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As the popularity and legal accessibility of Kratom grow throughout the world, more and more entities are entering the Kratom market as retailers. Out of all of these vendors that are springing up in the market, not all are worth your time and consideration. While some vendors maintain quality, accessibility, and safety successfully, others fail to do so.

Fused Flora is a Kratom vendor that does the former.

Based in Virginia, Fused Flora is a Kratom vendor that has dedicated itself to provide the best quality of Kratom all over the world. At Fused Flora, the motto is never to compromise on the quality of Kratom and make it available for the maximum amount of people for reasonable prices. Let’s assess whether or not they live up to their motto.

Is The Manufacturing Process At Fused Flora Safe?

The first question that pops into the mind of every Kratom user, beginner or experienced, is with regards to the safety of the product. Even before the quality, most Kratom users want to ensure that the manufacturing process of the products they are consuming is safe.

However, one drawback of Fused Flora is the ambiguity surrounding the lab-testing of its products. Nowhere do they mention that their products are tested by an unbiased third-party, and that may be a deal-breaker for some people.

On the other hand, they arguably make up for this with their efficient and safe manufacturing process. Not only does this rigorous procedure ensure quality, but it also makes the products safe to consume. The manufacturing process starts with their raw Kratom material being rinsed and dried by the suppliers.

In order to prevent animals from stepping on them, they are dried above the surface or on trays. After that, the material is shipped in vacuum-sealed bags to their processing facility in the U.S.

At the facility, the botanicals are quarantined for seven days straight to make sure there is no mold, and the materials are hitchhiker free. Next, the botanicals are divided into several portions and tried out by the team.

Then the botanicals are processed through an HP14 HEPA filtered overpressure room and treated with UV-C in an ozone rich environment. During this entire process, the people handling the Kratom are made to wear PPE suits.

What will definitely make you forget their lack of lab tests is the fact that Fused Flora is hoping and trying to become GMP compliant in the future.

What Kind Of Products Does Fused Flora Sell?

The variety and quality of products are essential to attract customers for any commodity. Surprisingly, although a new vendor, Fused Flora, has managed to stock a wide variety of products. The product range is divided into four categories; Red vein strains, Green vein strains, White vein strains, fermented Kratom strains, and miscellaneous Kratom products.

As far as the strains for the first three categories are concerned, they are more or less the same. The names of the products are derived from their sources; for instance, Green Borneo and Green Kapuas Kratom both originate on the Island of Borneo, but Green Kapuas is sourced from interior Borneo around the upper Kapuas River.

Similarly, the Bali, Thai, and Vietnam strains are all special Indonesian blends with a base of Kapuas Kratom. According to Fused Flora, their ‘Super’ and ‘Maeng Da’ strains are their finest products harvested during the dry season.

When it comes to their fermented range of products, they are all yellow and gold vein strains sourced from various places, including the Kapuas River in Borneo, Thailand, and Betuangie.

Given they are yellow and gold strains, a different drying process is utilized to produce these veins of Kratom. Finally, the last category of products at Fused Flora is their miscellaneous botanical items.

These include exotic botanical items and blends that are incredibly rare to find. An example would be the Blue Lotus Petals that you can purchase from Fused Flora. Apart from that, you will find Mitragyna Hirsuta, Blue Lotus Extract Powder, Akuamma Picralima Nitida Extract Powder, and more.

The Price Range Of The Products

When it comes to Kratom and botanical products, affordability plays a big role. The reason for that is the need for prolonged use of these products to successfully tackle the psychological or physical problems you are having. At Fused Flora, the prices are extremely reasonable when compared to most Kratom vendors out there.

The pricing at Fused Flora is standardized for all products except their Blue Lotus Petals. All of their products are available in quantities of 25g, 100g, and 1000g, priced at 4.50$, 13.00$, and 75.00$, respectively. As far as the Blue Lotus Petals are concerned, the petals cost 45.00$ per 100g while the powdered extract costs the same as the rest of the powders.

What Is The Shipping & Refund Policy At Fused Flora?

The shipping process and policy at Fused Flora is nothing out of the ordinary. If the payment is completed by 2:00 PM EST on a weekday after an order, the order will be sent out the same day unless told otherwise.

At the same time, all orders above 48$ get a free USPS priority shipping bonus. If a payment is being made through E-Check, then the order will not be shipped till the payment is processed, which can take up to 7 days, and international shipping is never free.

Fused Flora urges customers to understand that they have no control over USPS, which is why although the expected wait is 5-6 days for First Class shipping and 2-4 days for priority shipping, it may take up to 30 and 15 days, respectively.

While Fused Flora doesn’t ship on weekends, you can consult them regarding next day shipping if you need your product urgently.

As far as the refund policy is concerned, it is a big drawback for Fused Flora. The time in which you have to apply for a refund is seven days, which yes comparatively very less than what most vendors offer.

At the same time, requests will only be considered if the packaging is untampered and unopened with the heat seal intact.


Conclusively from the looks of it, Fused Flora is a big up and comer in the Kratom market. Not only do they have a vast selection of Kratom products and other botanicals, but they have also priced their products reasonably.

While some people will deem the lack of a lab test questionable, their manufacturing process is more than enough to ensure the safety of their products.

At the same time, the countless reviews on their products entail that not only are the products safe but are also worth buying due to their effectiveness.



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