Have you ever used Kratom for its multiple benefits including opiate withdrawal? Are you happy with the results but can’t get enough of it? Good news for you is that you can get maximum benefits of Kratom in multiple ways. This article will elaborate one of the most efficient combinations of Kratom with Chamomile.

Kratom – does it work for you?

Kratom is a herb directly derived from a tree without involving any chemicals in it. It is native to Southeast Asia where it is an attractive part of traditional medicine and celebratory drinks for hundreds of years. One collected, Kratom leaves are dried and ground into fine powder. Its root is also dried and used to make powder. This powder is easily available in the market in open form or in dietary supplement. It can even be purchased online.

Although it is not an opiate itself, it shows opiate-like effects which are not addictive. It is highly recommended to the surfers of chronic pains, anxiety, and stress. Kratom is a healthy alternative to the commercially available pain killers with no side effects.

How to potentiate Kratom effects?

Millions of the people get benefits from Kratom globally. It can be used for chronic pain relief, depression, stress and to boost immunity as well as energy. It is extremely beneficial for a migraine and mental disorders. But there is a way to get the benefits of Kratom at a maximum rate. The affectivity is doubled, and there are no side effects associated with it.

Potentiating is a technique to make the effect of one thing more so that it gives multiple benefits to the user. The potentiator of Kratom would help to activate the vital ingredients of it by reducing the reaction time. It would also contribute to making alkaloid mix functional inside the plant extract. The potentiator is mostly an herbal based compound which has its health benefits too.

In our previous article “how to increase the strength of kratom?, we have mentioned the best Kratom potentiators. These natural potentiators when combined,  the effects are increased more than doubled which gives an overwhelming joy to the user. The additional substance would also cover the unpleasant taste and smell of Kratom. There are so many options to be taken with Kratom, among which each one has its unique properties. Trying different potentiators is appreciated, but the one with most likely effects with least risks should be preferred such as chamomile.

Chamomile – how is it beneficial?

Chamomile in an ancient herb which has the broad range of benefits since early times. Many of the people take it for relaxing the stomach problems or for insomnia. The two types of chamomile which have therapeutic effects on us are German chamomile (Matricaria rent Utica) and Roman chamomile (Chamaemelum Nobile). Among these two, German chamomile is used more and has scientifically proven results. Chamomile flower is easily available in the market in dried form. Infused extracts of chamomile to make tea or tinctures, concentrated in alcohol are also available for edible purposes.

Chamomile as Kratom potentiator

Chamomile increases the efficacy of Kratom and has so many support involved. Chamomile is one of the most famous potentiators which works to improve progression and gives extra benefits. Chamomile and Kratom can be infused to make tea as suggested by the user manual of Kratom. For that one part of chamomile tea or powder is mixed with one part Kratom later on mixed with water, boiled and used. Some other methods involve using a Kratom capsule and sprinkling over chamomile tea for easing the process.

Advantages of Kratom and chamomile combination

As a combination, the potential of both ingredients, Kratom and chamomile are increased. It works like magic as the analgesic for the whole body. It reduces internal inflammations, wounds and opens a blocked chest. It works best for skin related problems such as psoriasis, eczema, rashes and allergy. Since they are taken in the form of hot tea, it balances the natural Ph of the stomach, provides relief to a sore throat, balances the hormones and cures sleeping disorders. Although studies are limited to the combination of chamomile and Kratom personal usage and user reviews on different forums prove it to be working best for the health. A discussion by Reddit users concluded Kratom to be best when combined with chamomile.

Is this combination safe?

Kratom and chamomile both are herbs which have no side effects. However, some people may be allergic to chamomile for the pollen sometimes present inside it. One should always check it for allergies before using. There is no other health relate risks involved with it.



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