As has been mentioned in earlier articles by us, kratom tea continues to be one of the most popular ways of consuming kratom as it is easy, convenient and extremely cost effective.

There are many ways to enhance the flavor of kratom tea, for those who like to drink sweet tea or for those who find kratom leaves to be too acidic or bitter.

Ways to make Kratom tea tastier

Lemon Juice

Much like people put lemon juice inside their green tea or chamomile tea, kratom tea can also have its flavor enhanced by adding the juice of half a lemon inside one cup or mug of kratom tea.

What this does is that it makes sure that the alkaloids are completely absorbed and retained from the plant’s material. If one does not have lemons, then extremely small drops of citric acid or lime juice can also be added.

What this does is it reduces the acidity of the water in which the tea is brewed, thus allowing the water to absorb more alkaloids from the kratom plant. This allows the overall tea to be much more medically beneficial for the user.

Fruit flavorings

Another way to enhance the flavor of kratom tea is to add flavorings of different fruit juices. For instance, orange juice can be added, according to taste in order to make the tea more delicious and fragrant.

Similarly, other fruit flavorings can include strawberry, pineapple, apple etc. It all depends on a user’s imagination and personal taste.

Fragrant enhancement

In order to make the tea smell more exotic and appealing, one can add rose water, hibiscus oil, and lavender oil to the tea when it is brewing. This will make the tea smell more appealing for those users who wish to serve it to their guests, or wish to use it for sedative or stimulating purposes.

Adding sugar

This might seem the most obvious way to enhance the flavor of kratom tea, but many individuals get afraid that it might lessen the benefits of this tea overall.

This is not true, as the chemical properties of sugar do not interfere with the alkaloids of kratom. Thus, it is completely safe to add sugar to kratom tea.

Straining the tea

Many people like to keep the remaining leftover sediment from kratom tea inside a cup, and mix this with water and drink it directly. They do this because no potency is lost yet the medicinal benefits of kratom tea more quickly.

Mostly, people who do this are the ones suffering from severe anxiety or depression or stress, and wish to seek relief from it immediately and without the trouble of having to swallow powdered kratom.

The leftover sediment can be trained in different ways. One of the most commonly used methods is to use a cheese cloth, or other similar material, to strain out the material and plant sediments from the liquid.

Aside from this, a strainer can be used, which is also used to strain conventional tea leaves.

Taste of Kratom Tea

Taste is the most significant factor when it comes to consuming tea, and those who regularly drink oolong, white tea or other herbal teas will not find kratom tea to be problematic when it comes to taste.



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