Kratom, the recently discovered medicinal herb, has taken the world by a storm. People from all fields of life are now investing in this extraordinary plant, hoping to see results that range from analgesia, sedation, mood enhancement, stimulation and what not. This natural herb is also getting famous amongst health enthusiasts and fitness freaks.

Many individuals who’ve tried Kratom before are claiming that the plant can deliver stimulating effects that are of immense help during strenuous exercises and workouts. The truth behind these claims will be unraveled in this article, by the end of which we’ll know whether Kratom really can be used for fitness purposes.

What is Kratom?

Before starting our quest, we’ll first look into what Kratom is and why it’s getting all the attention.

Kratom, scientifically called Mitragynaspeciosa, is an evergreen tree indigenous to the forests of Southeast Asia. The tree is famous for its highly beneficial leaves that we are using for over two centuries as a treatment for different health problems.

The use of the tree leaves dates back to a time when they were used traditionally by farmers as an energy booster. The leaves have also been used to treat malaria, to relieve pain, to alleviate anxiety, to control depression, to reduce inflammation and to treat various other mood and sleeping disorders.

Not only this, the plant has recently found recreational uses and is consumed to achieve stimulation, happiness, euphoria and overall mood lift.

Kratom as an Energizer

When people first started taking Kratom, they realized that the plant came with a pretty decent energy boost. This property of the plant led people into taking it more regularly for daily purposes such as walking, jogging, washing, cleaning and other day-to-day activities.

When this trend grew, many people started questioning the full capabilities of the plant. People made suggestions about how the plant, with its stimulating properties, might help bodybuilders, trainers, athletes, gymnasts, and players to perform better.

The question as to whether Kratom could replace pre-workout drugs became the topic of conversations and debates across the world. So can Kratom act as a pre-workout substance? Let’s find out.

Kratom as a Pre-Workout

Pre-workout nutrition consists of supplements that contain ingredients which deliver a sudden boost of energy. Taking Pre- workout drugs a few hours before training, exercising, or bodybuilding can help you perform better. These supplements are specially designed to give you motivation, confidence, increased energy and the will to work for longer durations.

Looking into the properties of Kratom, we find that the plant is capable of delivering all the effects that are typical of a pre-workout drug. It might also be worthy to note that Kratom is related to the coffee plant, which is the most extensively used pre-workout substance.

When users on various forums are asked about the use of Kratom as a pre-workout, many responses were positive and in favor of the plant.

A user commented, “It helps calm my nerves before hitting the gym as I’m pretty shy.”

Another user expressed “I find that a white strain is best for pre-workout. I push harder and last longer with a good Kratom burn.”

While sharing his story with the Kratom community, a user stated that he’d been using pre-workout supplements daily before hitting the gym. “At some point, after prolonged use, the supplements don’t have the same effect as when you first use It.”, Commented the user.

The user expressed that instead of using the supplements, he took a 3g dosage of Maeng Da one morning before going to the gym.

The user commented “I was astonished. It was like the first time you take pre-workout or the feeling when you first cycle onto pre-workout”.

These experiences tell us that, Kratom, when taken correctly, can work wonders and can replace pre-workout supplements.

Kratom and Exercising/Body Building

Now that we know Kratom’s use as a pre-workout, the next question that arises in one’s mind is whether the plant helps ‘during’ workout sessions. The answer is yes, it does.

Because Kratom is very stimulating, its use can make strenuous exercising less tiresome. The plant is an organic stimulant from the coffee family and is known to sharpen cognitive abilities and to improve overall productivity. Taking the plant helps in cardio, lifting, running and various other aerobic and endurance exercises.

A user on Reddit commented, “I think Kratom is specifically great for aerobic workouts, it puts me in a meditative state, and I just glide on the treadmill for 45 mins straight.”

Another commented, “I am a competitive equestrian (horse rider), and I take Kratom before and after every single workout, could not imagine life without it.”

Kratom’s pain-killing properties also come to play during strenuous workouts, enabling users to train more often and more intensely without the fear of muscle pains and early fatigues.

Moreover, Kratom also helps build immunity; thus if you’re working out in closed compartments with people who’re sick, you can continue your training without any worries of catching the flu or other minor infections.

Kratom and Healthy Food

Since we’re discussing Kratom’s role in maintaining overall fitness, it might be of importance to note that Kratom can improve diet and food choices. Unusual as it may seem, many people have stated that Kratom has enabled them to eat healthier.

A user on Reddit said “It is so strange how many people, including me, crave healthy foods after taking Kratom. Green MD will make me crave triscuits and fruits and veggies; I love it! Hope more research is done on the plant soon.”

Another commented “I didn’t care about eating healthy until I started taking Kratom. It changed my life, mentally and physically.”

While these claims aren’t backed up by any scientific studies yet, we are hoping that scientists will look further into this property of the plant sooner than later.

Kratom Dosage for Fitness Regimes

While Kratom can help tremendously in workouts and fitness regimes, it is essential to know that one can only achieve the benefits of the plant at accurate dosages. Kratom can be both, stimulating, and sedating in a dose-dependent manner. If taken at low to medium dosages, the plant is usually energizing and mood lifting.

Higher dosages, however, will defeat the purpose of the plant and will end up making you feel lazy and sedated.

We recommend that users who’re looking for the stimulating effects of the plant should take a small amount that can range for 1-4g of the plant. It is also important that the dose is taken around 30 minutes before a workout session.

Best Kratom Strains for the Workout

As much as the amount of Kratom is essential for fitness, the type of Kratom strain used is also a key factor to achieve maximum stimulation.

Because some Kratom strains generally tend to be more sedative, they’re not the best choice for workout sessions. These strains include the Red-veined varieties of the plant, including Red vein Bali, Red vein Borneo and Red vein Indo. Red Vein Thai, however, is relatively stimulating and can be used.

The best strains to use though, are the White veined strains, which are famous for their exciting effects. These strains can be mixed with other varieties to get enhanced effects.

A user on Reddit said “I’ve had great results with 2:1 White Borneo and Gold Bali. Helps get the mind and body going and kills the physical stress of the workout.” Below are some of the best Kratom choices for workouts;

Final Thoughts on Kratom for Fitness

We can now easily conclude that Kratom if taken appropriately, could help in fitness and be used as a replacement substance for pre-workout supplements, opiates or other illegal medications used for an energy boost and stimulation.