Mitragayna Speciosa is a unique plant that has been around for centuries – winning the hearts of consumers across the globe ever since. Lately, it has made its way into the Western World, where it has emerged as the new blooming sensation.

It forms a popular part of contemporary folk medicine for its tremendous healing potential, from mitigating pain to fighting anxiety, boosting energy, curing insomnia, and so on. However, research is still at a nascent stage and primarily conducted on animal models. Consequently, a lot of it remains to be proven on the human body.   

This means that Kratom is still relatively new to a whole lot of people. So, let’s quickly run over the basics:

A Quick Recap

Kratom is derived from the leaves of a plant native to Southeast Asia. It comes in various strains, with each available in four distinct vein colors; Red, Green, White, and Yellow. The impact of Kratom varies with dosage; lower doses cause stimulation, and higher ones induce sedation. Today, it is manufactured into powder, crushed dried leaves, capsules, tincture, extract, or in the form of gummies. So, one can choose any of the supplement types as per their convenience. 

Even though Speciosa is declared legal at the Federal Level, the use is still regulated in most parts of the U.S. That’s primarily because while it boasts an impressive list of benefits, the herb is not without any side-effects. For instance, there have been reports that it is addictive. At the same time, others argue that excessive consumption triggers another risk of Kratom Dehydration.

Side Effects of Kratom

You must have gotten some clue by now! There are not just one or two drawbacks involved with the use of Kratom. Consumers must bear in mind that high, consistent, or inappropriate use of the plant has been linked with a lot of other grave consequences, such as the following:

  1. Liver Damage
  2. Seizures
  3. Kidney Failure
  4. Loss of Libido
  5. Constipation
  6. Headaches and Migraine
  7. Eye Wobbles
  8. Hallucinations and Delusion
  9. Breathing Suppression
  10. Weight Loss
  11. Dehydration
  12. Coma or Death
  13. Kratom Tolerance (Prolong use of Speciosa can build a tolerance to the substance as the body becomes less sensitive.)

Therefore, we urge users to practice caution and always go for low to moderate doses. Plus, they must stop using it daily and limit the usage to 3 to 5 days a week. 

Today, we are here to shed light on the one taken most lightly among all the perils mentioned above: Kratom Dehydration.

This is very much real. Amidst full-blown Kratom partying and chit-chat, we tend to forget to keep ourselves properly hydrated.

So, let’s delve deeper into what Kratom Dehydration is and how to identify it.   

Kratom Dehydration and Its Causes

Clinically, Dehydration is defined as a state where our bodies lose more fluid or water than we take in, and so the internal functions fail to carry out as normal. It can be mild, moderate, or intense, depending on the fluid lost. Also, severe Dehydration has been declared a life-threatening emergency.

It is observed that Kratom often causes Dehydration. But why on earth does this happen?

Well, simply because Kratom is a diuretic substance which means that it loses water from our body. The muscles tend to release water through urination or perspiration, leading the user to experience Dehydration. While there is a lack of scientific research backing the claim, there is sufficient anecdotal evidence suggesting that this side effect of Kratom is natural and hazardous.

Kratom Dehydration Symptoms

Dehydration is much more than merely dried skin, parched lips, or burning eyes. It can trigger a loss of vital nutrients and vitamins. It can impact our kidneys and other vital organs. It can damage our skin. It can deteriorate our overall health and elevate the risk of other severe conditions.

Therefore, it is integral to identify and treat it timely. But, how on earth to discern whether one is suffering?

Fortunately, there are a lot of symptoms one can watch out for. The most common ones have been highlighted below:

  1. Increase In Thirst: Of course, this is one of the most evident tell-tale signs. A person will experience a dramatic increase in his urge to drink water.
  2. Dry, Parched Skin: If you notice your skin losing its natural glow or freshness, then a little heads up for water deficiency. Also, cracked skin is more prone to infections and bacteria.
  3. Dry or Sticky Mouth: Rubbing your tongue over and over again against your lips? Feels like there is a giant ball of cotton in your mouth? You feel utterly parched and crave nothing but cold liquids gushing down your throat? It’s time to pay close attention to the water intake.
  4. Pale Sunken Eyes: If your eyes feel horribly itchy or hollow surrounded by deep dark circles, then it is another evident sign. And water will help your eyes stay clean, attractive, and healthy.
  5. Less Urination: If your bathroom breaks have been limited to four times or less in a day, then it must also set the bells ringing for an underlying hydration problem.
  6. Dark Yellow Urine Color: The pee’s color and smell are obvious signs of your internal fluid levels. When these levels drop, the pee color will automatically change to a dark yellow or even brownish color accompanied by a strong, pungent odor.
  7. Headaches, Dizziness, or Fainting: If you find yourself getting tired or lightheaded while performing a physically demanding task such as operating heavy machinery or while working out, then you must instantly get your hydration levels checked.
  8. Muscle Cramps or Sore Limbs: This is another strong symptom. Since Dehydration depletes the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals from the system, you will feel your body hurting to the last joint.
  9. Fast, Heavy Breathing or Rapid Heartbeat: The way you breathe tells a lot about the water content in your body. So, the next time you feel yourself gasping for air, or your heart thudding hard against your chest, then try drinking water.
  10. Lethargy: Kratom overdose will not only suck the moisture but also all the energy and life of you. You will feel lazy and sleepy all day and unable to move an inch. 
  11. Irritability or Confusion: Not able to think clearly? Feel cranky all the time? As surprising as it may sound, but your water levels have a lot to do with it.
  12. Constipation: What can be more testing than not being able to poop? And it’s pretty simple logic: if there is no water, there will also be no defecation and vice versa. Therefore one needs to crank up their liquid intake herbal teas, juices, berry drinks, etc.

Kratom Dehydration Consequences

Depriving our body of the crucial nutrients is not the only concern. In fact, there are a lot of other issues that entail Dehydration, such as:

  1. Constipation
  2. Muscles cramps
  3. Joint Pain
  4. Kidney disease and kidney stones
  5. Skin damage including burns, irritations, and even skin cancer
  6. Nausea, dizziness, and weakness
  7. Low blood pressure
  8. Lethargy and Tiredness
  9. Malnutrition

How to Fight Kratom Dehydration?

Kratom Dehydration isn’t a joke. It is a severe condition that calls for immediate action. So, here is what one can do to ward it off:

1) Lower your Kratom dose and potency when you notice any of the slightest signs of Dehydration mentioned above.

2) Avoid combining or using any other diuretic substance such as caffeine, tea, alcohol, food, medications, or even natural supplements while consuming Kratom.

3) Keep your skin and body well-hydrated by using good quality moisturizers, face lotions, and body butter.

4) Take care of your eyes and use any reputed over-the-counter eye drops or warm compression to combat dryness and itching.

5) Finally, we will recommend you take a blood test if you observe any dehydration symptoms or suffer from one. Remember, Kratom Dehydration can cause our body to lose nutrients. This might result in other deficiencies for which you must take additional supplements to support wellness.

Why is Hydration Important?

Enough said on the Kratom Dehydration. All the above will leave you wondering with one question in mind: why the heck is it important to stay hydrated?

Well, our body is mostly made up of water- from our tissues to cells, organs, and joints. Therefore, sufficient Hydration is one of the most crucial aspects of the diet. It tops up the body’s fluid levels, which helps regulate a lot of processes and functions. These including the following:

  1. It keeps our joints lubricated
  2. Averts the risks of infection
  3. It helps the blood system deliver the essential nutrients, glucose, and oxygen to all cells.
  4. It helps kidneys to filter out all the waste and toxic substances from our body
  5. It keeps our skin fresh, glowing, and intact
  6. Maintains our internal body temperature
  7. It helps the digestive tract to breakdown and absorbs the nutrients in food 
  8. Enhances the sleep quality
  9. Stimulate the thinking process and cognition
  10. Boost energy and elevates mood

Tips For Staying Hydrated

After understanding the importance of Hydration, you will be tempted to stay one. Therefore, we bring you these fantastic hacks to remain fit, healthy, happy, and of course, watery.         

Health Experts advise drinking 64 ounces of water every day. Woah! That’s too much for a day. So, let’s break it down into eight glasses of 8 ounces each throughout the day. If you still consider it an ordeal, then here is what you can do to make the struggle a whole lot easier:

Formulate A Water Regimen

That’s pretty much the first and foremost step to make a water drinking schedule and strictly abide by it. You can take the help of alarms or reminders to help you recall regularly. Some others suggest taking Water Breaks as an effective strategy to reach your hydration goals. Make a habit of gulping down a glass of water before or after every task. For instance, when the day starts, while leaving home, after arriving at the office, before cooking, after laundry, before meals, and so on.

Add Some Flavors

Find the taste of water boring? How about adding some colors or interesting flavors to it? One can prepare delectable fresh juices, smoothies, lemonades, fruit fusions, cucumber infusions, herbal teas, or even coffee-free water flavors like Mio. This will help you fulfill the water requirement while making it a palatable experience. 

Add Watery Foods To Your Diet

Nature has gifted quite a lot of foods that are enriched with water, such as citrus fruits, watermelon, melon, mangoes, apple, berries, cucumbers, and so on. These not only regulate the hydration levels but also improve the digestion function with their impressive fiber content. 

Using Herbal Remedies

There are a lot of fascinating ancient herbal traditions to elevate your fluid levels. Ask your grandma; she will guide you better. 

For example, Sea Buckthorn Oil is a rich source of Omega 7 Fatty Acid to heal your dried or dead skin, mouth, and eyes. Chia Seeds also deserve mention. Do you know they are famous for absorbing water up to 12 times their actual weight? Don’t believe us? Soak them in water or any other liquid and see the magic. 

Consuming Sports Drinks

While performing any strenuous activity, gymming, or exercising, it is advisable to drink energizers or sports drinks to make up for the water lost in the form of sweat. 

Final Thoughts

Ever since the Farm Bill was overwhelmingly passed in 2018, Kratom has hit the streets like anything, and the use spread like wildfire among the present generation.  

Even though Kratom possesses immense therapeutic potential, the risks associated with higher or overdosing of the substance cannot be ignored. It is an unpredictable substance featuring varying impacts resonating with the dose consumed. Lower consumption can increase focus and sociability, whereas higher amounts have an opposite reaction of relaxation and sedation. Likewise, prolonged and consistent use of Kratom can prove to be life-threatening and unpleasant. 

One Golden Rule that all users must adopt and implement is “More Is Not Better.” 

Lately, an increasing number of Kratom misuse cases have been reported by the Poison Control Centers. Among the numerous side effects of the plant, one principal is Kratom Dehydration.

Like coffee, tea, and alcohol, Kratom is a diuretic that causes an incredible loss of water from the body in the form of urine or sweat. This also discharges many essential nutrients from the body, such as sodium, minerals, and vitamins.

Remember, our bodies function on the water!

Therefore, it is imperative to increase water intake accordingly to support consumers’ overall health and well-being. This not only substitutes the water that is expelled but also improves the functionality and digestion of Kratom.

Even though it is declared legal, there is a dire need to address these concerns for the public’s general awareness. Hopefully, the above guide has given you a thorough insight on how to combat Kratom Dehydration. There are a lot of alternative foods and liquids one can consume. Many tricks have been discussed on how to retain the fluid levels, plus one needs to pay close attention to the signs of Kratom Dehydration.

Given the dry and absorbent nature of Speciosa, one needs to continually remind themselves that “Now I need to drink a lot of liquid” to counteract the reaction.

If you know any other piece of information, then feel free to leave a comment below.



  1. I really appreciate. And respect your knowledge and i think the average person dont think what you said is not as important as taking kratom l!! Personally i believe your words of wisdom are more important.
    If one is constipated from use they need to eat the super food blueberries every day. Thank you for your teachings.


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