The medicinal herb and a natural ethnobotanical called kratom has a wide variety of strains. The green and gold strain kratom is celebrated hugely among the consumers and benefits the vendors significantly.

Among all the green strains, the rarest strain till today is Green Zareena Kratom strain. It is gaining enough attention each passing day by the kratom enthusiasts, and the positive user reviews make the new users try it.

The Green Zareen kratom strain is a blend of both yellow and green kratom strains. The strain helps the user with incredible benefits, and the effectiveness is undoubtedly remarkable.

Let’s head over to all the details that you would like to know about this exclusive kratom strain!

The Origin of Green Zareena Kratom Strain

The Green Zareen kratom comes from Borneo and Kalimantan islands. The climate, soil, and other condition of these islands are suitable for the perfect cultivation of this strain.

Why is this strain called “Zareena”?

You must be wondering the reason behind the name of this strain. The leaves of green vein kratom are partially sun-dried until half of them turn into golden-yellow color. The Green Zareena symbolizes the leave of this strain that is half green and half gold.

Zareena is another name for the gold color. According to some Reddit reviews, the farmer who cultivated this strain named it after his wife’s name.

The Potential Effects of Green Zareena Kratom Strain

As it is the rarest strain, hence the results are entirely based upon the reviews of the users. According to different user reviews, a consumer will experience the results from 30-minutes to 1-hour and will last for 4-6 hours. Let me spotlight the effects for you.

1) Energy Boost

Green Zareena for Energy

If you are facing conditions like having low energy for some reason, Green Zareen kratom will boost it. A subtle energy boost can help you in the evenings when you come back, all tired from work.

You can make tea out or consume it raw in the form of wash n’ toss; it will provide stimulating and energized feelings accompanied by blissful mental state. Few users reported better sex drive on consuming this valuable strain.

2) Motivation

Kratom for Motivation

Motivation helps you do tasks quickly and wholeheartedly. The low motivational levels can easily be enhanced with Green Zareena kratom. Hence, say good-bye to the procrastination, and enjoy the uplifted motivation levels.

3) Pain-relieving Effects

Green Zareen Kratom for Pain

Green Zareena kratom offers quick pain-relieving effects. For some users, it eradicated the pain from arthritis and migraine, while for others, it proved to be beneficial for managing mild pain in muscles and bones.

4) Focus and Concentration

We all come across such states where we hardly can focus and concentrate on things. It can become a mess if the tasks are not done on time.

Green Zareena is a beneficial strain for those who find it difficult to give proper attention to tasks because it boosts the concentration level, helps the user be attentive for comparatively long periods, and retains the information effectively.

5) Supercharges Sexual Drive

The Green Zareena strain of kratom uplifts sexual arousal and stimulates the feelings of being loved. The strain creates an intense and intimate relationship with your partner.

6) Enhanced Metabolic Rate

For those who have a lower metabolic rate, Green Zareena kratom strain allows the user to experience quick digestion of food and eliminates issues like constipation and irregular bowel movements. Hence, it is an effective way out to deal with such problems.

7) Mood Lift

Green Zareena Kratom for Mood

Green Vein Zareena kratom can lower the anxiety and depression that emerges from any stressful event. It brings about a sense of calming euphoric feelings that makes the user feel happy and contended.

Side-Effects of Green Zareena Kratom and How to Avoid Them

Similar to other herbal remedies, Green Zareena strain also shows side effects when consumed in excess amounts. Although the side effects are not life-threatening, but you should know them beforehand. So let me pinpoint the side effects and how you can avoid experiencing these:

If you consume Green Zareena in higher doses, you are likely to experience the following conditions:

  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Wobbles
  • Dry mouth
  • Mild itching

These side effects can easily be catered by following these five simple rules:

  1. If you are new to Zareena strain, don’t consume more than 1.5-3 grams of kratom. It will let you know what your body will respond and how much is right for you.
  2. Do not take Green Vein Zareena every day. Skip a few days in between and keep rotating with the other strains. This will help you not to build tolerance against this medicinal herb.
  3. If you are a regular user and know your sweet spot for triggering the effects, it is good to go with your actual dose.
  4. Do not take Zareena strain on an empty stomach; make sure it is partially filled.
  5. If you are already on medications because of any medical condition like heart issues, diabetes, hypertension, don’t use this kratom strain. First, consult your health care practitioner because it might interact with the medications you are using.

Alkaloids Present in Green Zareena Kratom

Green Zareena Kratom contains two most potent alkaloids of kratom- Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxy-Mitragynine (7-HMG). Although Mitragynine is more dominant in this strain, whereas, 7-HMG is present in comparatively lower quantities.

Hence, the sedative effect is not much potent in this strain due to the lower level of 7-HMG. The two alkaloids bind with the brain’s Mu-receptors and influence bodily changes.

How Farmers Produce Green Zareena kratom?

Green Zareena kratom strain is produced by the experienced and expert farmers, who have been cultivating kratom with their families for a long time. Unlike other plants that are harvested entirely at once.

The Green Zareena kratom follows a picking session in which the farmers pick only green-veined leaves. These green-veined leaves of kratom are then put under the sun so that one side of the leaf receives the sunlight while the other side is partially covered.

The leaf depicts a perfect contrast of green and yellow. Later, these yellow-green contrasted leaves are turned into a fine powder.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Green Zareena Online

When you decide for the best vendor to buy Green Zareena kratom, please be sure about the following pre-requisites:

  1. The vendor should be GMP qualified, trustworthy, and well-reputed among the kratom community.
  2. The quality of the product should be lab-tested to be sure about the freshness and potency of kratom.
  3. The physical appearance of kratom powder should be consistent and loose.

The Best Vendor for Green Zareena Kratom: Socal’s Green Zareena

According to the Reddit user reviews, the SoCal sells a premium quality powder of Green Zareena kratom. It is powerful, effective, and consistent for its effects. The shipping process is quite fast, and you get your kratom at the door-step.

So order away your Green Zareena strain from SoCal.

Final Thoughts

Green Zareena Kratom is an entirely new strain of kratom, and many users want to give it a try. It’s a rare strain and offers many benefits that can turn your life onto the right track.

Moreover, this strain might induce somewhat slightly different levels of various effects because factors like age, sex, physical health, and tolerance interfere with the expected results.

Lastly, don’t forget to consult with your health care professional before you use Green Zareena Kratom.



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