Air, plants and water are the prestigious elements of earth. Today we may have medicines to cure or at least minimize the effects of diseases. But in the olden days, people used to heal themselves by using natural herbs.

This is also one of the reasons for them living more than 100 years without any significant health problems. Kratom is one such natural supplement with loads of benefits which our ancestors have used for treating various diseases.

However, it is banned from using in many countries. The only reason officials’ state is that it is harmful to the body. Whereas, there were no reports that kratom indeed affects the body in an unhealthy way.

Research is going on as to find out how kratom really works on the body. Until a few years back, all the countries were banning kratom for human consumption.

Due to continuous efforts, several researches and studies, governments of some countries realized the potential and lifted the ban on kratom. The countries are ready to lift the ban when they get the reports of kratom study indicating that it will not affect the body negatively.

Read till the end to find out the latest information on kratom and the cost of an ounce in different countries.

A Brief About Kratom

Kratom pricingThe scientific name of kratom is MitragynaSpeciosa. It grows in the areas of Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Myanmar.

In the olden days, leaves are directly consumed by people. Mostly farmers used to take it and had experienced a tremendous increase in energy levels. This results in people working for more hours.

It can be consumed directly and is also available in the form of capsules and powders. There are several benefits of using this herbal plant. Pain relief, addiction reliever, stress, anxiety and depression reliever, weight loss, good sleep are some of the advantages.

Legality of kratom has been the issue for many years. It is banned from many countries stating that it has opium properties. Heroin and cocaine come under the categories of opium. Adding to this there is no study or research which can prove that kratom is 100% safe to use.

These situations led to banning it from all countries. But the case is different now. We will tell you exactly where it is prohibited and where it is legal now.

Countries Where Kratom Is Legal

It is made legal in some countries after several studies and research declare that it is good for the body. United States, Germany, Belgium, Ireland, Italy, Canada and the United Kingdom are some of the countries.

Countries Where Kratom Is Still Illegal or Banned

Few countries have bills pending in the legislation. Bills represent to take out the ban of kratom in those countries. Few states yet not know the benefits and not uplifting the ban. Australia, Malaysia, Burma and Thailand are some of the countries where kratom is banned.

Kratom Pricing In Various Regions

As discussed above, kratom is legal in some countries. Pricing differs with countries. Kratom is available in the form of capsules and powder. There are many products available with the mixture of kratom and other healthy herbals.

1 ounce (oz) is equal to 28 grams. You can get kratom from local smoke shops and online websites. The prices online are lower compared to smoke shops. Kratora is one such website where you can buy 1 oz for $11.99.

Kraken Kratom offers 1 oz of kratom to buy out for just $8.45. They have a pretty good marketing strategy, and it is working great.

People who share the product pages on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook will get 10% off on the orders. Even users can avail various Kraken kratom coupons while making the purchase.

Many sites offer these coupons with a maximum 20% off on orders. Many other online vendors sell kratom online at flexible pricing. Rates will never be constant and changes depending on the current market.

PurKratom, Super Natural Botanicals and Top Extracts are some of the famous names with their pricing and quality delivered to customers.

PurKratom gives 1 oz of kratom for $9.00. Super Natural Botanicals offers 1oz for $11.99. It is true that people prefer quality over price. PurKratom site provides high-quality kratom products at a lower cost compared to other websites. They offer 1 oz quantity at $7.99 with their 10% to 30% coupon codes.

Kratom products come under various categories and subcategories. Plain leaf powder, Extracts, enhanced and variety packs. Some of the products are as follows:

From Where One Can Buy Kratom?

As discussed, this product is available to be purchased online and offline. There are many websites where you can buy kratom and get delivery to your doorsteps. The other option is to visit local smoke shops.

Kratom is banned from using in several countries. That being said if an individual is found either using or selling kratom products, he/she will face legal obligations. Smoke shops are only present in countries where kratom is not banned.

Online prices are less as compares to buying it from the local market. People might worry about the quality of the product, in case they are buying online. But several online providers make sure to give the best quality products.

Hopefully taking into consideration from the reviews posted by online customers, PurKratom and Super Natural Botanicals have a good name for providing best quality along with the best packaging, on-time delivery of kratom products.


Practically, many people said they had observed positive results on the body after using kratom. But as there are no official reports, many countries could not lift the ban.

As discussed above, kratom pricing differs with countries. Progress is happening as we see that few countries have put the ban on hold.

There are many advantages of using kratom, but due to situations, false allegations are imposed leading to its ban. But we are happy that work is going on in favour of kratom, after realizing its potential. Let’s hope that kratom will be made official and safe to use in all countries.




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