Happy Go Leafy is a famous Kratom brand with a robust online presence. This particular brand of Mitragyna Speciosa, commonly known as Kratom, was founded in 2019. For beginners, Kratom is a plant similar to coffee leaves and native to Southeast Asia. This herbal substance is famous for its relaxing and calming properties.

What Is Their story?

This company was started by John McKinney, whose father experienced great distress during the Vietnam War. This natural herb was used by his father to alleviate stress in Vietnam. Hence, John made it his life’s mission to understand Kratom.

Happy Go Leafy was his brainchild, born through importing the best quality Kratom strains from the dense forests of Vietnam for his ailing father. Thus, began their successful Kratom-selling journey!

What Is Happy Go Leafy’s Mission?

Their motto is “Best Kratom for the best price.” They provide Mitragyna at affordable prices without compromising on its quality. My research found that their team works directly with Kratom farmers in the deepest jungles of Indonesia to source the best Kratom, high in alkaloids and with optimum potency.

Who Is Happy Go Leafy’s Audience?

Their customers want herbal substances for clarity, relief, boosted energy levels, or relaxation.

Happy Go Leafy’s Product Range:

They house only 21 kinds of Kratom strains in their shop. Other brands have a more comprehensive range of products for several types of effects; however, Happy Go Leafy takes pride in its quality over the number of strains which is commendable.

Their Kratom strains have been extracted from Green, Red, and White Vein Kratom plants. The strains include plain Kratom, Borneo Kratom, Thai, Malay, and Maeng Da Kratom.

Happy Go Leafy has a stress-free online shopping experience with a handful of Kratom extracts to choose from, and each product is classified according to its packaging and uses. It’s one of the most interactive browsing experiences I have had while shopping for Kratom.

Shop By Category:

I was pleasantly surprised to see that they sell their products in three categories, i.e., in capsule form, in powder form, and in the form of liquid shots. I have not found any other Kratom brand that boasts this product range. The kratom powder range benefits those who want to mix it in their beverage, whereas capsules are suitable for those who live a busy life and want to take it on the go. Or perhaps for those who don’t like the powder’s taste!

Shop By effect:


There are ten Kratom strains for customers who want an energizing effect and bring motivation into their workout or a long workday. They range from Green Sumatra Kratom capsules to 150 mg Kratom shots.


This category comprises six Red Vein Kratom blends famous for their tranquilizing effects.


There are seven Kratom strains to strike a balance between clarity and tranquility. Most are extracted from White Vein Mitragyna Speciosa plants.

Trainwreck Kratom Capsules and Powder:

Aptly named, it is a mixture of Red, White, and Green Kratom plants. Compared to regular Kratom strains, these blends are called full-spectrum because of their relaxing and stimulating properties.

Liquid Kratom Extract Shots:

Liquid Kratom shots are a high-quality Kratom blend. It has grape flavoring and consists of mood-enhancing Kratom strains. This Mitragyna blend hits fast and hard and provides the effects almost immediately. It’s the fastest-working Kratom blend on their website.

Kratom Packaging:

Happy Go Leafy sells its Kratom products in optimum packaging, which retains its freshness and preserves its effects. Capsules are sold in glass bottles, whereas Kratom powder is sold in well-sealed, high-quality packets. Each packaging has a seal which is proof of the quality of the products.

What Is Their Pricing Strategy?

Happy Go Leafy’s pricing is based on Kratom’s state rather than its usage. It’s further divided into prices per gram for each strain. They have a premium pricing plan, meaning their products are pricier than the standard Kratom products in the market.

Kratom Capsules:

  • $29.25 for 75-gram Mitragyna speciosa within 150 capsules.
  • $70 for 250 grams of Kratom within 500 capsules
  • $130 for 500 grams of Kratom within 1000 capsules

Kratom Powder:

  • $19.04 for 56 grams of Mitragyna speciosa within 2 oz. pack
  • $57.96 for 252 grams of Kratom within 9 oz. pack
  • $200 for 1 kg Kratom within 2.2 lbs pack

Liquid Kratom:

  • $25 for one bottle
  • $120 for a bunch of 6 bottles
  • $198.96 for a bunch of 12 bottles

Discount and Shipping Options:

After selecting premium Kratom products, I received two purchase options. One was for a one-time purchase with the total amount, while the other option was to subscribe to the Happy Go Leafy website and get a 20% off of my total bill.

At checkout, I observed two shipping options with varying rates. The chosen items can be delivered in 3-5 days through USPS Priority Mail for a charge of $11. For faster delivery, they also have the option of USPS Priority Express, which delivers in 1-2 days for $40.

Orders placed by 2 pm Eastern time are shipped on the same day. A tracking number is provided to customers once the product is shipped. They do not allow Kratom shipping to states and counties where it has been banned. A list of these states is given in the Kratom Shipping section.

Purchase Options:

Happy Go Leafy has a straightforward purchase process as they allow the processing of payments through Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discovery card options. Their purchase process is very smooth for new and old customers.

Returns And Refunds:

Happy Go Leafy has a specific policy for refunding and returning Kratom products. These are only accepted within 30 days of purchase through a form on their website. The team must authorize these, and they may only be taken once they reach back and are assessed for quality or damage.

The customer is responsible for the cost of shipping in the first instance. However, if a total refund is awarded, the Happy Go Leafy team is kind enough to return the shipping charge.

Wholesale Kratom Products:

They also sell their high-quality Kratom strains to wholesalers, retailers, and distributors in bulk. They offer wholesale discounted prices for their customers who have a valid business license or may be able to provide proof of business ownership.

Happy Go Leafy’s wholesale program features special members’ area, bulk pricing tiers, discounts, and automated purchasing options for recurring orders on all their high-quality Kratom products. They have a complete Kratom Wholesale FAQ section detailing shipping charges and other customer service options.

Happy Go Leafy Social Media:

They have a weak presence on Instagram or Facebook as they are a relatively new brand. However, their Instagram handle @behappygoleafy is pretty active in promoting their high-quality Kratom strains and packaging.

Is Their Kratom Lab Tested?

Happy Go Leafy assures third-party lab testing for all of their Kratom blends. They are tested for adulterants, heavy metals like Lead or Mercury, or contaminants like E. coli, salmonella, yeast, and mold.

Their Kratom is a fusion of 9 different alkaloids for increasing product efficacy. Each batch is tested in small amounts to meet against National Sanitation Foundation’s criteria. The whole batch is wasted if it does not fulfill the requirements.

Each product has a QR code that readily provides lab test results to the customers to uphold transparency.

Are They AKA-GMP Qualified Kratom Vendor?

Yes! Happy Go Leafy abides by the Good Management Practices (GMP) established by American Kratom Association (AKA). Their strict quality control measures ensure safe and clean Kratom products for their customers.

Their trusted reviews symbolize their high-quality customer service through transparent testing standards. They go above and beyond to sell the best Kratom products to their customers.

What Do Their Customers Say About Them?

Their wide range of Kratom strains has been highly reviewed and regarded by their customers on their website. Their Green Borneo Kratom powder has received rave reviews for its effective energy-boosting capabilities.

Other best sellers on their website include Maeng Da Kratom blends, Trainwreck Kratom powder and capsules, and their Liquid Kratom extract shots. The reviews include positive statements about their shipping speed, high-quality Kratom, and, in some instances, their affordability.

1. “The quality of the product is top-notch, and the customer service is excellent.”

2. “I found this leaf while searching for pain relief, and I can confidently say it works. I will be purchasing more.”

3. “The capsules are well-made, and the effects are long-lasting.”

Customer Service:

Responding to customers is very important to Happy Go Leafy’s mission. They have dedicated a Frequently Asked Questions section to all your Kratom queries! Customers can email them at hello@behappygoleafy.com to provide feedback and ask questions.

They also have a “Contact us” form and provide support hours from 9 am to 5 pm EST on Monday, Thursday, and Friday. Their team is very active and usually responds within one business day.

Why choose Happy Go Leafy?

Happy Go Leafy has a well-planned website with detailed insight into Kratom products and manufacturing. The website boasts of a “worry-free Kratom shopping experience,” which is synonymous with Kratom’s purpose.

They boast a 30-day money-back guarantee, express shipping times, and incomparable customer service through safe, effective, and clean Kratom products.



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