So we have already made it clear that we will be only selecting Kratom vendors who at least cross the finish line of making it to the bare minimum requirement of being a quality seller.

In this case, we would certainly congratulate Herbaldom Kratom for catching our eye and making us itch to review all aspects of their business.

Kratom has seen an increased amount of popularity amongst users due to its effective medicinal abilities; it also has its downsides which can be avoided if the product is used with caution.

For this reason, alone we have undertaken it as a personal responsibility to spread awareness about the sedating, stimulant and analgesic properties of Kratom and prevent its misuse. Keep reading the rest of the article as we lay Herbaldom Kratom to the test!

About The Company

The company is owned by a certain Mr. Andrew, who according to us is truly a visionary. He has shared with the Kratom audience on the website how exactly this company came into being.

Mr. Andrew was in the IT field and used to work for another already established Kratom vendor. He soon began to find numerous errors and discrepancies in how things were working and being processed by his employees. The main factor which annoyed him was the useless and overhyped marketing tactics that were being used by many Herbal products businesses at that point.

He vowed never to let that happen to his business if he ever got his own. Soon his previous company shut down, and he got to start his own, where he implemented his beliefs of providing the customer transparency and knowledge without letting money matters coming in.

He also claims that his packages will always contain a good enough amount of the product offered and will always be correctly labeled. In case of any mistake, he will be sure to satisfy his customer and make things right.

Note-Worthy Characteristics of Herbaldom Kratom

1) Quality Control

To maintain their quality control standards, Herbaldom is quite inquisitive about their supplier’s methods.

They delve deep into the history of the supplier and send stock acquired from them to selected customers who are a part of the Quality control Scoring program and help give them feedback on the stock.

2) Delivery Standards

Herbaldom makes sure that their customer’s order is packaged and sent out by the next day. The customers are not kept in the dark and are provided with the complete tracking details of their parcel.

3) Website Interface

Their website is fairly easy to use and has a blog section before the products section. Having a blog with different informative articles posted shows that they are pretty serious about not just being another marketing stunt and being actual Kratom activists who want to encourage the responsible and correct use of this Herbal product.

They have a FAQs section as well which would surely answer most of your questions and leave little room for any confusions. They also have an option for the website visitors to subscribe to their newsletter, which even I am contemplating to subscribe too.

Products Sold by Herbaldom Kratom

Although I did admire the website interface of Herbaldom, they have no clear demarcation of what product is being sold by them. They have a few products listed at random on their page. The standard strains included are the Green and White Maeng Da Kratom.

I did not see any of the Bali strains at all. These strains were priced between $25- $75. The Elephant Kratom leaves which hail from Indonesia was priced at $59. You could get the greenhorn powder for as little as $4 and a few crushed leaf strains for around $20.

All in all, to be very honest I cannot claim to be a particular fan of the variety of Kratom featured on their website.

Product Recommendations

Before suggesting a few Herbaldom Kratom products I would make it absolutely clear that do not expect much from them if you are on the lookout for Kratom with intense results, as this brand has mild to moderate results which would work well for many people. Some of the products I have used are:

1) Yellow Hulu Kapuas

All of us can relate to the sort of a situation where you want Kratom to relax your mind and body without putting you to sleep, as most Kratom strains just knock you out and getting the right dosage is a bit tricky. Yellow Hulu Kapuas works really well for such situations and will considerably help your anxiety.

2) White Horn Kratom

For people who have never used Kratom, the state of feeling relaxed and energetic at the same time would sound odd, but we Kratom users know that this state is quite well possible with Kratom. White Horn Kratom is one particular strain which would help you reach this state.

3) Green Maeng Da Kratom

I used around 4 grams of this strain to experience a euphoric state that lasted for around 3 hours. Finding the right dose that works well for you is quite critical while working with this strain.

Negative Aspects

For a vendor with such an excellent work ethic, it is a matter of serious concern that they have very little variety and the variety they have is usually out of stock most of the times.

Another thing that I felt was slightly wrong with Herbaldom was that they usually placed only their compromised stock on sale. I think this move should be reconsidered and once in a while, they should sell their high-quality stock at reduced prices as well.


A brand should always possess some core features such as excellent quality, good customer service, and fast delivery. Lacking in some spaces might be bearable in some cases unless things do not really get out of hand.

Having less variety is not the actual problem, the problem is in the confusing display of the products they are selling. Herbaldom Kratom just needs to overcome this small fault of theirs to be ranked as a top notch vendor.