With the declining popularity of pharmaceutical products due to their numerous adverse effects, ethnobotanical and natural substances like Kratom are taking the limelight for their many therapeutic benefits. Although many merchants sell all types of Kratom products, finding a vendor that sells only authentic and premium quality products might be difficult.

GoPure.Shop is a leading Kratom seller that provides raw materials to several other vendors and has an impressive list of Mitragyna products. They promise high-quality Kratom that is 100% organically grown, free of contamination, and ethically sourced directly from Southeast Asian countries.

Products & Prices

GoPure.Shop has a wide range of Kratom products ranging from regular strains like Sumatra and Borneo to specialty strains like Bentuangie and Maeng Da. They also have Kratom capsules, tablets, and extract on their site. Moreover, the best thing is that they have other ethnobotanical products like CBD and Blue Lotus also stocked up.

Their price range is extremely affordable and market competitive. The strains they offer vary slightly in cost. They have Kratom powder priced €13.75- 15.30 for 50 grams, €20.17- 22.72 for 100 grams, €44.94- 47.86 for 250 grams, and €79.56- 84.56 for 500 grams.

Kratom capsules are also available in various strains costing €22.84 for 50 capsules, €41.9 for 100 capsules, and €77.89 for 200 capsules.

They also have sample packs for the customers to try 3-4 Mitragyna strains in one purchase. In the Kratom colors sample pack, they offer all three colored strains – Green Sumatra, White Borneo, and Red MaengDa in 50-250 grams of each strain. A pack of 4 strains named Kratom variety sample pack is also available containing 50-250 grams of each Red MaengDa, White Borneo, Super Green Blend, and Bentuangie Kratom.

Why Choose GoPure.Shop? 

GoPure.Shop is an Amsterdam-based vendor founded years ago by some nature lovers. The idea came to them while traveling to Southeast Asian countries to learn more about the therapeutic properties of plants and herbs.

Here is why GoPure.Shop might be the best option for you to get the best-quality Kratom products:

100% Natural

GoPure.Shop sources its products directly from the countries like Indonesia, Borneo, and Malay, where Mitragyna originates. While traveling, the owners visited all the farmers and saw the farms where they cultivate Kratom. This makes the customers completely satisfied that they get 100% natural products.


The main reason for directly sourcing their products from Southeast Asian countries is to ensure that the Kratom you are getting is organically grown in a natural environment that suits the botanical growth as part of the ecosystem.


GoPure.Shop strongly advocates ethical trading, where all the workers get well-deserved outcomes for their toil. Mitragyna farming creates a way for the locals to have a sustainable income by growing Kratom in their gardens or farms near their living places and earning their due regard.


One thing that can spoil a botanical batch is amination of any type. To ensure you are getting good quality and pure Kratom, it must be free of additives, pesticides, and heavy metals. GoPure.Shop promises additive and contamination-free Kratom products.

Fresh From The Jungle

With GoPure.Shop, you can be assured that your Kratom is fresh from the jungle. Through years of research on ethnobotanical products, they have meticulously processed a proper channel to import fresh Speciosa right after the harvest.

What is the Environmental Strategy of GoPure.Shop? 

GoPure.Shop is a strong contributor to environmental safety through their honorable business dealings. They have formulated an environmental strategy that ensures the good quality of Kratom products while promoting environmental ethics.

Their eco-friendly strategy comprises the following main points:

●    They import Kratom from the areas where Kratom is naturally grown.

●    No pesticides or other environmentally harmful products are used during Mitragyna cultivation.

●    They provide local farmers and workers economic opportunities by directly sourcing their Kratom from Southeast Asian countries.

●    By growing Kratom trees near rivers and lakes, you get top-notch quality with all the essential alkaloids in the botanical. You also protect the earth by binding the organic components of soil, filtering the pollutants, and reducing the chances of floods and soil erosion.

● Kratom’s naturally fast growth rate makes it an easily renewable resource.

Shipping & Returns

GoPure.Shop offers free shipping at a specific purchase amount in most UK and European countries. The limit may vary depending on the country you are ordering from, as shipping costs vary from country to country.

Furthermore, they offer same-day shipping on weekdays (Monday to Friday) only if the order is paid before 3 pm. 1-4 working days are taken as European delivery time and 3-6 working days for non-European countries.

For returns in case of any missing item or damaged product, consult the GoPure.Shop customer support or your shipping company. Or else the return shipping costs, customs charges, taxes, or any other costs are borne by the customers. Moreover, it will also be considered a return case if you have yet to receive the order without informing customer support.

Social Media

Following GoPure.Shop on social media platforms can result in you receiving discount codes or being notified of promotions they are doing. Currently they have presence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Track Your Order

GoPure.Shop also offers order tracking by simply entering the order reference number and your email address on their Guest Order Tracking page. This way, you can track your package in real time in case of delays.


GoPure.Shop is a US & Netherlands-based wholesale Kratom supplier that guarantees 100% authentic and pure botanical products. They ensure environmental protection through their ethical and eco-friendly strategies. If you want to buy this herbal plant imported fresh from the farms of its origin countries, GoPure.Shop might be your best bet.



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