Green Papua Kratom is one of the latest addition to the Kratom family. This strain is a derivation from Mitragyna Speciosa which has a prevalent in some parts of Southeast Asia. Green Kratom of Papua is famous for its additional effects in providing a boost to the immune system of a body for all types of pathological conditions.

Papua is also used as a natural nootropic substance in the areas of memory and focus.

Although still new in the market, it has been able to receive a large community with proper followers who crave for it every day.

Where does Papua Kratom come from?

Kratom strains are usually produced and marketed from South Asia. Indonesia is the mother country for nearly every strain, as millions of plants are grown and harvested from the nearby islands of Indonesia. Just like most Kratom plants, green Papua is an Indonesian strain.

This Papua Kratom is the native of the Island of New Guinea. The Island has east and west sides, both are loaded with different types of Kratom plants.

The east side of New Guinea produces its signature green Papua strain, while the west side is most famous for Indo Kratom and some other species.

The New Guinea island is the second largest island in the world, the first one being Greenland. This Island is divided among two countries. New guinea faces the eastern side while to its west is mighty Indonesia. As mentioned earlier, Papua leaves come from the east side. Therefore, more famously called as PNG (Papua New guinea) Kratom.

Effects of Papua Kratom

Kratom plants are widely used and abused for their alkaloids. These plants contain alkaloids which can be used in the production of medications and other researchers. The leaves of Papua green contain alkaloids relating to the class of tryptamines.

The tryptamine family has many derivatives. The most famous among them are the mitragynine and the more famous 7-hydroxymytragynine. These chemicals are the key compounds for producing visible effects in the humans. Some of these effects are:

  1. Analgesia: The pain reception is significantly depressed
  2. Sedation: The secretion of dopamine is enhanced, thereby, the mind goes into resting phase
  3. Stimulation: With dopamine, glutamate secretion is also enhanced leading to brain stimulation at the same time. It’s one of the characteristic features of green Papua
  4. Mind clearing effect
  5. Soothes the stomach: The alkaloids enhance the stomach motility and protect it from ulcers
  6. Elevates the mood
  7. Amplifies the visual sensitivity

It must be noted here that the effects can be different for different people. Not every person can feel every effect given in here. Some people might experience effects not mentioned in the list, as different alkaloids have different absorption abilities.

How to use Papua leaves?

Green Papua is available as green colored fine powder. Many people use this powder for mood elevation and sedation properties. These properties have made this product comparable with other sedating herbs.

People around the world use green Kratom of Papua on a regular basis, and many people have even preferred this Kratom alkaloid over other available herbs like cannabis and heroin.

It has also been claimed that the Green Papua is yet to be approved by the US-FDA. However, FDA has not given any notification for underage people’s consumption of Green strain of Papua. Due to this reason, it is highly recommended for adults to keep this product away from children.

Adults can enjoy the strong effects of the Papua Kratom due to their high tolerance levels. If a child accidentally inhales the green Papua powder, severe reactions can occur which may even lead to unconsciousness and collapse of the breathing system.

Adults must always consult a doctor before taking this powder as there is a possibility of Mitragyna speciosa to interact with other medicines they are taking concurrently.

Are there any side effects of Papua Kratom?

One of the causes, why green Kratom thought to be such a fine medicine, is that it has an innate capability to prevent people from abusing it owing to adverse effects which normally occur at higher doses. Furthermore, the mood-elevating effects of green Papua of Kratom aren’t augmented from increasing the dose above a certain level.

The most common adversities occurring because of high dose are explained below:

  • Nausea

Nausea is considered as one of the most common side effects of Green Papua leaves. Not everyone who uses these green strains is vulnerable to it, and a dose of over 8 grams triggers it. Nausea can be immediately created by vomiting out the Kratom dose.

People who use green leaves of Papua for the first time are more likely to develop nausea which diminishes after using it for a couple of occasions. Indo strains of green Papua cause nausea more often than the other strains. Because nausea only experienced at high doses, this side effect avoided by using the correct dosage.

  • Wobbles

Wobbles is another side effect of green strain of Papua which also occurs due to consumption of it at a high dose. Wobbles can be characterized as a condition in which a person experiences a twitching effect whenever he tries to focus his eyes on something. Consequently, the frame of reference is shifted to an entirely different location which can be annoying.

This effect is often accompanied by dizziness and brain fog as the person struggles to do everyday tasks including running heavy machinery which can put the life of a person at stake.

  • Headache

Using green Papua Kratom can also result in a headache. This type of a headache is characterized by the development of excessive tension in the neck. Also referred to as Kratom hangover, it is the most common side effect of using Papua which can be avoided by controlling the dose.

The right dosage for green Papua Kratom

Although there are no specific dosage recommendations by any authority, the users have mentioned that taking about 2.5-3 grams of green Papua powder can quickly produce the required effects.

If 3.5 grams of green Papua is not sufficient, the dose can be increased as per requirements to experience the desired results. However, at a beginner level, it is better to use the least dose first to avoid adverse effects.

The popularity of Papua by user reviews

According to online user reviews, green Papua has serious effects. One of the users described how many people think Kratom is a piece of junk that companies have been trying to sell off. He tried the product himself. He called it a good product with enhanced calming effects rather than sedation.

Another customer who used Papua leaves mentioned that green Papua Kratom gave him a headache, dizziness, and nausea. He added that the social effects outweighed the positive effects of smaller doses. The powder started its actions in about 10 minutes and lasted for about 4 hours which then faded away.

On an average, users gave the following rating to the effects of Papua Kratom.

  • Effects on mood= 9/10
  • Increase in energy= 9/10
  • Analgesic effects= 6/10

Where to buy Papua Kratom?

Green Papua Kratom can be bought from many websites online. One must select an authentic dealer for the purchase.



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