Kratom King Review – Kings Kratom Products & Prices

Kings Kratom is a Kratom selling business based in the US. Their agenda is quite clear from the start as you enter their website with the words – ‘The World’s strongest’ plastered in bold on the main visiting page. We will try to include in our review a transparent and authentic assessment of Kings Kratom and its identity in the nootropic market.

The main page makes it clear for its potential customers that in the next few minutes they would be dealing with vendors who work on the principle of keeping things simple, having integrity and maintaining quality standards. The company has more or less also made it easier for customers to access Kratom under reasonable prices and consistent quality.

What exactly does Kings Kratom offer?

The Kings Kratom has a fairly limited inventory. You do not get to choose from a vast array of products which might disappoint a few consumers, but on the other hand, it is a great start for beginners. They start from a few basic Thai, Malay, Indo/Bali strains, and a few special blends of the extract.

What is the price range for different Kratom products sold by Kings Kratom?

They sell their basic extracts at a price of $0.20 per gram, with bottle sizes of 14 gms, 28 gms, 56 gms, 168 gms, 500 gms, and 1000 gms. The order becomes cheaper as the weight increases with 1000 grams selling at $0.07 per gram.

Apart from the mentioned powdered forms, they sell easier-to-use capsules as well. The 500 mg capsules sell at a starting price of $0.21 each and end at $0.08 depending on the increase in the bulk of the order.

Kratom King has also made a very strong claim on their website by announcing that they will beat any of their competitor’s prices by 5%. Judging from the prices on their page it is easy to guess that they are not bluffing at all.

What makes their quality so great?

Kratom King makes sure that they retain and preserve their products freshness which largely controls the quality. They claim to manufacture the product after an order is placed instead of the other way round, and their product has a 10 day turn around which means that the Kratom harvesting occurred within a month of the customer receiving their order.

Their active alkaloid is amazingly potent as they make sure not to dry the Kratom leaves under the sun which would speed up the process but at the same time damage and denature the alkaloid.

How is the product packaged?

The capsules and the powdered forms are neatly packed and stored inside clear plastic bottles sealed for maximum freshness. They make sure to label the bottle with plenty of information to answer all the questions racing through the customer’s mind.

The information covers the correct dosages, side effects, manufacturing and expiry date, and even some contraindications to keep the consumer on their toes.

Do they ship their products?

The time taken by a product to be delivered depends largely upon what mode of delivery have you chosen.

Usually, for delivery within the US, the postal service works good enough with delivery taking place within a week. Courier services are usually given the job of delivering the product to the doorsteps of International customers.

Since Kratom King usually exempts their customers on Sales tax, so the slight fluctuation in the prices might be due to the mode of delivery chosen.

Is their customer service any good?

For me, this question is very important. A company’s willingness to help out their customers before, during and after the ordering process reflects their work ethic and their dedication to the job.

Kings Kratom put my mind at ease when I discovered their ‘Instant Chat’ option. This option has a fairly easy interface where you can reach out to them by signing in through Facebook or Google and get an almost instant response.

They will guide you through the whole process and even help you replace the product if in case you report a defect.

My experience with using Kings Kratom products

I am pretty sure you were waiting for me to report my exact experience with all the facts straight.

For my first time, I placed an order for the Red Vein Kratom powder. At first, I was a bit disappointed as the product resembled a bit like sawdust, but on examining it closely, it was basically medium ground with the stem and leaves added to the mix. By experimenting with a few ingestion methods, it was evident that it was better for making tea rather than the toss and floss method.

On my second encounter, I ordered the Red horned Kratom powder and burnt around 6 grams of it. The aroma was so strong, intense and impressive, which might be due to a higher level of active alkaloid. The consistency was light and fluffy and finely ground.

This experience made me try them out for the third time, and I ordered the Yellow Vietnam powder. This was not at par with the Red horned powder I tried out earlier even though I tossed and flossed 6 grams of the new product.

Kratom King legality

Kratom has been under considerable legal speculation in recent years with the media blowing its use out of proportion. Many educational resources have been provided to keep its users safe and to inform the users how to use it in a responsible manner.

Kratom King has a hilarious terms and conditions page on their website in which they have dumped most of their frustrations due to the ban imposed by the FDA even though it has repeatedly been proven that Kratom is a safe herb to use and meets all the food and supplement standards.

Final verdict

Kings Kratom has a small variety of only 22 Kratom strains, but this should not in any way put you off. The limited variety avoids confusion for new users and allows them to pick one product without getting distracted.

The price range is almost dirt cheap which is good for experimentation purposes, in case you want to discover new methods that might work for you. The deal should have been sealed by the simple fact that there will always be a highly responsive team at your beck and call.

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