Is Kratom Legally Safe to Use?


Many people want to seek information about whether kratom legally to use. This is an obvious notion primarily because the plant has a plenty of benefits and medicinal wonders, and people want to be completely assured prior to spending their hard-earned money on it.

Research on Kratom’s legality

For kratom to be declared legal by many countries around the world, exhaustive studies were conducted in order to understand the alkaloids that make up kratom and what impact these have. A pertinent example is a research by Dr. Christopher McCurdy in the University of Mississippi, where he and his research colleagues studied this plant. After studying and researching it, they discovered that kratom can act as an alternative option to using methadone; a medicine used to treat people who are addicted to opiates.

Methadone is a drug that is highly toxic, causes dependency and cannot be used by all opiate addicts due to the negative side effects involved. A safer, healthier and cheaper alternative is kratom that can ease an opium addict’s addiction without causing him further pain and discomfort.

Reducing opium addiction legally

Mitragynine is present is kratom and can totally block all the withdrawal symptoms that are linked with opium addiction. This provides an efficient treatment that is step-down-like for those who deem themselves to be hardcore narcotic addicts, using not just opiates by heroin, crack cocaine, morphine, and oxycodone, to name a few. Researchers have explicitly stated that the compound, present within kratom, works wonderfully when used as a form of tea. The brewing process involved in making tea allows for the toxins within kratom to be released and allows for the user to maximize the utility of this plant.

Is Kratom legal in America?

Due to the concerted efforts made by researchers, biologists, and scholars, kratom has been declared legal in almost all states in the United States of America. The exceptions are the states of Oklahoma, Indiana, and Arizona, as these states are increasingly conservative and have a history of banning all forms of alkaloids, such as those present within kratom.

However, one can walk into any chemist or plant specialist in a State such as New York or Chicago and procure the benefits of kratom. Moreover, the prime authority in drugs and illegal substances in America is the Department of Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). According to this department, kratom is legal in America and does not contain addictive nor hallucinogenic substances or chemicals that can render it harmful for the user.

Moreover, kratom is banned in the State of Indiana but not directly, because the alkaloids within the plant itself are banned, but not the plant kratom overall. This is because kratom contains a range of different alkaloids, some of which are still not fully known to researchers, and Indiana has banned only certain alkaloids within it, not all of them. Kratom itself is a plant which has multiple strains and varieties, such as the red, green and white strains hence it is difficult to ban the entire plant.

Is Kratom legally safe to use?

Kratom is 100% legally safe to be used by those who wish to gain benefits, which is why it is continually imported into the United States of America is large containers, and sold as a form of dietary supplement.

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