Dakine Kratom a Hawaii company was established in January 2018. They are specialized in selling fresh dried and high alkaloid Kratom.

A wide range of Kratom varieties and brands are available all over the world with their distinct benefits. A recent study supports the fact that Kratom can create a euphoric effect and lifts a person’s mood.

Unlike many others in the business, Dakine Kratom maintains its focus on fresh-dried, un-oxidized, Kratom that is dried in a cool, low temperature, air-conditioned environment to preserve its natural vital qualities.

Dakine Kratom gets their Kratom mainly from 3 farms in Indonesia, and it is all processed the same, meticulous way. This makes their Kratom unusually consistent in strength and quality.


Unlike other brands, Dakine Kratom focuses to produce Kratom powders only. Their product line includes Green Santano, White Maeng Da, Green Bali, Premium Green JongKong, Red Maeng Da, Green Maeng Da and Super Green. They can custom order many other strains, all grown, dried, ground, and pack the same meticulous the same way.

Their packaging is available in 2 sizes only 100grams and 1kilogram. They deal in bulk orders so if you plan to buy kilos you can get good discounts and free shipping.

Their products hold nothing but all-natural contents of good Kratom. Because the products are high alkaloid they are also beneficial in relieving pain.

One of the best things about Dakine Kratom is that they value quality over quantity. They import natural high alkaloid Kratom every three months to maintain high-quality standards.  

The freshly picked leaves are quickly dried in a clean, cool, air-conditioned indoor environment to avoid oxidation and retain the maximum potency of alkaloids. Quality is never compromised at Dakine Kratom.

Why choose fresh dried Kratom?

At Dakine Kratom, we work inclusively in fresh dried Kratom that is dried indoors at low temperatures in air conditioning to preserve its vital constituents. Fresh-dried green leaves of any kind contain a fuller spectrum of ungraded health-promoting phytochemicals and nutrients than discolored, oxidized leaves. The method of drying, greatly influences how the phytonutrients contained in green leaves are preserved.

Most people who are interested in healthy food, understand that the nutritional/ medicinal value often declines when greens or herbs are dried in a way that does not preserve their natural phytonutrients. 

Kratom contains many of the same health-supporting nutrients and phytochemicals as a lot of other plants…..phytochemicals like flavonoids, polyphenols, minerals, phenolic compounds, and phytopigments (like betacyanins, betaxanathins, chlorophyll, carotenoids, and beta-carotene). Many of these compounds are antioxidants. 

The natural antioxidants and phytochemicals contained in most green leaves defend against several diseases like cataracts, cardiovascular diseases, atherosclerosis, cancer, retinopathy, emphysema, arthritis, and neurodegenerative diseases.

Drying slowly in a hot, humid environment (the norm in the industry) causes some natural phytochemicals to degrade and oxidize. Kratom that is brown, red, or yellow-colored means many phytopigments and phytochemicals have broken down and oxidized.

Sometimes Kratom is traditionally dried slowly and fermented to alter the alkaloid profile and effects. Dakine Kratom has nothing against these types and believes some can be quite good; however, they prefer fresh-dried Kratom.

Fresh-dried, green-colored Kratom has personally been more effective by their “official Kratom tester,” who has been dealing with nerve pain. This type of Kratom was the inspiration for founding Dakine Kratom.

Benefits of using high alkaloid Kratom

In Southeast Asia, people have enjoyed Kratom tea for centuries to treat a variety of conditions or to increase stamina, or as an energy booster. 

Now researchers report that high alkaloid Kratom can treat several conditions and give therapeutic effects. Scientists are also investigating its physiological effects. Some prior research attributed these effects to the presence of high alkaloids in Kratom.


Dakine Kratom sells Kratom in 100grams and 1kilograms packing. Their price for every strain is similar. You can buy 100grams for $15 and 1kilo for $99.

Are products lab tested?

The main feature while judging a website’s legitimacy is checking if they are providing lab-tested and safe products to their consumers. 

Dakine Kratom products are third-party lab tested for contaminants and alkaloid percentage.

Shipping and Refunds

Dakine Kratom delivers products through USPS Priority mail. They ship products on the same day or the very next day after your order has been paid. Orders over $75 are shipped free.

They happily exchange or refund any unopened product if the claim is made within 30 days of purchase. Products must be returned in original packaging and the seal must be intact. Once the return is received their team will inspect the product and process the refund/exchange according to their policy.

What are the payment options?

The credit/debit card options aren’t available due to some legal issues. You can pay through Cashapp, Venmo, Google pay, Cryptocurrency, and Amazon.

The reputation of brand among customers

“One of the great vendors I met when first joining the ILK family. The green maeng da is what I purchased back in the day. it’s a slow yet energetic green with long legs, a nice uplifting mood lift, and nice pain relief. .. After a long hiatus he’s back and I had the pleasure to try one of his other varieties! Here’s a quick review”

“Good fine grind, mild smell, and smooth tasting powder.

I took this variety for my morning dose. While not being packed with quick energy like a faster green, the slow build-up was very balanced and long-lasting with good pain relief and moderate mood lift. 4.5 hrs later I was still cruising happily. While the effects grew over an hour when fully reaching the plateau, the benefits sustained for a solid 3.5 hrs!!”

Bottom Line

Dakine Kratom focuses on fresh-dried, high alkaloid Kratom. Their Kratom is dried quickly in a cool air-conditioned indoor environment, so it does not get oxidized.  It maintains its bright green color this way. Even red-veined Kratom dried this way is a similar green color. Their Kratom is truly high quality, strong, and consistent.

Their “official Kratom tester” who is dealing with nerve damage/pain,  personally feels fresh dried green-colored Kratom is more effective than most. The robust qualities of fresh dried Kratom was their inspiration for founding Dakine Kratom and supplying this kind. Dakine Kratom gets their Kratom mainly from 3 farms in Indonesia and is all processed the same, meticulous way. This makes their Kratom unusually consistent in strength and quality.  They believe in keeping high-quality Kratom affordable. Their kilo prices are much less expensive than a lot of lower quality Kratom that is on the market.

Dakine Kratom gives off a great impression all around. They have built a small but very loyal customer base which is growing. You can check customer reviews on different forums. They seem to cover all the areas when it comes to quality Kratom.



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