The Kratom Syndicate (TKS) is an online Kratom retailer that specializes in different strains of Kratom as well as alternatives of Kratom that includes Mitragyna Javanica, Akuamma seeds, Kava, Phenibut, Tianeptine, Sakae Na, etc.

These drugs are commonly used to relieve conditions like anxiety and stress disorders. They also boost mood and enhances mental stimulation. To know more about, read the review below.

What is The Kratom Syndicate?

The Kratom Syndicate can be found on their customer friendly website The company claims that it sells the best and highest-quality Kratom strains and different alternatives of Kratom. They have a vast stock of different herbs that can be used to stimulate one mentally and to generate a state of euphoria.

The best part of ‘The Kratom Syndicate’ is that they ship Kratom and its alternatives all over the world, with exception to the countries where Kratom has been explicitly banned. They provide the highest quality Kratom at very reasonable prices and what amazed me was that they have a lot of discounts and coupons for the customers.

So if you are looking for a type of Kratom that is not available from other vendors, and that has the finest quality, you need to check this website

What are the different Products available at The Kratom Syndicate?

At their website, the following herbs are available. You need to notice the affordable range of the prices.

  • Mixed Vein Maend Da – $9.99
  • Red Kapuas- $38
  • Green Kapuas- $38
  • 50X Kratom Extract- $40.50 instead of $45
  • Red bali- $38
  • Akuamma Seeds- $16
  • Green Maeng Da- $9.99
  • Red Maeng Da- $9.99
  • Sakae Naa (Combretum Quadrangulare) 10:1 extract -$12
  • Incarvillea Sinensis 20:1 Extract- $12
  • Kava Extract 30% Kavalactones- $13
  • Mitragyna Javanica- $14.99
  • Phenibut HCL 99.5+% PURE- $19
  • Anjungan Plus+ -$19
  • Enhanced Hirsuta-$27
  • Tianeptine Sodium- $63

What are the varieties of Kratom available at The Kratom Syndicate?

As the name implies, this site offers a range of Kratom strains. It is clearly noticeable that The Kratom Syndicate has mixed different strains of Kratom to produce a mixture which is more efficient in producing the desired effects. They sell one of the finest Kratom strains available.

I tried the Kratom Syndicate last month, and I realized that the Kratom I have been purchasing from other vendors is not as excellent as the one I bought from here. I felt effects at the smallest dose of 2g, while usually, I do not feel any effects at 5g even. I must say the Kratom sold by ‘The Kratom Syndicate’ is very potent and shows me a large amount of love.

I consistently get 100% organic Kratom with the amazing aroma from ‘The Kratom Syndicate’ with half of the amount of Kratom I would require from other suppliers. They have some real Kratom in stock!

Moreover, I would like to add that the Kratom sold by this vendor is most definitely very fresh. I would like to add an individual review of the strains that I have tried.

50X Kratom Extract

It is one of the best Kratom extracts on the website. It is pure love, very relaxing, enhances mood and potent at a 1-2g dose. It is a powerful extract. Though it seems a little pricey, you can always avail it on discount.

Red Kapuas

Perfect aroma, with excellent packaging, I must say I had one awesome experience! It elevated my mood and helped me with my chronic back pain. This strain makes me visit TKS again and again. I must say it is my happy strain because the euphoria that comes with it is so relieving.

Green Maeng Da

This is a well balanced Kratom strain that kept me active throughout the day and helped me with my chronic pain. I also felt that it relieved my anxiety.

Ultra Enhanced Kratom

It will not disappoint you. An adamant extract-mixed powder, which surprised me! It is great for pain and gave me a feeling of well-being. Its effects lasted for a long duration of time. The price is quite reasonable for an ultra-enhanced Kratom, totally amazed me!

You will be pleased once you visit the website of The Kratom Syndicate. They have all varieties of Kratom ranging from slow to fast Kratom strains. At the time of writing this, there are about 20 options in their inventory. Thus you are guaranteed to find a perfect variety that works for you well!

What are the alternatives of Kratom available?

Though the name of the vendor suggests that it is just selling Kratom, actually there is more to it. The Kratom Syndicate offers the best alternatives of Kratom at very reasonable rates that are totally affordable, so yeah worth trying! I have had ordered Phenibut from TKS.

I was astounded at the effects it immediately produced, unlike the Phenibut I get from other vendors. I was wondering the reason behind it, and then I realized that the claim about Phenibut they have on their website i.e. 99.5%+ PURE is right! I did not stop here. I also tried Kava. I must say that is the most energetic Kava tea that I had. The effects lasted longer and gave me a sense of well-being. I usually mix Kava with strains of Kratom to potentiate the effects, but I had never come across a Kava like this, which worked so well even without Kratom.

You can also have a look at the other alternatives that they are selling. I have not come across any other Kratom vendor, which has such a large variety of options to Kratom. They have all their products labeled about the effects which help the customer decide on buying the right stuff.

Why would you particularly love the Packing of Products?

So they ship their products maintaining the integrity of the product. It is properly wrapped and sealed. Inside the wrapping, you will find those cute tins. I totally loved the package when I opened it. So all the products that The Kratom Syndicate ships, are contained within those tiny tins that are also shown on their website. They are not just fancy, but they are air tight, keeping the product safe from oxidation by air.

Do you think ‘The Kratom Syndicate’ is expensive?

I believe it is not at all expensive, considering the quality of the products.  I mean to say if you buy a Red Bali from TKS, the only 1-2g dose will start producing effects, but if you buy the same product from another vendor, the results will not even show up at a high dose like 5-7g. This means that you are paying for something good that will last longer.

It is entirely irrelevant to say that ‘The Kratom Syndicate’ is expensive as some of their products like Ultra Enhanced Kratom are cheaper than that sold by other vendors.

Moreover, you have many discounts on products, and you can even get coupons. You can be a part of the contests that they announce on their Facebook and via newsletter to win some pretty incredible strains!

What is the ‘The Kratom Syndicate’ meme contest?

The Kratom Syndicate has a policy of engaging and benefitting customers in all possible ways. They have the regular ‘Meme Contest’ on their Facebook page. In the contest, the users have to make memes related to Kratom. The person who posts the best Kratom meme gets 50 grams of 50x extract that is worth $200! In this way, TKS gifts their customers. No wonder why we all love The Kratom Syndicate.

Is it easy to buy from The Kratom Syndicate?

To judge a vendor, you should also consider the ease of making an order and the overall experience from purchasing on their website to getting the product. You can pay by credit card and they have this new feature of ‘store credit ‘on their website, which can help you share credit with your friends.

They also accept coupon codes. You need to pay a certain amount of shipping costs that you can find in their ‘order and shipping policy’. You need to ensure the legality of the product in your country before making an order. If you get any problem within the first ten days of order confirmation, make sure you contact The Kratom Syndicate.

I think that ‘the Kratom Syndicate’ makes it very easy for us to navigate on their site for different products and see their prices. The order to shipping process is quite smooth.

What is their service like?

No doubt, they provide the best help and support. Their customer service is top notch. Before I ordered my first purchase, I sent them emails inquiring about the product and its delivery, they responded in time and were quite friendly. They sent a personalized handwritten note with my order which was a nice touch too.

I also noticed that the product that was delivered to me had slightly more content. I weighed the Kratom that I had ordered; there was a bit more in the bag. I also got a sample of another strain of Kratom with my order. They send free samples to all customers.

I must say I am in love with their services!

So, what are you waiting for?

It is quite hard to find any fault or negative points in related to the Kratom Syndicate. I can wholeheartedly recommend this vendor to all, as they sell the finest and best quality of Kratom and its alternatives. You can also buy measuring scoops and Professional high precision digital scale to measure the dose of your Kratom. I must say I totally loved their customer care and everything on their website.

The site map on their website helps you find the products easily. Also, everything on their website is customer friendly. So go for The Kratom Syndicate when purchasing high Kratom and its alternatives.



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