Even if you have used Kratom for some time, you might find it amusing that many other users are turning to kratom use during their relaxing baths and showers! The shower products with kratom include kratom soaps, creams, and bath bombs too!

After observing kratom’s positive impact on energy levels, people have included it in their routines in various ways. You can enjoy new and exciting ways of use while many users stick to the conventional consumption of Mitragyna. How about adding some kratom to invigorate your bath time? There is a high chance you didn’t hear of kratom bath bombs until it became a new sensation and way of enjoying a bath that stays on your skin for long!

The luxury of using Kratom for skin

Did you know that people all over the world spend billions of dollars on beauty and bath products each year? True luxury is to use a reasonable product and get results that are better than any cosmetic. Irrespective of age, gender, and culture, the simple luxury of a soothing and refreshing bath drive people to spend a lot of money on bath products. However, now the luxury of smooth, silky skin and a stimulated mindset will cost you much less.

The fast pace of life and the stressful competitions we all drag through leave our skin tired. Using kratom for skin is not a new concept but when you use kratom in the bath, the results will make you wonder why you did not think of this before! All of us don’t have the time to run a lavish bath and soak in floral scents for a long time! However, everyone deserves some time to care for themselves. Kratom can be an excellent addition to your bath for various skin benefits.

Kratom Bath Bombs are the new thing

Kratom bath products can be soaps, creams, and oils but here’s a new way to enjoy nature’s gifts-the kratom bath bomb! A bath bomb is made with salts that remove toxins from the body and help restore suppleness and youth. However, the addition of kratom will give your skin a relaxing and revitalizing start!

Kratom comes from the family of coffee and has the same ‘wake-up’ feeling. Nowadays you can buy kratom bath bombs from various online shops as it is topping the charts as the new thing in the Mitragyna consumer world. So drop a kratom bomb in the water and enjoy the effervescent goodness of nature as your skin goes through a rejuvenating and energizing experience!

How to prepare Kratom Bath Bombs?

Kratom users have made their bath bombs to enjoy the exciting effects. The popularity of kratom bath bombs comes from the joy of using bath bombs in the skincare community. Follow the simple steps below and create your happiness!

What do you need?

• 80 to 100 grams of sodium bicarbonate,

• 200 grams of citric acid powder,

• Essential oils of your choice.

• Ball molds.


• Mix citric acid and baking soda powder in a container. Make sure that you mix them well for an even powder.

• You can add kratom powder to this powder mix along with the essential oils.

• The powder will become damp enough for you to press the powder together in molds to form small spheres.

• After six hours, you can remove the bombs from the molds and use them when needed!

The form of kratom used in bath bombs can vary and you can also try out various essential oils, and other natural substances for a different experience. A few great additions to your bath bombs can be:

• Kratom extracts for higher concentration,

• Lemon oil, orange oil, or coconut oil for a refreshing yet soothing scent.

• You can add fragrance by adding more oil, but make sure the consistency of powder remains the same so that you can shape them easily.

• Add petal shreds or honey to condition your skin further.

The effects of Kratom Bath Bombs

The alkaloids in Mitragyna get absorbed quickly and improve skin quality. Not only this, the soothing effects of nature will ease your mind and prepare you for the day ahead. Kratom-infused beauty solutions will add a great deal to your skincare regimen. Whether you are looking for rejuvenation or want to keep your skin hydrated, here are some prominent effects of kratom bath bombs for your skin:


The alkaloids in kratom interact with receptors in our brains. This activity improves organ function that becomes visible on your skin. We often forget that the biggest organ of our body is the skin, and it becomes healthier with the regular use of natural substances that work on the basics. The free radicals build up on our skin and add wrinkles and dark spots. Soaking in kratom will help remove these toxins so that your skin regains its freshness.

Better skin tone

The removal of toxins and the absorption of alkaloids will help ‘fade out’ any uneven skin tone. Regular use of kratom bath bombs will significantly change the way your skin feels!

Glowing and Acne-free skin

Using essential oils, and introducing your skin to alkaloids work well as the skin becomes cleaner and the bacteria causing acne to reduce. You will notice a healthy glow as your skin clears up and all acne scars lighten.

How to use Kratom Bath Bombs?

Using a kratom bath bomb is the easiest as all you need to do is run a bath! You pop in the bath bomb and just when you see that it is dissolved, you can sit in and enjoy the natural and revitalizing effects! Many people prefer a warm bath although my personal experience says that room temperature water is best to help cool down and energize the day.

Frequency of use

The best part about using natural products is that you can use them as frequently as you desire. However, overuse is never a good idea. A moderate frequency for using kratom bath bombs can be twice a week. You can even set the dosage of your bath bombs by adding just the amount of kratom powder or extract you would use in a day. If your optimum dosage is six grams, use only twelve or fifteen grams of kratom powder in the bomb. The additional amount is only to rule out the possibility that your body will not absorb 100% of the alkaloids!

Benefits for the Mind, Body, and Soul

Kratom bath bombs will benefit your mind, body, and soul as you unwind after a long day and indulge in the soothing water bath.

When you relax and take in the calming scent of lemon or coconut oil that you added to the bath bomb, the result will be refreshing! Your mind will unwind from the daily challenges and the stressful thoughts will be eliminated!

The body calms down and absorbs the goodness of nature to leave your skin smooth and clean while the nerves are at ease. You will feel an energetic rush as the negative and pulling-down agents called toxins are removed.

The soul is at ease after a relaxing bath as you get time to introspect and straighten your thoughts. You feel clean, and your vibrations remain high so that you are in contact with your subconscious state of happiness! On the whole, kratom bath bombs are an explosion of freshness, energy, and vitality. You can enjoy this experience without spending a lot on beauty and bath products.



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