Kratom is a therapeutic plant which is gaining popularity in today’s world because it serves as a great alternative to prescribed drugs and supplements available in the market with various side effects.

It is a unique plant which consists of alkaloids known to offer the positive effects on an individual’s health. There are various kratom vendors in the market due to which it is difficult to choose best kratom vendor.

You might be a new user to Kratom or a regular customer of some kratom vendor; however, you are always curious to find a perfect place that sells amazing kratom products.

You must have heard about Happy Hippo Herbals on any forums or checked about them on Google. So what is this company about?

What Is This Brand About?

The company is located in an area of Boise, Idaho. It is a perfect young company which has less exposure on the online kratom forums because it started in 2013.

According to individual’s experience, people suggest that Happy Hippo Herbals is a good company for purchasing Kratom. Happy Hippo Herbals are placed on the top- notch scale for selling the best quality, good kratom rather than the cheap and fake products. Their kratom products are perfectly fresh obtained from the rich source.

Happy Hippo Herbal Reviews

  • Customer Service

Customer ServiceWhen you consider an option to buy something online, the most important factor is the customer support service. Happy Hippo Herbals offer the customers with the best quality service.

You can inquire about their products and delivery process on emails or contact them at their customer service center. The staff offers the response in a fast, prompt and friendly manner which is their best quality.

  • Best Products With Samples

Their products are completely perfect as they claim to offer 1 oz. And 4 oz. Packages, and when you weigh them they actually have the same weight. You also receive a sample of 1 or more than one kratom strains with each order.

  • Fresh Products

Fresh ProductsThey offer products to the customers which are freshly harvested from North America and are not older than 2 months while other vendors sell products which are already harvested for 2 years or more.

  • Donation

Happy Hippo Herbals donate their money to American Kratom Association which is why people prefer to buy from them.

  • Fine Quality Products

Happy Hippo Herbals is a company which procures the kratom from the reliable suppliers available in Southeast Asia. The company offers pure and fine quality products which can be assessed through the strong aroma once you open the packaging.

  • Well-Known Farmers

However, kratom is famous all over Southeast Asia, there are only a few farmers who know the techniques to grow the high-quality kratom.

The polished and professional growers work to produce the kratom from Thailand and Indonesia and supply them to Happy Hippo Herbals.

It is because of this reason that less quantity is required to achieve the desired effects if you are consuming products by Happy Hippo Herbals.

  • Website

The website of Happy Hippo Herbals is cartoony and pink which might take away the seriousness of their products. However, it is user-friendly and allows you to place the orders easily with categorizing the kratom strains in beginner to advanced stages.

  • Fast Shipping

Fast ShippingThe Happy hippo Herbals take around 2 days maximum for shipping their products on weekdays, however, it may take longer on weekends i.e. around 5 days max.

  • Promotions

The Happy Hippo Herbals offer great promotions to their customers, which is a perfect marketing strategy for most of the customers.

  • Package Deals

Happy Hippo Herbals offer the newbies with starter packs which offer you a great selection of slow to moderate kratom strains. These packages are introduced at discounted prices so that the beginners can try it.

  • Quantity Discounts

The promotions are offered on the wholesale orders i.e. around 1 kg of kratom product. The orders above 10 kilograms or more are eligible for the substantial discounts offered by the company.

  • Bit Pricey

Their products are comparatively expensive than other offline and online products; however, it is irrelevant if you consider their top-notch kratom quality. Besides that, you need a small dose of kratom to get the desired effects when compared to other kratom brands.

The additional advantage of Happy Hippo Herbals is that you receive a 20% discount on each kratom order if you prefer to pay by Bitcoin.

  • Payment Options At Happy Hippo Herbals

Payment OptionsYou can judge your overall experience of buying from Happy Hippo Herbals, once you decide to purchase the kratom products from their website.

Many websites offer the kratom products, but they do not have the straightforward payment method.

Despite other websites being legal, the customers find it hard to complete their payment process as they can’t make use of PayPal and other payment options.

In the past, it was inconvenient to do the payment at Happy Hippo Herbals because they did not offer the payment option by credit card and the only option was to pay by Dwolla which is same to PayPal.

However, this option was not available for the International customers. Thankfully, you can now pay at Happy Hippo Herbals by the credit cards, Visa card or Master card as well as the Bitcoin.

However, you won’t find this website fancy, but it is easy in terms of navigation, simply clarifies your queries and accepts your coupon codes.

  • Products Offered By Happy Hippo Herbals

This company offers products which include:

  • Kava
  • Phenibut
  • Variety of kratom strains

Types of Kratom Strains Offered By Happy Hippo Herbals

Kratom StrainsThere are various Kratom strains offered by Happy Hippo Herbals for different individuals as they have separate potential effects.

It is advised to choose different strains and switch between them so that you avoid being tolerant to a specific strain. Happy Hippo Herbals offers a variety of kratom strengths with slow, moderate and fast categories.

  • Hyper Hippo or Maeng Da Elite Green

It is described as the fast day kratom strain which offers all-day energy with uplifting mood properties. This strain leaves the effects for 2 hours after which it results in depression which is not considered bad as it uplifts the mood in a potent way.

  • Happy Hippo I

It is a moderate kratom strain which aids in an uplifting mood and supports energy. It works effectively to boost mental and physical health.

  • Happy Hippo 2

It is another moderate kratom strain which works well for mental and physical health. It allows you to focus more and concentrate on physical activities.

  • Smiley Hippo or Red Horn

It is a nice and calm strain with happy relaxing effects, aids in mood uplifting. The smiley Hippo makes you smile, serves as a great relaxant and a perfect mood lifter. It is good for controlling anxiety and helps in calming you down.

  • Super White Indo

It is on the more relaxing side than other kratom strains. If you consume it in high doses, it results in sedation and is perfect for insomnia or anxiety.

It offers a calm and relaxing effect with mood uplifting properties. It calms down your heart and takes away the anxieties and worries from you within hours.

  • Super Green Indo

It is an extremely quick-acting kratom strain which has mood-boosting properties with all-day energy and motivation. It is perfect for days when you are depressed or down. It is an amazing fast strain which aids in stimulation, uplifting of mood and provides the energy.

  • Fun Hippo

It is a blend of other strains which makes it a quick-acting kratom strain with effects in just 10 minutes but they last for 2 hours. The effects are highly potent and offer an energizing, mood uplifting, strong and sharp effects.

  • Sleepy Hippo or Yellow Sumatra

It is a very relaxing kratom strain which is highly sedating when consumed at high is perfect for treating insomnia and anxiety. It offers calm, mood uplifting properties.

  • Sky Hippo or White Sumatra

It is a quick-acting, great, and energizing as well as mood-lifting kratom strain. However, the effects last for 1-2 hours.

Take Away

So, to conclude, what are the pros and cons of buying from Happy Hippo Herbals?

Positive Points About Happy Hippo Herbals

  • They offer the highest quality kratom strains with various categories such as slow, moderate and fast.
  • You need to consume less amount of kratom power when compared to other brands.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • They offer you with over delivery of the powder along with free samples.
  • Their purchasing method is very simple. It is easy to use, and you can buy through Bitcoin or credit card. You can avail 20% discount by purchasing through Bitcoin.

Negative Points About Happy Hippo Herbals

  • The prices are quite high, but the quality is perfect.
  • Happy Hippo Herbals have a slight clunky website.
  • The company is located in the US, so you apparently need to pay more for getting your product shipped if you need it internationally.