It will be an information-based editorial for all those out there, trying to hit the books, to acquire the information about Kratom Consumer Protection Act, its main features, and what it holds for the future. So let’s go straight into it!

Before getting into the details, you should know who has established this act, and what were the leading reasons?

American Kratom Association and its sponsors established this act. Currently, few states of America have approved, and there are high hopes that other states would accept it real soon as well.

The reason behind the formulation of this act was to secure the safety and rights of kratom consumers. This legislative piece benefits the consumers in two aspects:

  1. It makes sure that kratom is purchased legally.
  2. It makes sure that the export of kratom does not contain contaminated kratom (hazardous to health).

There are fewer on the paper when it comes to the rules and regulations developed for this medicinal herb.

For this reason, some people can easily contaminate it and make an illegal profit out of it, making the life of the consumers at stake.

So, you see, it is difficult to distinguish between pure kratom and contaminated kratom. That’s why AKA formulated this act to provide legal status to this not-so-ordinary medicinal herb.

Now it’s time to get into a little more detail by explaining its key features. However, they differ across the states because every state has a different type of legislation. But somehow, the main features remain the same for all.

Critical Features Of Kratom Consumer Protection Act

1) Kratom’s Definition

People misapprehended kratom before, but after the implication of the act, it has proper meaning and interpretation. It helped with eliminating all the misconceptions people had for the herb.

2) Labeling

Until the formulation of the act, labeling was not performed for kratom products. Any seller, vendor, or creator cannot sell a particular product without mentioning all the present ingredients in it. It helps with building trust among consumers.

3) Prohibition Against Certain Products

Some contaminated products are already listed out. The act does not allow the selling of these products.

4) Penalties For Violators

There are penalties already set forth for the “novel” violators. For this reason, contaminators will think twice, before contaminating the product.

5) Registration

According to the act, only registered companies, vendors, or creators can produce and sell kratom.

6) DAF’s Standards

Department of Agriculture and Food has specific criteria for kratom’s manufacturing and selling. In any case, product manufacturers and sellers should meet these standards.

You must be realizing here that these protocols can help the consumers build trust for the American Kratom Association and their efforts for the production and marketing of pure kratom.

Let’s talk about the American states that have already passed this act, and the consumers are legally making use of kratom.

The American States That Has Passed KCPA

The following states have passed Kratom Consumer Protection Act:

1) KCPA In The State Of Utah

Utah was the first state to pass the act. On 26th March 2019, they approved the law, and kratom got its legal status.

Although, FDA didn’t leave any stone unturned in bullying the legislature by criminalizing the kratom consumers. Many other states started giving a thought to their version of KCPA. That was no doubt an achievement for AKA.

2) KCPA In The State Of Georgia

KCPA in Georgia

It was another legislative win for AKA, on 27th April 2019. Georgia state senate sporadically passed the law. The ratio of the voters versus non-voters in Georgia’s house was 164:1, and that’s huge! Right?

All the credit goes to AKA and the loyal consumers of the kratom, and of course, it was impossible without the political will.

3) KCPA In The State Of Arizona

The state has approved the bill for the safe use of kratom on 1st May 2019. It was an ultimate bombshell for all of the kratom enthusiasts because it was entirely unexpected.

4) KCPA In The State Of Oregan

KCPA in Oregan

The legislation about kratom is almost at its end in the Oregan. The voting session will take place anytime soon, and surely, kratom will be legal in the state.

Should I Support This Kratom Consumer Protection Act?

Support Kratom

If you are a bit confused about whether you should support this act, let me clarify to you that you should, and you have to support it! Why won’t you support a herb that can help millions of people with their stressors, anxieties, and depression? You will!

This act can end the illegal business of kratom that is run by some vendors because it has these strict rules and regulations that all manufacturers and vendors should follow. The profit number of these illegal manufacturers is affected once the laws govern them.

The act prioritizes the safety of the consumers, so it should have our unconditional support.

Additionally, people stigmatized kratom with bad names because of the opposing effects it has, but everyone does not know that contaminated products cause these side-effects, not pure kratom.

Some vendors do not understand that the life of the customer is at stake when they are selling these contaminated products. They are just concerned about the “flawless” profit. Hence, with the help of KCPA, kratom can get through this stigmatization.

If you want the kratom to remain legal, you have to support KCPA. It can help in bringing confidence among vendors and customers. The chances are high that the kratom business gets much better as well.

How Can You Help KCPA?

It is essential for all the kratom enthusiasts and vendors, to follow the below-mentioned points if they want to be of any help to KCPA and kratom community:

  1. Encourage the rules and regulations of KCPA among your community, friends, relatives, etc.
  2. Purchase your kratom from those vendors that are GMP certified.
  3. Share your experiences online to spread awareness around the globe.
  4. Try to reach out to the legislatures of your region for the kratom laws.

Bringing about the change at any of these levels, as mentioned earlier, can be rewarding for the KCPA.

What Are The Expectations Of The KCPA For The Future?

The future of the KCPA entirely depends upon the support of its vendors and the consumers. The AKA is continuously pushing forward the state legislations for the kratom’s legal use. It is evident that the kratom industry will flourish and progress, with more states approving the act.

In A Nutshell

All the loyal consumers and vendors of kratom show support for KCPA. In the future, more states will pass this act, and people will be able to get most of its benefits with legal means.

I hope this editorial helped you with acquiring all the information regarding KCPA.



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