For all those kratom and marijuana enthusiasts, do you know you can have your dose in the form of edibles too? Yes, kratom and marijuana edibles are trendy to munch, and many people prefer them against other types.

Many individuals like to mix kratom and marijuana, whereas others are fans of a kratom alone or marijuana alone.

Whatever the case is, kratom and marijuana edibles are becoming popular each passing day. People are also looking for some new easy recipes for their long-awaited dose of cannabis.

So let’s see what the various edibles for kratom and marijuana are!

The different varieties of Kratom Edibles Vs. Marijuana Edibles

Are you confused about whether kratom is more of a value to your health or marijuana?

Check out the contrast between these two and get the answers yourself, because you know what suits you, right?

Kratom Edibles

Mostly, people take kratom in the form of raw powder, and they just wash n’ toss this powder with either water or juice. Some other people prefer to take kratom with a mix and wash method, and this method follows mixing a kratom with water or juice in your mouth and then swallowing it all together, few more sips of a liquid, and you are done.

Kratom tea is another traditional method to dose your body with kratom; it is quick, easy, and quite effective.

Some other people prefer to take kratom in the form of a capsule. Kratom capsules help with quick consumption, and the user does not experience the bitter taste.

People also like to enjoy the relaxing, pain-relieving, euphoric, and sedating effects of kratom. For that reason, they want to take kratom-infused edibles to enjoy these ultimate benefits.

Apart from these three varieties of kratom, you can take kratom in other forms as well, which are comparatively less common, but yeah, they do exist and cover the bitter taste quite well.

1) Kratom cookies

If you are a fan of cookies, you can easily consume kratom with your favorite go-to cookie recipe. Many people like to have kratom with chocolate chip cookies. All you have to do is add the kratom powder with your regular chocolate chip cookie batter and bake!

Enjoy the kratom dose in fresh chocolate chip cookies by following this YouTube video.

Moreover, a user at Reddit shared the kratom cookie recipe that she follows, give a quick look at it by following this link.

2) Kratom chocolate

Kratom chocolate is a superb recipe that is enjoyed by many kratom users. Who does not like chocolate? And when you can swallow that bitterness (kratom) with chocolate, you are done with the most challenging task most easily.

Kratom chocolate is an easy recipe that any beginner can easily follow. Head over to this YouTube video to understand the method.

3) Kratom honey balls

Kratom honey balls are a mixture of kratom powder, gently mixed in honey until it is stiff and can form a shape of a ball.

Honey can help the user skip on feeling the taste of the kratom, and hence, this recipe is enjoyed by many people.

Check out this YouTube video for making a perfect yet easy kratom honey balls.

4) Kratom with smoothies

You can enjoy your dose of kratom with your favorite smoothie too. All you have to do is add your kratom dose in the blender when you add all the other ingredients, blend it, and it’s ready. It is as easy as it sounds to you right now!

Head over to this YouTube video to check out four best kratom smoothie recipes.

5) Energy-boosting kratom bites

The energy-boosting kratom bites are a blend of crushed coconut, almonds, kratom, coconut oil, and maple syrup. You just blend all the ingredients in a chopper and make round balls. You can also give these balls a topping of coconut powder, matcha powder, or crushed walnut powder. It is a natural pick-me-up recipe for an ultimate kratom experience.

Have a look at this YouTube video for a more detailed version of energy-boosting kratom shots.

6) Kratom Jello

Want to add some fun with your kratom dose? Why not try kratom jello then, it’s easy and cold jello which is a blend of some kratom powder deep boiled in water, added with agar-agar, milk and then set it in any shape you want, freeze, and enjoy with honey and coconut sugar as the side-lines!

7) Kratom and strawberry popsicles

Blend pineapple chunks, lemon juice, and sugar, and set aside. Next, blend strawberry chunks, fresh lemon juice, sugar, and kratom powder. Now add these two mixtures in popsicles forming tray and freeze overnight. Enjoy the productivity-boosting kratom popsicles and the yumminess they hold.

Check this YouTube video to have a look at the practical experience.

Marijuana Edibles

Cannabis is mostly used in the form of CBD oil. But now, there are cannabis edibles available in a wide variety. Want to know more about these marijuana-infused treats? Go ahead and have a look at these six wonderful Marijuana treats.

1) Cannabutter

The famous cannabutter is consumed among many people in the US and other states. It’s a treat that everyone enjoys. You can have cannabutter on a toast or your favorite ice cream. It’s all up to you how you would like to have it.

Check out this YouTube video for the recipe

2) Marijuana-infused gummy bears

It is quite trendy to have marijuana in the form of gummy bears. You can choose any of your favorite strains and flavors. It is easy to keep them, and the DIY recipe is also simple and easy to follow.

Have a look at this YouTube video that explains how you can make these gummy bears at home.

3) Cannabis lollipops

Do you know you can have your dose of cannabis in the form of lollipops as well? Yes, that’s true, candies are a new popular way to have cannabis in home-made treats.

Check this YouTube video to get all the details for the recipe.

4) Cannabis oil

CBD oil is famous for its ultimate benefits; not only people use it for themselves, but even people use CBD oil for treating conditions like seizures, hyperactivity, and pain in their pets.

Find a perfect and easy recipe for CBD oil by watching this youtube video.

5) Cannabis and chocolate edibles

I think there is hardly anyone on earth who would dislike chocolate. Many users like to take marijuana with chocolate. If you are also one of them and trying to find a perfect recipe, watch this YouTube video to get your hands on the perfect blend of chocolate and weed.

6) Marijuana with maple syrup

We all like to take marijuana with something sweet. How about the maple syrup? Maple syrup and marijuana are a perfect combo, and you can easily make your edible for marijuana and maple syrup. Check this YouTube video to get a deeper understanding of the recipe.

Kratom is a new herb, and many people do not know about using kratom in different home-made recipes and treats. On the other hand, marijuana has a great history, and the varieties of edibles are more than kratom edibles.

What about mixing kratom and marijuana: Is it safe?

Users consume kratom and marijuana side by side as well. Many people are concerned about whether taking kratom and marijuana altogether is a safe play?

If you combine kratom and marijuana carefully, you don’t have to worry much. You have to keep the kratom dosages low and take a weed shot an hour later. There are a few highly potent kratom strains, so be careful about the dosages when you use them with marijuana. Make sure to measure using an edibles dosage calculator.

Most users take kratom drink or tea first and later, smoke cannabis once an hour has passed by.

This blend brings about a calming mental state and positive effects on the body. Many people report that after taking kratom and marijuana, they got rid of anxiety, stress, pain, dependence on mind-altering medications, and insomnia. Although more research is essential in this context

On a serious note, if you exceed the dosages, you are likely to experience nausea, vomiting, and hyperactivity.

It is highly recommended to get help from your medical practitioner before combining these two medicinal herbs.

User reviews for kratom and marijuana edibles: Are the edibles effective?

Many users report that kratom and marijuana edibles give them similar effects on their bodies as taking these in other natural forms. All you have to do is to use your accurate dose while making the edibles. Moreover, read out the ingredient list and the amount of medicinal in a product if you are purchasing from any other store.

Difference between the effects of kratom edibles and marijuana edibles

Kratom and weed although have very similar effects on our body, but the mechanism is quite different. Kratom consists of potent alkaloids, Mitragynine, and 7-Hydroxy-Mitragynine. They directly influence the brain receptors, particularly opioid receptors, and the effects begin to emerge.

On the other hand, Marijuana tends to dissociate the relation of mind and body, and that’s how the individual feels no pain. The imbalance occurs by triggering the brain receptors. The alkaloid which influences the brain is called THC.

Effects of kratom edibles Effects of marijuana edibles
Enhanced focus and cognitive functioning Sense of detachment from the environment
Relief from anxiety Pain-relief ( with making the individual dissociated)
Improved productivity Relaxed mind
Sedative effect Blurred focus and low cognitive functioning
Pain-relief (without making the individual dissociated) Incomprehension among time and space Low mood Low energy levels
Enhanced mood   Low mood  
High energy levels Low energy levels

The effects of kratom and marijuana appear at different time ranges. Kratom takes at least an hour to make the person feel the effects, whereas marijuana is super-fast when it comes to its onset. Can you imagine you can feel the impact of marijuana right after five minutes of ingestion?

Kratom edibles vs. marijuana edibles: Which one is most preferred?

Kratom and marijuana users mostly use these medicinals to relieve pain and anxiety. Most users prefer kratom to ease the pain if cognitive functioning is to be remained sharpened. Some other users prefer marijuana for pain relief if they have no issues with deteriorated cognitive functioning.  Red Bali kratom strain is an excellent kratom strain to relieve pain but keeps the cognitive functioning intact.

When it comes to an individual’s anxiety and health, both medicinal herbs are the preferences of the users. Kratom’s effect is highly dependent on what dose you would take. It can relieve anxiety with moderate doses.

Whereas, the case with marijuana is entirely different. Cannabis can relieve the individual from anxiety but also disassociates him from the surroundings. The body becomes unable to feel anything. Some users feel anxious after taking marijuana itself; hence, the experience varies among individuals.

The difference between the legal status of kratom edibles and marijuana edibles

When we talk about the legality of kratom and marijuana, kratom surely wins the situation. Although kratom is banned in a few states of the US, with time, it will be legal in those states. As far as federal laws of the US are concerned, kratom is permitted throughout the US. Moreover, cannabis is illegal in most states, and generally speaking, smoking weed is not approved in the US.

Final Thoughts

If we compare kratom and marijuana edibles, kratom has comparatively lesser options, and marijuana is widely available. When we talk about the effects, marijuana’s results can be felt quite sooner, like in five minutes, but kratom takes at least an hour for producing the results. Additionally, marijuana edibles are illegal in most states, and kratom is legal in many countries. Both have some pluses and minuses, it’s entirely your choice what you prefer, but don’t forget to seek guidance from your doctor before using these medicinal herbs.

1) Can we mix kratom and marijuana?

Yes, you can have kratom and marijuana side by side, but it is essential to consume marijuana after an hour of kratom consumption.

2) Are there any side effects of using kratom and marijuana?

If you use kratom or marijuana in higher doses, you will experience nausea, vomiting, and lethargy. Hence, never take higher doses and always go for lower and moderate doses.  I hope this article served as the best assistance for kratom and marijuana edibles. Let us know your suggestions and queries in the comment section below.



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