When it comes to the kratom product industry, K-chill is one of the recognized brands in the USA. They are famous because of their distinctive approach to offering kratom products. They have positioned their brand in the market as the go-to choice of individuals towards well-being and relaxation without compromising on taste.

Mitragyana speciosa korth, also known as Kratom, is a small to medium-sized tropical tree found in wetland forests of south Asia. Traditionally, Kratom was used in different countries, including Thailand and Malaysia, to serve as a pain reliever, mood enhancer, and stimulating properties. 

If you have not heard about K-chill, this blog will tell you every detail about this brand. Keep reading for a complete K-chill kratom brand review.

About the Kratom Vendor: K-chill

K-chill brand is known for its unique K-chill kratom shot made by DBZ Enterprises, a company based in Arizona that focuses on creating products in huge stock. DBZ Enterprises is located in the Greater Phoenix area, which is known as the top choice for kratom extract in the state of Arizona. 

K-chill was launched in 2015 when they introduced their K-chill extract shots. Their first product was K-chill Blue Kratom, through which this vendor became one of the most well-known vendors in smoked shops across the USA. After gaining popularity with their unique shot, they later expanded kratom-infused products for a wide range of customers. They now offer a diverse selection of kratom strains in various forms like drinks, capsules, and powders.

Lab Test Reports and AKA Approval of K-chill: 

Information needs to be provided about their laboratory testing. However, K-chill actively participates in the American Kratom Association (AKA) and the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) program. Which clearly shows that they cover all the standards for Kratom vendors.

FDA Approval of K-Chill Strains:

The FDA has not evaluated K-chill products. They mentioned on their website that their products are not intended to treat, cure, or prevent diseases. They also said that K-chill product manufacturers and their affiliates are not responsible for misusing their botanical products.

K-Chill False Medical Claims: 

The American Kratom Association strongly opposes vendors who use illegal health claims to increase their sales of kratom products. However, there is no information available on K-chill making false medical claims. It suggests that K-chill avoids the false claim of kratom practices. Their kratom products are authentic. 

Customer Feedback on K-chill Social Sites

Customers’ feedback about K-chill is mixed. According to the reviews of WebMD, k-chill has secured a 4.6 overall rating, which is undoubtedly great. Their rating on other social sites is between 4.5 and 4.7-star reviews, which describes the brand’s authenticity. However, some of their users have expressed dissatisfaction with the taste and price of the products. Still, they have a large number of customers. 

Prices Compared to the Competitors: 

K-chill product prices are slightly higher than those of competitors. If we talk about K-chill kratom powder 750-gram pack, they list it on their website for $129.99. On the other hand, their competitors are selling the same product of 1000 grams for just $125 to $129.99. It clearly states that K-chill products are premium according to their prices. 

K-Chill Rewards and Programs:

K-chill offers a rewards program and email newsletter for their customers. It provides customers with opportunities for discounts on purchases. Customers can easily earn points in the rewards program to redeem on future orders.

However, if the customer subscribes to the newsletters, k-chill grants them access to exclusive promotions, including a coupon code for a discount on orders. K-chill also provides multi-pack discounts, significantly reducing the product’s retail prices. 

Their reward program lets you earn points per dollar spent, with additional points available for specific actions.

K-Chill Shipping Methods: 

K-chill shipping methods on their website provide customers with two main options. If you choose 1-2 business days shipping, your order will be delivered in two to three business days once it is completed and processed. The customer needs to pay flat $9.99 for the early shipping.

They also offer a 3-5 business days free delivery option, which applies to orders over $30. It’s important to note that they count business days as Monday through Friday, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. K-chill also provides facilities for order tracking for their customers. Through this, customers can easily monitor their shipments.

Types of Strains K-Chill Offers:

K-chill offers three different types of Kratom stains.

A- Drinks

1- K-Chill Shot 2oz

k chill kratom

A convenient 2oz kratom shot designed for quick and easy consumption.

 Price for $6.99

2- K-Chill MAX 2oz

k chill kratom

A more robust version of the K-Chill shot offers a more potent kratom experience.

Price for $9.99

3- Kryptic Kratom Shot 2oz

k chill kratom

A blend of Kratom and other natural extracts intended for relaxation.

Price for $6.99

4- K-Chill Tincture 15mL

k chill kratom

 A liquid tincture form of Kratom, allowing for versatile usage and dosage.

Price for $19.99

5- Kryptic Kratom Tincture 15mL

k chill kratom

A tincture combining Kratom with other herbal extracts, focusing on relaxation.

Price for $19.99

B- Powder

1- K-chill White Lightning Powder 250g

k chill kratom

This kratom leaf raw powder is the white vein. This package contains 30g of the botanical product Kratom.

Price for $49.99 

2- K-Chill Maeng Da Powder 60g

k chill kratom

This raw Kratom leaf powder is a blend of the three natural kratom veins (red, white, and green). 

Price for $29.99

3- K-Chill Extreme Green Powder 250g

k chill kratom

This Kratom leaf is a raw powder in a white vein.

Price for $49.99

4- K-Chill Red Hush Powder 250g

k chill kratom

This Kratom leaf raw powder is a white vein.

Price for $49.99

5- K-Chill White Lightning Powder 30g

k chill kratom

This powder consists of a white vein kratom leaf. 

Price for $14.99

C- Capsules

1- K-Chill Maeng Da 70oct Capsules

k chill kratom

These capsules are botanical products containing Mitragya Speciosa, approx 500mg per capsule.

Price for $29.99

2- K-Chill Maeng Da 70ct Capsules

k chill kratom

Capsules filled with Maeng Da kratom are known for their balanced effects.

Price for $29.99

3- K-Chill White Lightning 70ct Capsules

k chill kratom

Capsules containing White Lightning kratom strain are known for their energizing effects.

Price for $29.99

4- K-Chill White Lightning 480ct Capsules

k chill kratom

A larger quantity of White Lightning capsules for regular users.

Price for $79.99

5- K-Chill Extract Capsules

k chill kratom

Capsules containing a concentrated extract of Kratom for a more intense experience.

Price for $19.99

6- Kryptic Kratom Extract Capsules

k chill kratom

This product contains only two capsules, each of approximately 500mg, made with Mitragyna Speciosa.

Priced for $19.99

8- K-Chill Red Hush 70ct Capsules

k chill kratom

This supplement is made of 100% natural red vein maeng Da Kratom. Each capsule contains approximately 500mg of Mitragyna Speciosa.

Listed for $29.99.

9- K-Chill Extreme Green 480ct Capsules

image 17

These botanical capsules contain 100% all-natural green malay maeng Da kratom.

Listed for $79.99

10- K-Chill Red Hush 48ct Capsules

image 18

These are 100% all-natural redd vein maen Da Kratom products, and each capsule contains approx 500mg of Mitragyna Speciosa.

Listed for $79.99

11- K-chill extreme green 70ct Capsules

image 19

These are a botanical supplement made with 100% all-natural green malay maeng Da kratom.

Listed for $29.99

12- K-chill Maeng Da 10ct pills

image 21

These capsules are botanical products containing Mitragyna Speciosa, each capsule approximately containing 500mg.

Listed for $6.99

13- K-Chill red Hush 10ct Capsules

image 22

These are 100% all-natural red vein maeng Da kratom capsules, each containing approximately 500mg of Mitragyna Speciosa.

Price for $6.99.

14- K-Chill White Lightning 10ct Capsules 

image 23

These capsules are all-natural white vein maenga Da.

Price for $6.99

15- K-Chill Extreme Green 10ct Capsules

image 24

K-chill extreme green 10ct capsules are 100% all-natural green malay maeng da kratom

Price for $6.99.

Final Thoughts

K-chill products are high in price compared to other kratom vendors, but their great customers speak volumes about their strains. However, they should focus more on product testing for better customer reach. You will have many options if you are willing to buy products from this vendor. Visit their website and choose the kratom products that suit you the best.



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