Kratom comes in a variety of colors, and one often thinks if all the colors of Kratom are same. Many people think that just because different types of Kratom are processed in different ways, they appear in different colors.

Others believe that maybe it’s because of the color of the leaves of Kratom, that we get Kratom powder in a variety of colors. So, with all the various shades of Kratom, can one expect different effects from the different colors? Let’s have a look at the many colors of Kratom and see what the explanation behind each of these colors is.

Different Colors of Kratom

Kratom comes in three primary colors; Red-veined Kratom, Green-veined Kratom, and White veined Kratom. These colors come from the central vein color present in the Kratom leaves.

1) Red Veined Kratom Leaf

This type of Kratom has both red-colored stem and veins. It is one of the most popular strains of Kratom as it is known to be very potent.

In the beginning, I started with the Red strain of Kratom, and to my surprise, I had my anxiety symptoms relieved to a great extent. I had these frequent attacks of panic followed by palpitations and shortness of breath. I would take the prescribed medications, but I had to suffer from a range of side effects.

So, after a friend of mine told me about the beneficial impact of Kratom, I surfed about it on the internet. I came across a reliable vendor and purchased my first bottle of Red Vein Kratom.

I started taking a low dose of the strain, and I felt the pleasant effects. My nerves got calm, and my mind was devoid of any worries. I was no more aware of my palpitations. I felt at peace, and very light. My mood improved considerably, and I felt like talking to people, though I am the very typical form of an introvert.

Gradually, using this strain, I felt my bodily cramps also diminishes. After years, I felt normal again, I felt like enjoying every moment of my life. I slept better than ever, and I no more needed the prescription drugs that gave me too many side effects.

2) White Veined Kratom Leaf

After taking Red Vein Kratom, I developed an interest in the other strains of Kratom. I was curious about the effects of White Vein Kratom.

According to various blog sources, I read that White Vein is a stimulant strain and has a positive effect on the mood. During my exams, I ordered a bottle of White vein Kratom capsules. Before studying, daily I would take a capsule of this strain. I noticed that I was more alert and had a larger attention span.

Previously, I could only stay focused for as long as half hour, but now it improved to 45-55 minutes. I had more stamina to sit for my exams preparation without being drained or distracted. I was more optimistic, and the daily dose of energy helped to study well for my exams.

The White vein Kratom, when mixed with the red vein, gives a smooth effect that lasts longer. I did a lot of experimentation, and only then I was able to figure out the individual properties of the various strains.

3) Green Vein Kratom Leaf

I found this strain was more balanced and produced mild effects. It was in between the extremes of the Red vein and white vein. So, on days when I prefer to go out for a stroll or meet up with old friends, I take this strain to feel mildly pleasant. The subtle effects of this strain are very beneficial when you want to have a day out from the rigorous routine.

Why are there Multiple Colors of Kratom?

Initially, when I was surfing on the internet, I got baffled about the multiple colors of Kratom. After buying the different color strains and experimenting with them, that the colors do matter. The various colors of Kratom have different properties. The variation in colors is due to the central vein, and stem color of Kratom leaves.

Some leaves have red stem and vein, while others can have white or green ones. Each color has a different chemical composition and different concentrations of alkaloids.

When Kratom leaves are processed, the color of Kratom may change too. We see the yellow color Kratom in the market which is the processed form of Kratom leaves.

Which Kratom Leaf Color to Choose?

Choosing Kratom color is based on experimentation. It is a trial and error method. You have to see which one suits you and which strain produces the desired effects for you. The blogs may say that White strain is stimulating, yes, it is, but maybe that is not the type of stimulation you are looking for.

So, you have to see what your needs are and which strain suffices your needs. The blogs do help one to narrow down the list of options and to choose from very few.

Sometimes, the color isn’t anymore in consideration, especially when you are taking Kratom capsules. You must study the properties of each color of Kratom and then choose it.

Final Words

The vendors out there sell Kratom with many names and you can see an array of Kratom types and products on their websites, but keep in mind there are only three essential colors of Kratom.

The rest of the colors are achieved due to the mixing of these three important colors or strains. The processing of Kratom can also give various colors. Whichever strain you use, ensure that you get it from a reliable vendor. Initially, go with samples only. See if it works for you.



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