Herbal Mind has managed to create its niche within the Kratom and herbal blend market within a short period. Their products are organically extracted, free of adulterants, and provide optimum results. Their customers buy Herbal Mind’s products with the assurance of raw and pure botanical blends every time.

Their shop has a specially curated product menu for users who want to sample their products or make bulk purchases. Customers can purchase the Kratom and Kava strains in a 1000 grams bundle that contains more than one desired strain. Their lab-tested products are hand-picked by local farmers from organically grown Kava and Kratom trees. These raw herbal powders are free from additives and readily shipped in high-quality packaging. Herbal Mind’s speedy payment and shipping process allows its customers to receive their highly desired products on time.

How Did Herbal Mind Start?

In 2016, Herbal Mind opened its doors to the online health and wellness community. Their motto was to enhance their customers’ well-being through natural and organic remedies. They are the only organic Kratom vendors that provide 30% to 80% raw and high-quality botanical blends at the most competitive rates.

How Are They Different From Other Kratom Vendors On The Market?

Herbal Mind has harnessed the market with premium policies that they vow never to change. 

  • They handpick their tree leaf powder, Kava extracts, and Kratom blends from the best plants through local farmers. They extract a pure extract from these plants, which is unavailable elsewhere.
  • They boast competitive prices in exclusive packages not available through any other vendor. 
  • Their shipment process is one of the best as well, and customers can even opt for overnight shipment at discounted rates.

What Type Of Strains Are They Selling?

Like many other botanical supplement vendors, Herbal Mind sells a comprehensive range of blends for relaxation and relief. However, their specialty blends and 30% to 80% pure Kava leaf extract powders set them apart. They extract their Kratom products from a diverse selection of white, green, red, and yellow Mitragyna Speciosa trees.

What Are The Top-Selling Products Of Herbal Mind?

Their specialty blends are available nowhere else on the market, providing immense relief to their consumers.

Passion Flower 4:1 Extract:

Consisting of the alkaloid Passiflorine, it is an excellent treatment for insomnia and GI issues. Customers also use it for general anxiety issues, ADHD, seizures, asthma, blood pressure, and fibromyalgia, among other conditions.

Incarvillea Sinensis 20:1

It is a rediscovered ancient Chinese analgesic for pain relief during rheumatism. It also helps in chronic inflammation, restlessness, and insomnia. Customers seeking alternative herbal substitutes for pain relief medications can easily use this blend.

Shopping Experience

Their web interface is highly user-friendly. They provide an enhanced shopping experience due to the diverse product range and packaging choices. It was fun to navigate through their shop and find the perfect multipurpose Kratom blend.

Competitive Pricing to Value Ratio

They sell Kratom and other botanical products at the best rates within packages of 3 to 5 strains and single strain packaging. The bulk packaging allows customers to receive each strain’s benefits at a market-competitive price. No other brand is marketing its products within such a pricing package.

Most of their botanicals start from $8 up to $50, depending on the quantity one wants to buy. Let’s focus on the Kava Kava and Kratom organic blends’ pricing and bundle offerings.

Kratom Bundles and Pricing:

For any single Kratom strain, customers can buy 125 grams for $25, 250 grams for $50, 500 grams for $70, and 1000 grams for $110. The Kratom bundles are as follows:

$40 for five 1-ounce sample packs of any strain

$80 for a bundle of four strains (125 grams each)

$70 for a bundle of two strains (250 grams each)

$115 for a bundle of two strains (500 grams each)

$122 for a bundle of four strains (250 grams each)

Pure Kava Products Pricing:

Customers can buy 30% Kava Root Extract Powder at 20 grams for $12 up to 300 grams for $100. Kava’s 70% pure root extract starts from $7 to $295. Kava gourmet chocolate bars are also available for $5.65 apiece.

Other Kava/Kratom best sellers:

A packet of 6 Kava/Kratom blend capsules can be bought for $10, whereas their 2 oz. Customers can buy Kava/Kratom liquid blend for $12 per bottle.

Value Coupons and Discounts

They offer first-time buyers a flat 10% discount coupon and free shipping to orders worth over 100 dollars. Resellers who buy their products in bulk may also get a handsome discount. Credit card users also get a 1.25% discount at final checkout.

Quality Sourcing Practices

They offer only the highest quality products to their customers. They source their botanical blends from local farmers who are in personal contact. They use only the best plants to extract these herbal substances for 100% quality assurance of each package.

Do They Share Their Lab Test Reports?

Although, their website mentions that all their products undergo quality testing for effectiveness and safety. However, they do not share any link or QR code for further analysis. So it is still being determined whether they are making false product claims.

Are They Aka Gmp Qualified Or Not?

It seems they are not AKA GMP qualified as they do not claim to be anywhere on their website or social media. Being GMP qualified by the American Kratom Association is a stamp of trust and approval that many customers need before making their Kratom purchase.

Is Herbal Mind FDA Approved?

Herbal Mind states under each product and botanical blend that they are not FDA approved and do not intend to sell their products as a treatment option for medical issues.

Are They Making False Medical Claims On Their Blog Or Product Descriptions?

They are not making any false claims in their product descriptions. They have informed their customers regarding the liver toxicity issues of Kava powders. The stems and roots of a Kava plant cause this condition; however, Herbal Mind clearly states that they do not include these plant parts within their blends.

Is Herbal Mind Active On Social Media?

Herbal Mind does not own any Facebook account whatsoever. However, they have an inactive Instagram account with zero posts but 200 followers. Customers may buy more from a brand with some social traction, so Herbal Mind needs to follow suit with its competitors.

Do They Offer A Return Guarantee?

Herbal Mind boasts on its website that they have never had any product returned. However, if it were to happen, they offer a complete refund with store credit, discount, or even exchanges for the packets that have been unopened and unused. They always want to keep their customers happy and satisfied.

What Shipping And Payment Options Do They Provide?

They provide the option of making payments through credit cards and allow significant credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. This provides ease of purchase to their customers.

Their shipping plan is unmatched within the Kratom and botanical market. They offer same-day and weekend shipping options. Customers can upgrade their shipments to Overnight Express for quicker delivery. For $100 or above, Herbal Mind provides free shipping.

What Do Their Customers Say About Them?

“I highly recommend it for anyone with anxiety or restlessness. Jason’s Kava is top-notch!”

“Lifesaver. I love Herbal Mind’s Incarvillea Sinensis 20:1. No one else compares.”

“Out of all the sleep aids I’ve tried, this passion flower 4:1 is the best. No unpleasant side effects.”

These are some of the many 100% positive sellers’ reviews on Herbal Mind’s website for their flagship products. Their customers are in love with the products and their efficacy. Their website boasts zero bad reviews, proving their strong customer following.


Herbal Mind may have a small social media following; however, its best-selling products have mesmerized its customers for the past six years. They provide a customer-friendly experience through their diverse and calming product line. Their pricing and bundle offers are among the most competitive in the botanical blend market.

Suppose you want fresh, high-quality herbal botanicals, competitive pricing, fast shipping, and a customer satisfaction guarantee. Then look no further. Herbal Mind promises to always satisfy its customers with its premium products and service.



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