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From 2012, a kratom seller has been making some rumors for some years – the company goes by the name Kraatje. With the emergence of new vendors, (several bad and few decent) – the rise of Kraatje seems like a necessity.

It was high time to talk about such a firm that provides effective services to the thang community without any doubt. Keeping in mind the fact that Kraatje has been running the business for a long time but did it manage to find the heyday?

Let’s dive in, and see how Kraatje manages the things when we talk about the competition in the international market. We’ve all been there when we want to know about the quality of the product: What does the product offer? Of course, every company has its pros and cons but one must highlight both things.

Kraatje Kratom and What’s In It For You?

What do you think about the things which a Kratom product must have? Kraatje sells Mitragyna Speciosa in different forms; they offer the powder, capsules, extract, samples, mixes, tea and much more.

They provide a wide variety of products to choose from and to make a long story short, one can easily say that their products look promising.

Following their website’s outlook, they ensure that their products are authentic, pure and beneficial for the customers. They have Green Malay, Red Borneo, White Sumatra, Jungle Deep, Stem and Vein, Takkra, Red Thai Maeng Da, Green Riau and so on.

From their website, they have mentioned that their packaging comprises of sealed bags while the products are medically validated. On the other hand, they have their laboratory tests because of E.Coli, salmonella, contaminants, heavy metals and pesticides.

Social Media Presence and Customer Engagement

Talking about their different aspects, they have their customer representatives to make things easier for the people. While their accounts on Facebook and others such social media platforms make sure that the customer engagement and feedback are right on point!

On the other hand, Kraatje is not a new brand thus their reviews are always positive following their website, Facebook and other such platforms.

Having their presence on social media, helps them to have a solid brand image as well as they have higher levels of customer engagement and feedback.

While the effects of each product on an individual may have different results but their quality is what you ask for. According to the EU, the products must undergo some tests along with the regular checking of the contacts and other affiliations.

Is Their Product Easy To Purchase?

Of course, nobody likes to face the complications in terms of the buying process but pure and natural Mitragyna Speciosa is not easily available in the industry!

However, the first thing which you might observe about Kraatje is that the official site seems quite confusing whereas it has all the information and data over there.

Moreover, it lacks the clarity and proper arrangement in comparison with some of the other brands out there. One gigantic thing the Kraatjee firm offers is the presence of different payment options, they also offer next day delivery in some areas.

The online store is still reliable with some hassle-free payment methods. This company has been operating such a long time, it’s quite easy to handle things but this online store may seem clunky to you!

Payment and Shipment

In contrast, Kraatje Kratom sellers also have the options of the bank transfer and online wallets. They accept online methods like Bancontact, EPS, and Giropay as well as the debit and credit cards.

Another issue which the company may face shortly, Kraatjee brand does not ship to places like Romani, Sweden, Denmark, Poland and some other states outside Europe.

Conversely, their packaging doesn’t offer any descriptions, ingredients or any other additional information. The shipments of the products are made to entire Europe from the warehouse however they pay attention to the freshness of the brand.

In this case, the Kraatje brand makes the use of excellent laboratory equipment that is validated for medical and food usage. Above all, they have the options of returns and refunds, order tracking, submission of a complaint and various discounts.

Anything Else?

1) Discounts and Lesser Prices

At Kraatje, one can have quality products with affordable prices along with some discounts. Honestly, one can rely on such a store in terms of quality, prices, and quantity but leave behind the aspects of the crowded official website.

2) A Huge Variety

Having such a variety, offers a free hand to the customers so that they can choose whatever they are comfortable with. It’s like an Open Market if this is what you like then perhaps you can have your heavenly feelings.

With such a huge collection, there would be some products that might not impress you – they do not make any false claims on the product descriptions.

3) Overcrowded Website

As previously mentioned, the official website of Kraatje looks heavy and might not be able to grab the attention of the customers. The use of proper arrangement and formatting could have done to make things easier as other stores.

Our Verdict

We tried to provide a good idea of Kraatje firm and made you conscious of what one can have if they like to go for this option. Most importantly, the reviews and demand for Kraatjee Kratom are enough to show their worth.

Nobody can deny this fact that Kraatje Kratoms has been associated with such a huge range and forms of Ketum. Furthermore, they are aware of the flexible payment options, decent prices, and improved delivery and shipment techniques.

They also offer lower shipment costs, deal of the months, coupons and options like same-day dispatch. No matter how the website of a Kratom vendor looks, one must look at the quality and overall features of the brand.

Well, Kraatjee seems to be one of the most commonly used ketum in the international market. The One-word-concluding thought of this Kraatjee Kratom is: Recommended!



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