Herbal RVA is a well-known vendor that promotes and retails high-quality Kratom powder. Along with Kratom, they are also Frontline In promoting and retailing other online remedies that have become the talk of the town, especially during these tough times of COVID.

Kratom is scientifically, also known as Mitragyna speciosa, which is a tropical tree typically found in Southeast Asia. Commonly, however, it is found in Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, and Thailand. Kratom can be taken as a tea; it can also be chewed, smoked, and dried and made into a powder.

Overview Of Herbal RVA

Many people who use Kratom often would know that it is used for several purposes like pain relief, as a stimulant, and many other desirable benefits. As for herbal RVA, they retail powdered form Kratom. The Herbal RVA kratom is extracted from the finest tree sources in Indonesia to provide you with the best quality kratom.

Most customers state that they have experienced great customer service with efficient delivery, on good prices, and high-quality products from the Herbal RVA retailer, which is a vendor that is making its presence known in the online circle.

A slight drawback, however, would be that the product or vendor service is not GMP certified, meaning Good Manufacturing Practice has not been certified and thus linked with the vendor service, which raises ears of concern in the market.

Nonetheless, the Vendor is known for selling a variety of products.

Key Products

RVA kratom allows you to experience a range of kratom products as per your need, at very reasonable prices compared to the rest of the brands available in the market:

  • Moringa powder can be purchased for $9 per 100 grams.
  • Tumeric Powder for $5 per 100 grams.
  • Black pepper for $8.50 per 100 grams.

All these products offered by Herbal RVA are used as a source of herbal remedies, along with acting as an anti-inflammation and immune booster agent. They are plenty in resource and can be found as powders or capsule form, and range in areas like Western Africa to India.

Holistically, all these products provide great customer service, and the Vendor has high repute amongst buyers.

Key Strains Offered

The varieties of strains offered by the brand have several functions that merge as a commonality that is relief from anxiousness, nervousness, pain, and boosting energy levels.

Along with this serene and effective feeling of calm, these traces often also act as an anti-inflammation agent. RVA kratom serves products in more than 20 strains.

Read below to find more about each key strain, products in those strains and its uses:

Royal Bentuangie

There are many people who say that this kratom strain helps in enhancing focus, concentration, and providing a calming effect.

Red Vein Thai

You can get this strain in 250g pack. Moreover, it is sold in a powder form. It costs $69.99. This strain is known to provide energy and enhance mood.

Bali Indah

You can get Bali Indah for $69.99 for 250g. You can get it in powder form and just like the Red Vein Thai. It is also known to enhance your mood.

White Vein Indo

You can find White Vein Indo in a powder form for $69.99/250g. It is great at reducing pain and providing calmness.

Green Vein Maeng Da Kratom

You can get this in the 25g packet. However, it costs $13.29. This strain is great at reducing anxiety and providing a feeling of anxiety.

White Vein Maeng Da

White vein maeng da is one of the most popular and powerful kratom strains. You can get it in a 25g packet at $13.29. It is great at reducing pains. In your joints, and also is a good energy booster.

Plantation Maeng DA

Plantation Maeng Da comes for a $14.99/25g package. This strain is 30% white vein and 70% green vein. Moreover, it has a unique scent.

White Vein Borneo

You can get White Vein Borneo in 25g. It is an energy booster like coffee. Most people use it when working for long hours or working out.

Baik Bali

You can get the Baik Bali strain from RVA kratom. It will cost you $11.99 per 25 g packet.

Should You Buy Herbal RVA Kratom Or Not?

It is a fact that before buying any product, a deep analysis is required. In the case of Herbal RVA Kratom, however, most customers have expressed great customer satisfaction due to efficient marketing policies, pricing, shipping, and other factors.

Any avid user of the product would concur with the above stated. However, deep analysis has been provided below.

Coupons Availability

The supplier offers discounts and coupon codes to value its loyal customers. They offer a 10% discount if you use the coupon code mentioned on their official website.

Therefore, the pricing and discounts of the Herbal RVA kratom remain their distinctive features. Nothing else, however, has been mentioned about coupons on the website.


As for pricing, several products of Kratom have different prices, but most are generally affordable as they are satisfied with what they get in return. As for most of the products – the price for 250 grams is $69.99, as shown by the website.

Other Kratom products which are available in small packaging like White vein Maeng Da are available at $13.29 for 25 grams of quantity, while Plantation products offer the same for $14.99.

A holistic view of these prices shows that they are easily affordable and a lot cheaper than a lot of other contenders in the market like Golden monk etc.

Customer Service and Shipping

Excellent customer service is surely one of the distinctive features of Herbal RVA, which is the reason for the popularity of the brand. Herbal RVA gives priority to ensuring that each customer can get products as per their requirement, with all the information that they require.

Whenever an order is made, the customers are called again to confirm and ensure their orders. Furthermore, in case of any confusion in understanding the product type, the Vendor takes full responsibility and explains all that needs to be done 24/7.

Furthermore, the Vendor works with a relaxed refund policy, unlike many others in the online market.

As stated by the website: You can return the product back to the vendor. However, ensure that you do not open it and that you return it in maximum 30 days after you buy it.

If the seal is opened, and you claim a refund 30 days later, your claim will not pass. You will get your money back within 3 working days after claiming a refund. We recommend that you contact the vendor first for smooth processing.

Along with this, the shipping policy is also an attractive one, as the website claims that most products are delivered within 24 hours. However, as for every product, the customers must bear in mind that the shipping time does on distance and quantity of product.

Social Media Presence

The herbal VA kratom is easily available on Social media platforms and is accessible on their Facebook group as well as on their online website.

However, it must be stated that recently there have been complaints about the website not being accessible to customers in certain regions – which Is indeed an issue of concern.

Customer Feedback

Overall, customer satisfaction has been satisfactory, to say the least. The product quality and variety had been greatly appreciated, and there are certain reports of feeling energized and effective pain relief after using the product.

Above all, the feedback mostly suggests that the Vendor is legit, and prices are affordable among the nexus of online marketing – along with other suitable flexibilities and relaxations for customers.

Product’s Distinctive Features

  • You can get it in capsule form or powder form so you can consume it in whatever way is suitable for you- depending entirely on the customer.
  • It has a great quality as it is extracted from the best trees in South East Asia.
  • The products are lab teste.


  • A very active and friendly customer service.
  • Refunds and returns are allowed if within 30 days.
  • Affordable.
  • Wide range of products as well as traces to choose from.


  • Not GMP certified.
  • The website is not accessible to every user/customer in the current state.


Holistically, we consider the product a great buy due to its apparent affordability, and a wide range of products to choose from. Customer satisfaction has been up to the mark – but we still suggest that any user should go through several customer remarks.

However, you will hopefully find our review like the one close to reality because the product and Vendor itself has achieved a high reputation amongst customers.



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