Ketamine is a medicine commonly known for its effectiveness in suppressing pain and sedation. For a few or more decades, many doctors have liked to inject it in patients before or during surgical procedures. While talking about its legitimacy, it must be pointed out that this dissociative drug is for medical purposes especially. Only doctors and anesthesiologists are permitted to use it. 

However, we are not oblivious of the fact that every drug with psychoactive characteristics easily gets popular because of its abuse. The same happens with this anesthetic drug. Research by an addiction group displayed that abuse of Ketamine is mostly seen in youngsters over the age of 12. Moreover, being hallucinogenic, this medication for obvious reasons, brings some unfavorable consequences ranging from mild to severe. 

Nevertheless, the effects and influence of this dissociative anesthesia persuade patients to get to know about it. This is unsuspiciously an appreciable decision. Learning about a drug’s impact encourages the consumers to suspect any abnormal outcomes that need sudden treatment. That is why, to give utmost help in this regard, we have designed this article. 

What Is Ketamine?

Ketamine, in a few words, can be described as an anesthetic drug, which in the year 1970 got legal certification in the USA. From then, anesthesiologists started giving it to the patients in long surgeries. Encyclopedia confirms that this drug is considered a significant medicine by the World Health Organization. 

Besides that, the American Addiction Center says that this medication generates different consequences depending on the amount of dose. For instance, people who take a fairly vast dose will most probably encounter hallucinations. In contrast, low dosing suppresses irritation in users to some extent. However, exact symptoms and effects cannot be predicted without knowing consumers’ medical profiles and certain information. 

Nonetheless, you will also see this drug even in clubs. For, its effects in stimulating brain receptors are well known. In local markets and clubs, people order Ketamine by naming it Special K, Horse tranquilizer, and Jet K. 

Moreover, it is learned that this drug is an antagonist to NMDA receptors and is also called Generic medication by Wiki. This further has been used as an anesthetic drug for both humans and animals. 

Why Do People Use Ketamine?

Firstly, it must be illustrated that doctors use this drug for medicinal purposes, especially during operations. However, the public illegally consumes this medication for years in numerous ways. That essentially needs to be called Ketamine abuse. 

Nonetheless, we have found that the reasons behind taking this drug without prescription are numerous. Among them, the one is the desire to get high and for the same cause, this medication is in slang language known as a date rape drug. 

In contrast, a few people consume this drug to detach from the external world for a while. However, others use it to meet spiritual individualities. On the other hand, some drug users take it for recreational purposes. Yet motive can be various, but the thing is, no user can abstain from its symptoms or consequences.  

Research says that high amounts of Ketamine can cause respiratory depression in consumers. Moreover, 10 % of consumers under this drug suffer from Tonic movements. This shows that the side effects of this medication are quite adverse. One should not use it without the permission of the doctor. 

How Long Does Ketamine Take To Work?

Ketamine starts displaying its influence and effects just after a few minutes of consumption. However, the exact period depends upon the method which is used to take this drug. According to the verified organization WHO, if a person takes this drug via nose or mouth, then its influence will start in about 20 to 30 minutes. Contrastingly, if it is injected, effects will appear in 5 to 10 minutes. However, it must be mentioned that this information is valid for a specific medium dose. If you take insufficient doses or consume it under the influence of another drug, then the duration of Ketamine stay in your body cannot be predicted. 

Now coming to the time that this drug takes to leave the body, again, we clarify that this info shows the most possible figure. Therefore, contact your consultant to get the exact information. American Addiction Center says that oftentimes this anesthetic drug leaves an adult’s body in about 10 to 13 hours. However, some other resources exhibit that a healthy person will get rid of Ketamine’s effects in about four and a half hours. Besides that, its half-life is approximately 45 minutes.  

Nonetheless, to get to know if you are under the influence of this medicine, you must know its symptoms. Therefore, attentively read the next part. 

Symptoms Of Ketamine 

Symptoms of this drug will appear at a particular time depending upon the dose, method of consumption, and user’s medical profile. Yet, the symptoms might vary in people based upon mentioned factors. However, some symptoms are very common and mostly two to three of them definitely appear in every consumer more or less. 

  • Seizures
  • Nausea
  • Sedation
  • High blood pressure
  • Stomach ache
  • Dizziness
  • Liver infection
  • High cardiac rates
  • Memory loss
  • Slurred speech
  • Psychological dependence 
  • Relaxation
  • Convulsions
  • Disturbances in eyeball movements
  • Dissociation
  • Delirium
  • Dysphoria
  • Hypertonia
  • Derealization

It is learned that some symptoms last more than others. Thus, in this case, the duration for drug influence may differ. In other words, owing to a few symptoms, Ketamine can be found to stay in consumers’ bodies more than usual. 

How Is Ketamine Metabolized?

Ketamine is not directly eradicated from the body in a similar form. The research on it shows that this drug, when it reaches the liver of the consumer, gets metabolized. However, the metabolites are less strong and have varied half-lives. That is why the period for Ketamine’s or its metabolites stay in the body varies. 

Resources say that the resulting metabolites have far briefer half-lives. Nevertheless, people suffering from liver dysfunction have not been prescribed this drug. Since the liver is the fundamental organ to metabolize Ketamine, therefore, it leaves an awful influence on people who have liver infections. 

Nevertheless, it must be cleared that approximately 90% of this drug departs from the user’s body early within about 24 hours. Though, 10% of the drug or its metabolites are stored with either body fat or hair. 

What Impacts How Long Ketamine Stays In The System?

There are certain factors that potentially decide how long the drug will last in the system. As a result, all of its effects and symptoms will somewhat vanish till the time it leaves the body. This information assists doctors in managing further medical procession. However, if someone consumes it illegally, then knowledge about these factors will surely prove beneficial. 

Medical Profile And Genetics 

Medical profiles include the overall health of the consumers. For instance: liver and kidney health plays a crucial role in the metabolism of Ketamine. Since these two are the main organs that process any drug, if they do not work properly, the drug will stay longer in the system. Moreover, some unknown outcomes can also appear. 

Besides that, some people genetically get lazy processing metabolism. Therefore, in this case, drugs will take more time to eliminate. 


BMR also decides the hours during which the influence of drugs can be seen. Since people have different Basal Metabolic Rates, therefore those with the faster rate will obviously get rid of the drug fast.

You can also get your BMR checked or approximately predict it by observing the time you take to metabolize food without any exercising. 

Age And Body Fat

If a consumer is young, then he or she is more likely to eliminate the drug faster, though health must be good. On the other hand, more body fat convinces the metabolic mechanism to process gradually. Hence the drug will settle in the body for a pretty long time. 

Dosage And Frequency

Generally, for every drug, dosing has a great influence on the side effects and their duration. If one takes a high dose of a drug, then it will not be eradicated easily and immediately. However, doctors say that some of the drugs stay in the consumer’s body as fat, which can make its influence longer if he takes a high dose. 

Nevertheless, if you take a drug repeatedly, then your body’s metabolism will automatically process it gradually. Hence, the drug will keep displaying its influence even if you stop taking it for a sufficient time. 


Hydration is also a crucial factor. If you stay hydrated, then there will be a high probability that the drug and its metabolite leave your system early. That is why for abstaining from bad trips and unfavorable consequences, it is advised to higher the hydration level. 

Influence Of Other Drugs

If you take Ketamine with other drugs or under the influence of other drugs, then the outcomes will be unpredictable. Most likely, your body will not metabolize it easily, plus consequences may worsen. 

Does Ketamine Show Up On A Drug Test?

Most drug users, after taking drugs, are concerned about the test results. Since many job interviews and sports selection demand a proper medical test which must ensure that the person is not addicted to any drug, otherwise, the person cannot be considered eligible for a job or selection. 

However, it must be pointed out that drug tests are of different types. One test can show drugs in your body. Contrastingly, others can completely deny it. Thus, every drug user must know which test result can show up on a drug and for how long. Besides, this very information will assist them not to overdosing and consuming other drugs or alcohol. 

Urine Test

Ketamine can show up in the urine test for up to 14 days, more or less. Within 24 hours of taking it, most of the drug is excluded from the system, but its few metabolites can stay for an extended time. 

Blood Test

This drug does not appear in the blood test for more than 24 hours. However, some resources clarify that some specific blood tests for Ketamine can show it up for four days. 

Hair Test

After being eradicated, some metabolites of this drug were combined with the hair protein. As a result, any specific hair test can detect this drug for up to 90 days. 

Saliva Test 

The saliva test is not common. However, it can somewhat give positive results for this drug for up to 24 hours. 


To wrap it up, we need to mention Ketamine might cause some unexpected or perilous outcomes if consumed without a doctor’s permission as any type of anesthesia is given to a patient under complete observation. Therefore, if you take it despite that, it is advised to gain some information about the drug. 

This article will be proven beneficial as well, or you can have a meeting with a consultant that will be even better. However, whatever choice you make, be aware of the consequences.



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