

Kratom Might Help Boost Runners’ Energy Levels

Modern research published in 2019 in the National library of medicine showed that respondents identified a surge in energy levels after intake of Kratom. Runners and fitness enthusiasts who get exhausted in overcoming challenges to complete their goals should consider using Kratom. 

The best thing about Kratom is its ability to replenish your energy reserves naturally, which might help boost your stamina and increase your performance.

Kratom helps increase your periods of exertion with shorter periods of exhaustion, which means you can work break-free, like all in a day’s work. Meaning you reach your goals faster.

Kratom May Increase Your Immunity

You need a sound immune system to help keep ailments at bay. Good health and physical fitness are necessary for runners and anyone maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

If you are a runner, this becomes even more significant for you. You can only keep up with your targeted daily physical activity if you are well. That’s why a sound immune system is essential. 

Kratom helps boost your immune response with the help of alkaloids present in its leaf extract. It has antioxidant properties and protects you from diseases due to its antibacterial ability.

Kratom May Help Strengthen Muscles

Runners need good muscle strength if they want to run marathons. Muscles get exhausted if you exert them long enough without rest; this causes them to give up on you. This phenomenon is due to anaerobic respiration, which produces lactic acid in your muscles, causing your muscles to sting.

Kratom might help improve blood circulation by increasing oxygenated blood supply. Hence, it might help provide the energy required by muscles preventing them from burning out.

Benefits of Kratom After Running

Kratom Brings You Relief From Pain

A long strenuous workout renders runners exhausted and tired. Runners, post-workout, usually complain of fatigue and pain in various parts of the body. They rely on opioids to relieve this pain. Opioid analgesics work wonders, but they have a slew of adverse effects. Such as vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, disturbed sleep cycle, etc.

Kratom is an organic way that might help manage pain and discomfort. It can be an alternative to prescribed medications with much lesser side effects. Kratom consists of various alkaloids; its active ingredient, 7-hydroxymitragynine, acts on opioid receptors, blocking specific pain signals. It is 13 times more powerful than morphine.

The study reports respondents identified decreased pain after Kratom consumption. Kratom aids in managing pain in several chronic conditions. According to studies, ailments related to running, like chronic joint pain and swelling of muscles due to inflammation, can be treated by Kratom’s anti-inflammatory properties.

Kratom Helps You Stay Motivated

A positive mindset is needed to stay steadfast on your journey to achieving your goals. The slightest demotivation can get you off track. It will help if you have a solid mindset to prevent you from being derailed when you cannot meet your goals.

Mitragyna speciosa is the plant from which Kratom is derived. This plant belongs to the same family of plants as coffee, Rubiaceae. So Kratom can act as an excellent pre-workout supplement and a stimulant, giving you a much-needed boost.

As a result, it helps enhance neural activity, increasing your focus and productivity and motivating you to stay strong.

Is Kratom Prohibited In Marathons

Kratom is not prohibited in marathons or any sports in general. It was removed from the list of WADA monitoring programs in 2018, earlier being a part of it for several years.

Many federations do not allow the use of chemical substances before a marathon. Kratom being an all-natural herb, does not contain any synthetic product. Meaning it does not show up on the 5-panel drug test.

There are no standard rules for not using herbs before marathons. But due to its debatable status on the federal level and varying laws of different states, an athlete should confirm the responsible department of using it before a competition.

Most Popular Kratom Strains for Runners

The most popular kratom strains are Geen, White, Yellow, and Red Vein.

What’s important is to be aware of which strain might be helpful according to your need. For example, some strains help relieve pain after a long run. Others help boost your stamina before going for a run.

Strains Helpful Before Running:

White Kratom: It’s primarily white due to more significant amounts of mitragyna, which is why it has excellent stimulating properties—as a result, aiding in amplifying energy levels before running. That is why it’s most popular among runners.

Green Kratom: Green Thai Kratom has an energy-shooting ability which can be helpful before a sprint. It has a higher alkaloid content, so we recommend using it in smaller amounts.

Yellow Kratom: Yellow Kratom helps increase your focus and motivation. It keeps you positive, helping you power through challenging hurdles.

Strains Helpful After Running 

Red vein: Red Kratom is mainly used for its relaxing and soothing effects. It’s the most popular choice on the block for alleviating pain. It also helps relieve muscle tension.

Green Kratom: Green Sumatra is the right choice for you post-workout. Its extended analgesic property might help you with joint and muscle pain discomfort.

The primary effects of Kratom are also dose-dependent. Small doses bring about a stimulating effect, increasing your focus and alertness. More significant amounts produce sublimating results, helping you relax and sleep.

Much anecdotal evidence is available on the net on the use of Kratom. You can find several reviews of athletes on the benefit of different strains of Kratom on Reddit, Facebook, and specific platforms. Each is sharing their unique experience and encounter.

How To Use Kratom

Kratom can be used in various forms; the most common are: 

  • Loose powder: You can add Kratom powder to juices and shakes.
  • Encapsulated powder: Kratom pills can be used as herbal supplements. 
  • Extracts: Extracts are very potent and should be taken in minimal amounts.
  • Crushed leaves: Crushed leaves can be used to make Tea.
  • Stem and vein: Consist of more natural plant matter rather than leaves. You can use it to make tea, grind it to powder form, or use it as it is.

Dosage: Starting dose of Kratom should be smaller; let’s say you start off with one teaspoon, then you can modify it according to your experience or results.

Final Thoughts

Physical fitness, good health, presence of mind, and stamina are necessary to be successful on the field. Hence, use of natural herbs like Kratom can be supplemental.

Although Kratom has helped many runners, there is still not enough evidence on how much will be optimal for you. It is noted that lower doses act as a stimulant and large amounts bring a hypnotic effect. For runners, lower doses are ideal.

Disclaimer: Kratom overdoses are associated with many deaths. Adulterated or Kratom mixed with other supplements is dangerous and can lead to several health complications.

 It is essential to know where to buy clean formulations. It is also imperative to seek knowledge on how to use Kratom.

Finally, consult an expert before starting any herbal therapy.



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