Herbal Realm Co is based in Florida where the laws pertaining to selling and possessing Kratom are not that strict. They have tried their level best to become reliable suppliers of Kratom and put an end to substandard and low-grade Kratom.

They are not really newbies in the business and have been in the market long enough to have a loyal base of customers and actual know-how on the commercial and informational side of their business.

We will review different aspects of this vendor in our review to make new customers more familiar with them:

Herbal Realm Co Products

1) Yellow and Gold Strain- Leaf Powder

This strain of Kratom undergoes a unique drying process which is responsible for its lustrous color and takes a much longer time to process as compared to other strains. Bali Gold and the Yellow Banjar are two of the unique yellow strains being sold.

2) Green Strain-Leaf Powder

The green-veined strain enjoys a reputation as one of the most widely used products. The Green elephant Kratom, Green Hulu Kapuas Kratom, Green JongKong Kratom, Green Maeng da Kratom, and the Super Green Malay Kratom are some of the strains available at Herbal Realm Co.

3) Red Vein Leaf Powder

The Red Elephant Kratom, Red Hulu Kapuas Kratom, Red Maeng da Kratom, Red Thai Kratom, Super Red Bali Kratom, and the Red Bentuantgie Kratom are some of the strains readily available which you would not see with other vendors.

4) White Vein Leaf Powder

White Bali Kratom, White Elephant Kratom, White Hulu Kapuas, White JongKong Kratom, White Maeng da Kratom, and the White Bali are the strains currently stocked by Herbal Realm Co.

Wait, Is That Really All?

We know that our readers are sincerely hoping for more products all at one stop. Not a lot of vendors stock on the sample and welcome packs.

Herbal Realm has launched a quarter-kilo sample pack which has five different strains of Kratom of your own choice split into 50-gram packs.

It costs around $49.99 and is a great way to attract new customers who would rather buy the sample pack and check out a variety of different strains at once instead of trying out different strains on different occasions, which would obviously be extremely inconvenient.

Will It Break My Bank?

Herbal Realm Co. does not claim at all to be a luxury brand and does certainly not act that way. They have tried their level best to stay humble, keep prices at an affordable range, and accessible for all.

All strains in the powdered forms can be ordered without spending more than $3.49 to $19.99. The capsules are slightly more expensive ranging from $3.49 to $42.99.

It should be kept in mind that with a little practice and effort, one can easily cap their own powder instead of buying the more expensive capsulated Kratom.

Temporary Price Hike

While Herbal Realm sells its complete inventory at a rate that is lower than most of the market competition, it did face a setback which forced them to adopt a temporary increase in prices effective onwards from 29th November 2019.

The reason for this price hike was because the China post had withdrawn all responsibility of handling Indonesia’s exports, and Herbal Realm had to look for another supplier to replace their previous suppliers from Indonesia.

The China post handled all of Indonesia’s outgoing mail and charged prices which were next to nothing, this lead to an increase in prices of all products in the inventory.

Herbal Realm is currently trying their best to solve this issue and get their prices back on track again by finding and sticking to a more affordable supplier.

What Are The People Saying?

We believe that it is definitely important for an optimal shopping experience to take into consideration what other customers are saying.

While sifting through customer reviews, what we found out was that customers opted for this brand to cater to their needs due to the reason that they had a large variety which one could browse through whenever they felt some sort of tolerance acting up.

Switching from one strain to another gives your receptors a good rest and enables them to start working well again after a few days of uniting again.

Users were delighted that the delivery took place in no more than 2-3 days, and the customer service was courteous each time a response came through.

The packaging was not fancy when the order arrived, but none of the customers complained about that as it is an understood point that as long as it is sealed for freshness, you do not need anything more.

Let’s Wrap It Up

A wide variety, secure packaging, fast delivery, and good customer service is quite a handsome deal to get as compared to the price at which the products are being sold at by this vendor.

It is a misconception that only luxury brands cater to all of your needs, as Herbal Realm co has proved to perform really well.

Even with the temporary price hike, regarding which the vendors are somewhat upset, the prices are still affordable for most of the users throughout the Kratom community.

We will definitely ask our readers to give this vendor a shot in case they have not lately been happy with their usual stocker.




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