These days, the world is witnessing a massive shift not only in technology but also in the field of medicines and drugs. With the development in scientific research, people are becoming more and more aware of pharmaceutical drugs‘ harms and side effects. The phenomenon eventually results in a large number of the population losing their beliefs in pharmaceutical drugs instead of putting them into herbal drugs. This need of today is acknowledged and addressed exceptionally well by the brand Herbal Mind Botanicals.

Being in the business since 2016, herbal mind botanicals seem to know their clientele and the products and market demand a little too well. They offer a wide variety of herbal products, adding more to the impressive list every other day. Such consistent development is succeeding in keeping them right on the top of the tide and strengthening the faith of their customers in the quality of their product.

From their product to the rates and shipping methods, we have compiled a detailed review of their website for your ease. We hope that it will clear most of your doubts regarding their products and help you decide. Keep reading to know more!

Some Unique Features of Herbal Mind Botanicals

The wide range of products might be the first thing that captures your attention while visiting the site; what keeps you on the page is their exotic names and interesting presentations. The herbal mind gummy bears, lollipops, and chocolates are the forms in which a somewhat boring compound, CBD, is available that helps one fight depression and anxiety.

The Arizona based vendor claims to be a family owned and oriented business, with specialty shops spread throughout the region. However, their trade is stretched almost all over the United States through their website, which is extremely convenient and braces up their customers’ trust in them by an authentic online presence.

Their excellence and commitment to their customers are reinforced when one has a thorough look at their “why us” section of the site. A hardly one-minute read section describes their efforts of always going for the quality at the most affordable rates possible. This defines the priorities of the CEO, Jason, exceptionally well.

Products They Are Offering

The true potential and the secret to the fast growth of Herbal Mind Botanicals lie right here, in their products. With variety and quality, they offer a blend of uniqueness that is hard to be ignored.

They have CBD, Kava, Passionflower, Wild Lettuce, Capsules, Herbal Incense, and even many varieties of the well-known antidepressant, Kratom. Natural sleep aids and herbal chocolate bars are some of their many interesting specialties.

The chocolate bars are offered to have CBD, Kava, and Kratom. In herbal incense, they have Frankincense Resin available, which has amazing effects in conditions like arthritis and asthma. 

Since Kratom may be an extremely effective and useful drug, it is yet to be tested scientifically. Therefore, many beginners are hesitant to make a purchase. Herbal Mind, with their extreme thoughtfulness and care about the customers, offer sample packages for people like such.

Yet still, with so many choices available, one should not purchase solely based on the exciting names. Do your thorough research of the product before ordering it to avoid any harm.

Medical Approval and Legal Disclaimer

The terms of service given on the Herbal Mind site free the vendor from liability if any harm is done by the product bought from the vendor. Therefore, it has been requested that anyone making the purchase do their research well before going for it and refrain from doing so if they are under 18 or do not possess good health.

Here the customer, all prepared to purchase after being satisfied in every other way, meets a bit of a setback when told that the exciting blend of product they just loved so much is NOT FDA approved. Consequently, the vendor has suggested AVOID purchasing any of their products to cure any medical condition. And in case of doing so, the customer should first consult a physician.

Yet again, an initiative like such should be appreciated since it will save the vendor from facing any legal action against them and help the customers decide for themselves.

Pricing and Deals

The pricing is yet another thing to get you excited for the purchase, along with a wide variety of products. Although the prices of Herbal Mind depend completely upon the quantity of the product, it seems like they have something for everyone.

With lollipops and gummies offered merely at 11.25 $ and herbal chocolate bars at a rate of 5.25 $, they have made it easier for their clientele to stay with them till the end. Yet still, sales and discounts are available on most of their products, making the rates even affordable.

Mode of Purchase and Shipping

Herbal Mind Botanicals offer different modes of purchase for the ease of their customers. From direct payment through credit/debit card to pay on delivery and through hard cash from their specialty shops, the variety in the payment methods adds to the vendor’s authenticity. 

What adds more to the excitement of the purchase is the free shipping they offer at the purchase of more than 100 $. Moreover, they have guided very well through the process on their website which most vendors do not care to state. Thus the customers are saved from worrying unnecessarily about the delays or loss of the product. 

Moreover, they also have a money-back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction with any of their products. Yet, according to their policy, to receive such a refund, the goods should not have been opened or tampered with in any way. Which again can have a negative impact on the clientele. 

Customer Reviews

When it’s about a brand like Herbal Mind Botanicals, most customers do not have something to say but positive. The regular customers have hailed the CEO in their comments and seem to be extremely pleased by the extras included in their packages. It also appears from the reviews that they have a number of repetitive buyers. 

Another particularly helpful feature the Herbal Mind has is having an option of leaving reviews right alongside the product. This does not only help the new buyers to assess the quality of their desired product but also facilitates the repetitive buyers to praise their favorite product. 

Their customer service and response rate are also praised by their customers, showing that they have very efficient and responsive customer service. However, reviews on the main page are a little too old, i.e., 4 to 5 years ago, which is a bit of a drawback since the home page should contain updated reviews from the customers. 

End Note

Despite all their drawbacks and minor or major flaws, the uniqueness and variety of the products of Herbal Mind Botanicals cannot be negated. Therefore, such a vendor is bound to attract a good deal of clientele, and anyone looking to try something different would love to have a look at what they have to offer. 

However, lack of FDA approval is not something that can be ignored. Thus do your research well before going for any of their products.




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